Merry Christmas, Cute Cat Picture

I think that Captain is the most festive creature in our household today. Had to stop in and share this cute picture of him checking out the tiny Christmas Tree that my mom sent our way (when she heard I wasn't really up for decorating this year).

BigD and I couldn't agree on which movie to see at the theater today, so we've opted to stay in and hang out. I'm feeling a touch under-the-weather and really just want to keep my tootsies warm under a blanket, but I'm going to be working on some site stuff later if I'm up for it.

Hope that everyone is having a safe and comfortable holiday! *hugs*

Preparing For The Snow

(There was more to this entry, but it didn't save properly, and I don't have the muster in my pre-coffee state to try to rewrite it back into its former glory.)

Or "The Blizzard" as the case may be according to a couple of news and weather sources online.

I wanted to pop in and blog about the *new* free tour of be up for all to travel through, but I wanted to do it as the same time that the members side was finished too. And, well, being that I'm me and that I'm always filled with good intentions, the members side isn't done yet. Oh! I also wanted to have a new gallery of pictures for members that's was supposed to be done all at the same time too. Talk about loading myself up with too much, lol.

The bulk of "my work day" (or maybe I should say "work afternoon" and "work night" since I'm nestled quite nicely back on my night owl schedule) is chock full of emailing members and private show customers or chatting with them via messenger AND THEN climbing aboard a private webcam system to actually perform on cam. The webcam girl part of myself is pretty satisfied with this routine, but the webmaster part is annoyed with not getting those pages up, the photo gallery posted. I always want to do more, more, more. Large amounts of coffee and leaving the house only a couple of times a week gets me pretty far... So bear with me as I continue to rebuild.

You may be reading this and wondering, well, if I hardly leave the house as it is, then WHY does it even matter that those of us living in the Seattle area are about to get snowed/iced in for a week? To that I say, see, it doesn't really matter -- UNLESS I want to have a happy hubby who can get to his work so that he's not behind at the office and because my paychecks delivered to my private snail mail box (which now that I've moved isn't going to be easy to get to). Yeah, except for that bored/restless BigD situation and the paycheck/banking issue, I guess in most ways my day-to-day isn't going to be terribly affected providing my internet connection holds up okay.

So yesterday when the roads were open, BigD and I went out to stock up on groceries and see about getting tire chains for his truck. We would have survived with the food stuff we've got in the house; our pantry is loaded with large-sized bags of rice that are for "The End Times" as BigD is fond of saying. You never know when there will be a natural disaster or a zombie invasion, so it's better to be prepared. The auto parts store we are closest to was long since sold out of the chains for his truck's tires, but they did have some for my car so we got those. Neither one of us is terribly familiar with such things having both grown up in Southern California where snow is purely optional. In So Cal, if you want to see experience snow bad enough, all you need do is find a way up to Big Bear and voila -- pretty pretty snow. Or you can stay within the comfort of the valley and see it coat the mountain tops.

I'm sure to be making lots and lots of tweets via my twitter (see over there at the right?) or you can always hit my twitter page direct if you want to be kept up-to-date with what's going on during our snow storm. I know that I'm not the only one living in a snowy climate, so everyone else, you stay warm too!

Have to Cancel Today's CamZ Show

I know, it sucks, but I've got my handsful with a couple of things today that I hadn't counted on. I will schedule a make-up CamZ show when I can!

All Moved & Will Keep On Moving - So To Speak

Okay! So here I am, all moved-in at the new place. And my internet's been hooked back up, and I've got my group CamZ show back on the schedule for Tuesday @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET. I haven't updated the pages of my sites yet, but I will, don't worry. :)

Things are a bit jumble for me because I'm trying to get back to being a stripper now that I've moved. It'll be way different from what I was used to. Everything is more complicated here, but tonight, I did indeed get hired. Not scheduled. Not given the grand tour of the dressing room or a break-down on all of the "how it works here's," but thoroughly interviewed and hired. At this point, it's too early to say if this is going to work out for me, but suffice it to say that I really, really, really want it to! I have no plans to give up one-on-one camming, but some work outside of the house where I get to stretch my legs in those entertaining ways that amuse even myself on stage and make some cold hard cash is pretty much all I've been able to think about (aside from all of the other more mundane problems with the move from apt #1 to apt #2, of course). I have no idea how many days I'll be working, or if they'll be days or nights, but I'm sure with more time I will get into a good rhythm that should let me be a happy camper. And if it doesn't work out for me at this particular club? Well, there's a few other club options. Right at this moment, I'm feeling rather rusty and somewhat nervous.

Will keep ya'll posted.

Happy Thanksgiving, It's Time To Move!

Beware... This part in the beginning is a mini-rant...

The time is finally here, it's time for us to move out of our apartment building that's being torn down for a complete remodel and move into our new place! Hip hip Hooraaaaayyy! We're going to sign the lease and pick up the keys bright and early in the morning. This whole moving thing has been fraught with difficulties at every turn that have made me into a nail-biting basketcase. From finding a place to move to (in the middle of a housing crisis! eeek!), to coming up with the time frame to do it, and of course -- to come up with the money for the necessary deposits and fees. I'd been able to put some "moving money" aside, but then we were penalized for not living in the state of Washington for a year and additional safety deposit funds were needed. In cash. Ugh. So in many ways, this little local move has been harder than the move from TN to WA eight months ago.

There's a part of me that still thinks we're going to get screwed some more at the new apartment office... I've loved dealing with the manager herself, but it was the assistant manager who neglected to tell me about some of the finer details/hoops to jump through until last week, and I'm pretty sure we'll be dealing with the latter.

The pro's of the new apartment are that: #1. It isn't going to be torn down and so we should get to live in it for awhile. #2. It has a roomier floorplan, something that we desperately needed and that includes a second bathroom! #3. It's a bit closer to where BigD works and so his hideous-makes-no-sense-traffic-riden commute should be lessened. #4. It's in a much more quiet neighborhood that is a bit less scenic but that busy-street background noise should be a thing of the past. #5. The laundry room is in the same building as the apartment, so no more hiking to uphill to another building out in the rain when it's time to do laundry (and I can only hope that pot-smoking teens haven't marked the new laundry room as a hang out). Those are all really excellent things that I'm looking forward to. There's a few con's that will have to be dealt with asap -- like the place is really, really dark with little sunlight coming in and next to no internal lighting, so I will need to buy new floor lamps immediately for every room, including the bathrooms. Smaller things like that are nothing really. I can deal with lamp shopping. :) And there will be no naked-picture-taking on the patio because it's not private in the slightest; the patio area's not even enclosed with a little fence or anything, but again, I can live with that too.

So now for the part that everyone's most interested in as it relates to my webcams and my site. My voyeur cams will go down tonight, Wednesday the 26th and won't be coming back for about a week -- whenever the cable company can get to the new place to set up my connection. I wish I could give you an exact day, but because my move-in date has changed *three times* in the last week and a half -- this is the only information that I have. I will be using my Twitter to try to keep ya'll updated because I can still send messages via my cellphone without an internet connection. I will be tearing down my desk and packing up my computer on Thanksgiving Day so that will be the last opportunity I'll have to check my email. The movers are scheduled for Friday afternoon. Friday night I should be all moved-in at the new place and have BigD's help to get the unpacking/restablishing life process started. I swear, as soon as I'm back up that I'll get my cams back up, lol. But I do expect that the links in my members area for the Rude House Cams to probably go out, so if you're a member of -- I hope that you'll take advantage of your membership to Spy On Us if the voyeur cams are your main interest.

I would like to take this moment to point out that I am *very thankful* that I have the few devoted friends and website supporters that I do. I appreciate your listening to me whine and bitch about this move, I know it hasn't been easy! I can promise you that I will be updating with some really nice content when I get set back up. continues to be a labor of love for me and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who cares about its well-being, so to speak. I hope that everyone has a truly lovely Thanksgiving holiday (if you're in the United States and into celebrating it). Take care!!! *hugs*

I Just Took This Stupid Quiz...

...Because I'm waiting for the snail mail to show up and it didn't take very long and I knew I could share the lame results here! :)

Envy:Very Low
Pride:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

Members Updated, Wild Tights

Over the weekend, I updated my members only area with this hosiery gallery: Wild Tights. (If you're not already a member, or if you've recently let your subscription lapse, hit the Join Page to get inside.). 85 pictures of me rolling around on my bed in a pair of brightly colored opaque houndtooth print pantyhose. I'm calling them "tights" but they really seem to have more in common with my higher quality pantyhose.

They feel smoother. And as members notice in a few of the shots, in the over-powering sunlight, there are times when they are more transparent than regular tights. I love those shots where you can see my pussy through the stretched fabric just like light through a stained glass window pane. It warmed my pussy so much so that I was getting terribly moist.

Here's the steamy bit of what I wrote for members to go with this gallery: When I was putting this outfit together, it totally made me think of some chicks I'd seen hanging out at Starbucks recently. Clearly, they were stopping by after work for a coffee & to gab, in their dresses and brightly-colored pantyhose and boots. I envied them, but I didn't necessarily want to be them. Too boisterous, too young. I entertained a brief fantasy of me wearing what I'm wearing for you this gallery and being picked up on at a Starbucks. Too colorful to be not be noticed. Vaguely stylish, vaguely bored after mellowing how with a Chai Latte. How easy would I be? Would I make my pick up fuck me with my tights only pulled down because I'd need to get back to the apartment before my husband made it home from work? No, hubby would probably get stuck in traffic. I'd take the extra time to take my tights all the way off...

Mmmm, so there we have it. Another update to enjoy in between all of those camshows in my PrivateCamz archives -- that I will surely be adding to tonight after BigD makes it through all that traffic to have dinner with me.

Did You Already Notice My CamZ Show Schedule Change?

Here's a little goofy video of me wearing waaaayyyy too much dark eye shadow that I recorded *right after* my CamZ group camshow tonight. As of the beginning of last week, I've pushed back my time-slot to 7pm ET / 4pm PT so as to try and make it easier for my nine-to-fivers to make it to my show (even if it might already be "in progress" for those on the West Coast, hehe). Normally, my first time in a new time-slot will have a really high viewer turn out, and while tonight's show wasn't too bad, my numbers were low because it's "Election Day" and everyone's glued to the tube. Well, everyone except all of those folks who also *needed pie* the same time I did because that line was pretty long. Speaking of pie, that Coconut Cream Pie in the other room needs my attention, but I will be back on later to play on cam. :)

Of Course I Want to See "Zack And Miri Make A Porno"!

It was BigD who originally introduced me to the works of Kevin Smith years ago with what is *still* my favorite of all of his movies Chasing Amy and then some time later all of his earlier movies -- so I can't claim to have been part of the nerd-fan base who knew him from his humble film-making beginnings with Clerks. But I can say that there is a special, warm-fuzzy place in my heart for his films that will always be there. The Star Wars fanboy banter in his movies always gets to me and makes me feel like it's okay to laugh at myself that much harder because *I* am one of those fans too. Maybe not as obsessive as some, but I think camping out on the sidewalk in front of a movie theater for two weeks to see Episode I gets me some street cred. (The fact that I also own a version of Princess Leia's slave bikini from Return of the Jedi that I'm dying to upgrade into an even more authentic version should get me some more.)

So yes, I *do* very much want to see his latest film Zack And Miri Make A Porno not only because it's a Kevin Smith film, but because it's comedic subject matter is near and dear to my heart: homemade porn! I'm not thinking it'll be terribly insightful on the whole making porn thing, but I am looking forward to the intelligent crudeness that's sure to get an empathizing/giggling nod from me. And I was most annoyed to read this news tidbit about how this total "date movie" is being banned in Utah because it has the word "Porno" in the title. Upon first reading about the hubbub, I was like all "C'mon, now, really? Like for really real? In this day and age?" There's a part of me that's still kind of in disbelief that this film was initially slapped with an NC-17 rating when if it's anything like other Kevin Smith's films -- there's going to be one or two brief flashes of nudity and heaps of colorful foul language with a sprinkling of nerd fanboy jokes to keep folks like me happy -- and that's all. No actual "pornography" -- not that I think there's a thing wrong with that coming from my perspective. ;) Yeah, so if you know nothing about Zack & Miri and go with hopes that you'll be seeing an actual porno, I can promise you'll be disappointed. So go to see it because you might see wit like this clip from Clerks 2. This is one of the highlights of the movie that I just *had* to dig up on YouTube to share. Super geek fanboys square off: Star Wars VS Lord Of The Rings. (And you need not ask which side, I am on. I'm with Randal all the way; there is only ONE trilogy!)

I'm not sure when we'll get to see the movie, but I'm glad that we'll be able to use my "prize" for winning the best ladies costume as the sexy Miss Freddy Krueger at the Halloween party I went to on the 31st. I scored two movie tickets for that one, whoo hoo! Guess that costume deserves it's own gallery of photos for next year, huh? ;)

Members Updated, Happy Halloween!

Yes! Today is the day that I look forward to all year long: it's Halloween! A special round of 46 pictures of me wearing my "Bad Bunny" costume & a 12 minute video of me teasing in orange & black toe socks have been added to's members area. A fine way to top off the month of October. I can't let the month go without wearing fishnet pantyhose in a gallery, can I? It's such a staple of most slutty Halloween costumes, after all.

Here's the silly little ditty I wrote to go along with the Bad Bunny gallery:

Is Bad Bunny *really* bad? I mean, c'mon, just cause she's a bit on the black and blue side, does that mean she's wicked? True, she'd much rather eat all of the Halloween candy than pass it out to Trick or Treaters while parading around in those black fishnet pantyhose. But she's a good sport. She'll take her little sexy bunny costume off to give you a better look at those see-through pantyhose... Pantyhose that have nothing underneath them, now that you mention it. Better "Enter At Your Own Risk" because while she might look like a docile creature at first -- who's to say that the warning sign over her bed is wrong? LOL!

I'm running on the fumes of the last can of Dr. Pepper in the house, so I'm headed off for bed now. The rest of America will be waking up in another hour or two, so it's the least I can do to turn in before the sun comes up. My big plans for today include trying to figure out what costume to PrivateCamz in this afternoon, and then BigD and I have a Halloween party to go to this evening with some of his work buds. I already know what I'm wearing to that one, the sexy Miss Freddy Krueger mini sweater dress & dark green fishnet pantyhose that some of you saw in my Group Webcam Show yesterday. I'm not expecting there to be many opportunities for me to take pictures while at the party, but if I can snag one or two with me in this new bad girl costume -- I'll make sure to get it here in the blog asap.

I've got more stuff to blog about, of course, but I'm a goner. Captain and TT really want me to go to bed now. I hope that everyone has a safe & Happy Trick-or-Treat Day. *hugs*

Members Updated, Navy Damsel In Distress

Before the time gets away from me and I update the members side of my site again without blogging, here I am with a few samples from the bondage shoot. David Knight was very generous with allowing me to post a gallery of 26 pictures for members of, so I hope that if you haven't already browsed his and Juliet Heart's web offerings, you'll do so now. :) She was the nice lady who did all of my intricate rope ties.

I was *surprised* by the amount of comments I received the first few days after this gallery went up. For as many people who liked seeing me as a damsel in distress, there were almost an equal number of folks who told me that it was a turn-off (even if they appreciated the specific clothing items I was wearing, namely the black stockings with six-strap garter belt and stiletto high heels). Given the subject matter, I guess that's to be expected. But I would like to take another moment to reinforce the idea that *at no time* was I being hurt or degraded during my photo & video shoot. Sure I was engaging in some fairly kinky roleplay, but it was sincerely in good fun. BigD was right there, David & Juliet allowed me to take frequent breaks in between scenes, it was a relaxed environment where I wasn't asked to do anything that was overly uncomfortable.

On an entirely separate tangent: I'd have to say that if I were to compare my latest group camshows with this photo shoot and ask which of the two were the more "degrading" -- I'd arrive at the logical conclusion that 400-800 people all barking orders and making requests of me, demanding that I violate myself in all kinds of harsh ways with little to no consideration for my own thoughts, feelings, or personal limits and without any honest offer of financial compensation or even doing me the favor of clicking the banner to my website -- that yeah, those group camshows are *without a doubt* the more degrading of the two. This isn't to say that all of my group camshows are the same, but certainly, the last two weeks have been heavy-laden with assclowns reminding me that I could probably stand to make a few changes to my show schedule. (Maybe I'm just PMS-ing... Oh wait, PMS can't really catch all the blame when it's going on three weeks, huh? ;))

Now that I've got one bondage shoot under my belt, I've been receiving other professional modeling offers for more, but I'm not sure that I'm going to pursue them. Some of them are coming from the more hardcore end of the spectrum where there really will be some pain involved (perhaps just light pain but pain/torture nonetheless) and that's not really my cup of tea. I mean, if politely asked, I might be in the mood to inflict some pain on someone else (perhaps while envisioning some of the aforementioned camshow assclowns), but I'm not a pain-slut, and I won't pretend to be one for money.

I'm sure I could ramble on, but I've got hair dye in my hair and it's time to wash it out. Another members update is on the way. One last costume set before Halloween! Eeeeek!

Members Updated, 50's Poodle Skirt Girl

Okay, so I think Trixie, and I got a bit carried away with this one, the first round of pictures that she's shot of me since we've moved back to Washington. After spending a lengthy amount of time editing this gallery, I'm feeling a wee bit self-indulgent. There were too many fun shots with me fully-dressed to leave out, and while they might out-number the ones where I'm naked and showing off my pussy, I simply *had* to include them and prolong the striptease. It's not like I get to wear this poodle skirt, miles and miles of red crinoline, white ankle socks with red mary jane high heels, and bullet bra every day, ya know? (Oh, and the white crochet lace thong panties that my mom picked out for me aren't bad either.)

I so love this look. I feel just like a flower with my legs up in the air and my crinoline slip all around me like frilly petals -- members of will get to *see* this pose that I'm talking about. It's a terrible shame that I own about five or six of these crinolines (all but this red one coming from Secrets In Lace), and they haven't crept into my updates because I keep thinking that I'll find dresses to go with them. That proves to be rather challenging since wearing big poofy dresses isn't really in style right now (but how it should be!). I have found one or two dresses that could work, so if seeing pictures of me getting all worked up playing in my slips is as much fun for you as it is for me -- never fear, they are sure to get worn at some point.

Damsel In Distress Bondage Shoot Tomorrow

Er, technically today since it's about 1:30am right now. This will be my first "getting tied up" for pay experience, and I'm rather looking forward to it. David Knight contacted me a few weeks ago via a modeling profile that I posted not too long after our move to Washington. I've always wanted to dabble in some professional modeling and the "damsel in distress" photo samples that I've seen look like they could be fun. The sites that David directed me to use more amateur girl-next-door types than professional fetish models, so I think "my look" is definitely suitable for their bondage scenarios. (Because this is a paid shoot, members won't be seeing any of the content on either of my websites, but I will inquire as to when my photos/videos are online so my die-hard fans will be able to see how I spent this particular Saturday.) The location's a bit of a drive, and BigD has elected to come along even though I know he'll be bored, so we'll be gone for pretty much the entire day. I should *probably* be in bed now, but I figured I'd do a nice hot shower tonight and am letting my hair dry while I make a post here since I *very obviously* still don't blog enough, lol.

It's been a weird last couple of weeks, and I'd like to apologize for not being more prolific in my blog and site. Some of you who are able to attend my group shows have heard me complain about "my tummy issues" and while I to try to keep the negatives to a minimum because I'm there to have fun and be entertaining at the same time. (I don't figure that I'm really being a downer by including a little bit more explanation of what's going on here.) I know that quite of few folks who read my blog care about my well-being. Evidently, somewhere around Labor Day Weekend, I picked up a strange bacteria that gave me a bacterial stomach infection. I thought I had stomach flu because anytime I'd try to have dinner, back up it would come. When it didn't go away, I thought I'd better see the doctor who immediately recommended blood tests. A few short days later, the results came in and they discovered what I picked up. Now, they've told me the name, but it's something unpronounceable, and I don't even remember enough of what it *kind of* sounded like to type it's name here. I was paranoid that maybe I'd given it to myself -- Just maybe I was a bad webwhore who hadn't washed all of her dildos throughly enough or something like that, but no, this was definiately an icky you tend to get out, probably even at a restaurant. If left untreated, this bacteria will cause a stomach ulcer, so we're trying to make sure *that* doesn't happen with high-powered antibotics and other meds that I'm taking twice a day for a total of fourteen days. And lemme tell ya, gosh are they gross. Better than the alternative, I'm sure, but still blech with a variety of side effects that I don't think I need to get into. Only six more days and that should be that. Whew! I think it's really messed with my normal energy level and has affected my mood, but really I believe myself to be in good spirits and am going to be *very* happy when I'm all normal again.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to sit down and spend the necessary three to four hours to work on a gallery update for this weekend. At the moment, I'm going back and forth between one of the photo set's that Trixie shot of me or the one I mentioned earlier. Maybe I'll get ambitious and do *two* photo gallery updates because I'm behind. :)

And now, to answer a few random questions I've gotten via email lately:

--Yes, I *have* gotten to see the first two episodes of HBO's "True Blood" and found it to be more exciting than I expected. (A thank you shout out to Cliff who was nice enough to indulge me.) It's not as emotionally investing as Buffy or Angel was for me, but maybe that's something that's still coming. I love that it's in The South because, yes, there are times when I miss those colorful southern expressions. :)

--No, I didn't make it to the movies in time to see the Star Wars cartoon movie. That's more of a BigD thing though I certainly wasn't opposed to going. We just kind of ran out of time, and unless we find it at an older theater, I think we're out of luck and will have to wait for the dvd.

--Yes, now that it's October I *do* have some costumes lined up for my two hour-long group webcam shows. As a matter of fact, my costume shows have already started! I was Snow White on CamZ last Tuesday and in my Catholic School Girl Uniform on Thursday at Rude. It's looking like I will be able to have .flv archives of my CamZ shows available to members of in the near future. I'm tempted to fork over some dough on another video editing program that will be able to convert those files into regular Windows Media, but I just haven't been able to do it because...

--No, my monitor is still near death. Sigh. BigD's offered up his monitor, but I just don't feel good about taking it. I'm not thrilled with buying a new one, but it's just time for me to face the fact that one of these days it's not going to work at all. It wasn't the most expensive flat screened monitor to start with but still... Such is life, aye?

Okay, my hair is dry and it's much later than I intended to stay up, but that's what I get for not blogging more regularly. A really long entry that wanders all over the place. :)

Happy Weekend!

Foot Fetish Camshow To Be Rescheduled

I've just started keeping my weekly Foot Fetish Camshow on the CamZ network on Tuesdays @4pm ET but as far as today is concerned -- it's cancelled. They're coming in to do an apt inspection, so I will have to reschedule. Keep your eyes peeled for late Wednesday (or another later timeslot) this week.

Heads Up, Headed To Trixie's

BigD and I are going to Trixie's & Delia's for all day Saturday to return back home sometime on Sunday to shoot tons of pictures of me! Yes, all me solo this go around, so I won't have to worry about having nice pictures to update with. I actually *have* recently shot a photo set that I haven't edited yet -- one that's very "Fall" so I *do* have something to share that's me here at home. There just needs to be a few more hours in the day. My PrivateCamz schedule does get kind of crazy sometimes. I admit it.

Our being away means that my voyeur cams and computer are going to get a break, so when you see that they're down -- dont' worry, I'll be back soon. :)

Members Updated, Guest Gallery of Tinasthings78

Click Tina's pic to be taken to a listing of her current used panties auctions - User registeration at required to see her listings.

After returning home from a *rare* social event that required I leave the house (a friend's birthday party), I put the finishing touches on a guest gallery for members of Such a nice way to unwind. A mug of tea, three or four open webpage programs to fiddle with, and Tina from her personal site, Okay, so I'm intentionally misleading you. I don't actually know Tina *that* well, and it's not like she was over at my apartment having tea with me, but she did send me 20 sexy pictures of her sweet self to share with you.

Sometimes I wander back over to where I used to play for the sole purpose of checking out the hot chicks. Hot chicks in sexy panties. It's like a perpetual fashion show over there at, and I can hardly help but to *look* and then see what's shaking on the message board. I've seen Tina around the last couple of years and thought I'd hit her up for some pictures using the excuse that "I need a guest gallery for my site, can you help?" because openly admitting that I'm perving her might not get me as far, lol.

Tina seems to almost always be running used panty auctions that have awesome amateur snaps of her in her pretty underthings. What do I like most about Tina? It's those eyes! So stunning! (And I've told her so.) She's really into doing custom orders for her eBanned friends and has flawless feedback. Hopefully, a few of you will wander on over there and see what's going on with Tina. Maybe you'll even win one of her auctions or make a direct order and you can report back with how sweet she smells... Le Sigh... I'm sure it's nice.

This Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake Thing Is Joke, Right?

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I can't believe MTV is serious about this remaking Rocky Horror thing. Are they all smoking crack over there? Its cult-hit-icon status came long after it bombed in movie theaters and was a joke. Jeez, Louise! No fancy special effects, it made it because it was cheesy. MTV thinks they can recreate that magic? They think they can make a film that we'll be laughing with and not at?

I'm sure that they'll remake it against the majority of folks wishes... Le Sigh... Hopefully, the sure-to-be-shitty remake won't tarnish my fond memories of running around in my sexy Frederick's lingerie with my sister's teenage girl friends at Midnight to take part in the audience participation fun that was held weekly at an old, rundown movie theater (with tons of character) in the Valley. My sister was the *true* Rocky fan in our household, but I was more than happy to go along for the ride. Who doesn't like doing the Time Warp? Stick-in-the-muds, that's who.

2, 4, 6, 8 -- Show us how you masturbate!

Oh, wait, many of you have seen me do that a bizillion times already! ;)

Members Updated: Biker Babe

In the wee hours of the morning, I updated the members area of with a small batch of snaps that BigD took of me with his Harley last Winter that I'm calling Biker Babe. We always said that we'd do a shoot of me on his bike and then when he decided to sell it -- despite the chilly weather outdoors -- we headed out into our Memphis backyard and snapped a few pictures the day before it rode home with it's new owner. Sort of a sad moment, BigD had meant to sell this bike not long after we moved to Memphis, and he figured out how uncomfortable motorcycle-riding was in The South with it's terrible humid summers. If the heat index is 100-115, then go ahead and add another 10 degrees if you're on a hot, throbbing Harley. Plus, this bike was his daily ride for many months that we lived in Seattle (the first time) and needed some pretty expensive repairs caused by the time spent in the rain. Perhaps someday BigD will get another bike. We sure had fun on this one riding around in Southern California (with it's nearly perfect year-round motorcycle riding weather). Before this one, I'd never been on such a powerful motorcycle. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll want one of my own... Although, I don't mind riding bitch at all. Just for the record. :)

So, without any make-up on, save a touch of Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker Lipgloss, here I am modeling one of my black stripper g-strings, green spiderweb top, and chunky platform heels. We shot as many pictures as my freezing cold hiney would let me -- for about 15 minutes or so. I remember the weather this day clearly because the next one, it snowed! I'm far from a traditional biker babe; I have no tattoos or piercings and currently don't own any leather chaps. It was fun to pretend for a wee little bit. Hope that members will like 'em. A little something out of character for me. It didn't even occur to me that I'm right on time with this update because one of the shows that BigD's been looking forward to for months premieres tonight: Sons of Anarchy on FX.

I'm *so glad* that good TV is on it's way back (even if LOST is still several months away) because we need *something* to break up all of this political TV that BigD makes me and the cats watch/listen to, lol. Captain's falling asleep at every turn! Who know's if I'll enjoy Sons of Anarchy, but I am looking forward to that new show Fringe. And of course, my beloved Dexter begins September 29th. Whoo hoo! I'm only doing a subscription to Showtime right now, so that new vampire series a few of you have mentioned on HBO is something I'll probably have to wait to see when it comes out on dvd. (No, that's right, I STILL haven't forgiven HBO executives after the way they allowed The Sopranos to go out with that fake artsy-fartsy ending.)

Yes, the smell of Fall is certainly in the air. Thank goodness! My summer cold, one that has morphed from just a regular cold with sneezes and sniffles to one that also included a touch of stomach flu over Labor Day weekend, is getting better too. So, when my webcams went out on me -- take my word for it that you definitely weren't missing much, lol. That blasted Logitech update screwed up my computer so bad that it wasn't even *detecting* that my cams were plugged in! It took me 6-7 complete uninstalls/reinstalls before my computer (the only one that I use to work on, by the by) *saw* that I had my cams plugged in. I use my cams for a handful of applications through and on a daily basis, so it was beyond frustrating, and hopefully the webcam gods will see to it that the block I put on those fucking Logitech updates *won't* be coming through to screw my system up again. Whatever was in that last update was definitely buggy. (Most of the reinstalls that I was doing were direct from the installation cd that came with the cams -- and I wouldn't let the install try to download a more up-to-date version either. Maybe it works with Vista, but I'm not *on* Vista. ;)) My computer wouldn't even allow me to do a System Restore going back to before the update happened. Wacky, no? So, I offer my apologizes for the downtime this last weekend. Wasn't my idea! LOL!

That's why I'm glad that I've kept my old Intel camera around because it's what made it possible to continue my live group webcam show on Tuesday afternoon. And then my impromptu "Members Only" follow-up show where I had two pleasant orgasms with my wand & dick-shaped dildo. Ahhhhh. The archive of the *that* part of my webcam day is also a part of this update, if you're a member of and would like to see it. And if you're not a member and would like to be -- that page to get you all signed up isn't hard to find. Hit it here.

*hugs from a girl who really needs to go take a shower & wash the hair that she's been pulling out for so many hours*

My Bedroom's View

I'm in the middle of doing some housework but wanted to share this pretty view from my bedroom window. Doesn't it look as if I live atop a beautiful forest? Well, I do, kinda. A small patch of forest that's right next to a super high traffic street that noisy traffic flows up and down at all hours of the day and night. *Le Sigh*

Today was one of those sunny AND rainy summer days that we have here in Seattle. We went out for hot dogs and to pick up a few clothing items that BigD needs for an upcoming business trip. Rather than feeling lonely, I'm looking forward to some time apart because I'll be able to (I hope) get lots of photo and video shooting done. It might be my only opportunity to do so before I have to start packing everything back up into cardboard boxes. Plus, whenever he's gone, it's time for me to break out all of the horror movies and chick flicks that he doesn't want to watch. I'm pretty behind on all things scary, actually. This summer's been mostly about sci-fi/comic book movies, hasn't it?

But I'm really *dying* to catch up on those flicks featured at Horror Fest 2007. The films from the 2006, the first year of After Dark's "8 Films To Die For," were surprisingly entertaining, even if a few of them were more camp than scare. One of them, Unrest even boasted having actual human cadavers. I mean, c'mon, even though it's not like summer blockbuster good -- how many movies can say that? (I know, I know, I'm overly-morbid to even point it out as a selling point, but it totally works for me. Hot chick medical students dealing with vengeful souls not at rest with real dead human bodies in the background? Give it to me! Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen any of the features from 2007? Where should I start first?

Gotta get back to the laundry now...

Members Updated, Green Lace Babydoll

Well, it's *almost* updated... Technically, at this exact moment, I'm still uploading the gallery files, but everything's done. No more pages to write up, so I'm calling UPDATED! Lol!

Members will soon be able to feast their eyes on me looking quite loverly in a sexy green lace babydoll with matching gstring in 76 pictures. Like most of my babydolls, this one is also Victoria's Secret. (I think I just have better luck at finding nighties that are in my size and fit well with their brand, so that most likely explains that non-coincidence.) That and they tend to be more well made than a few other brands that are cute but don't stand up well to multiple washes. Unless you're going to hand wash everything, and for as much as that might strike a sexy image with some of you lingerie connoisseurs -- me handwashing my dirty, cummed on delicates in my bathroom sink -- I don't really do it all that often. (Mental note, that might be fun for a future video, all sexed up with me maybe even naked while fingering my undies floating in water.) Honestly, I'm kind of lazy and nearly everything goes in the washing machine. Not the dryer though. That's the kiss of death for my professional dance wear and many pieces of lingerie. Even without heat and on "air dry" the little clasps don't hold up well bouncing around in there, clattering up against the steel walls. *Shudders at the thought*

But this darker green shade of lace really benefited, I think, by being photographed in much nicer surroundings than my plain ole regular bedroom. This set is the very last of the pictures taken at the B&B that I loved sneaking off to back in Memphis. I felt so comfortable in that floral chair playing in my nightie. I'm tempted to include some *very naughty* picture samples of what I was doing with that teeny tiny green gstring, but I'm not going to because I'd like to keep *something* a surprise for members. Let's just say that it does indeed get in my nooks and crannies.

Speaking of my bedroom, I'm going to *try really hard* to make some time to do some shooting within the next week or so. Every time I think I'll have some time, and I get the space all tidy and clean, I run out of steam. That balance between private camming and my group shows is not easily found. Especially, when you throw in a few other kinks like this little anecdote that I'm about to share: One day, not too terribly long ago, while I was up in my apt's leasing office, I overheard a conversation one of the leasing agents was having with a potential resident. My apt complex is undergoing some remodeling and they are going to TEAR MY BUILDING DOWN IN DECEMBER. So, even though I'd resigned myself that we needed to stay here because our rent is cheaper than many places in the area -- we'll be moving whether we wanted to or not! Our six month lease is up October 1st, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find another place with availability by that time. So we'll have to go month to month until the inevitable building evacuation. Man, do I know how to pick 'em or what? I've already started shopping places, and there's so much construction going on that it's not just our apt complex that's looking to "upgrade" and make nicer their buildings and grounds. Naturally, this also means that rents are going up like crazy which isn't proving to be very helpful. So! I'll keep ya'll posted on any new developments on this subject, but in the mean time, I'd really like to just get back to doing fun stuff with my site and all.

Recent Adventures In Naked Girl Watching, Part One

Finally! Something exciting to blog about: my recent trip to Seattle's famous Lusty Lady and a visit to the DejaVu at the airport in Tukwila. I'd been saying for months that I wanted to get out and see for myself what the dealio was with adult entertainment/strip clubs in Washington, and now, I have a much better idea.

And yes, dear friends, the strip club I visited here doesn't hold a candle to those clubs in Memphis that I worked at. I realize now that I will always think of PP and The Pony fondly even if they weren't "perfect" or totally appreciated by the locals (who assumed such freedoms were enjoyed at every club anywhere). The existing clubs back there (like so many other places I don't know of specifically around the U.S) are still fighting the good fight to not be over-regulated into extinction. Naked boobies and buns and booze all within close proximity to other folks who like the the three B's -- ISN'T a bad thing. When will people just let grown-ups BE grown-ups already? I'm over-simplifying, of course, there's a few other factors that come into play in this industry, but it's become abundantly clear that I quite probably gave up one of the most fun and yet at the same time most challenging jobs of my life when I moved here. (I'm also pretty sure that those of you who DO follow what I'm up to are sick and tired of me whining and complaining and carrying on about how I miss being a stripper, so I'm making a vow, right now, to make these last posts that I do that. I'm also making a conscious effort to not talk about it during my live webcam shows unless specifically asked about it too. It has been about four months, and I need to be more "over it" already.) I'll have to live vicariously through the stripper blogs on the net like everyone else, lol.

So, onward and upward!

My, my how the Lusty Lady was fun! It's not a strip club, per se, it's a peep show -- an entirely different animal altogether. My very first live and in person peep show, it probably has more in common with what I'm doing now to earn a living (as an adult webcam performer) than anything else. I'm sure to not have all the right terminology down, so do forgive me, but here's what I liked about it: real live girls dancing naked right before my very eyes! Three girls were working the main dance area when BigD and I went a Saturday afternoon or two ago. They were all dancing in the same red-carpeted, but very well lit room that's surrounded by small, one-person only booths. There are two kinds of booths (or maybe it's more descriptive to call them "stalls" since you can easily see if a booth is vacant or not because feet are still visible as the doors don't go all the way to the floor). "One Way" and "Two Ways" are exactly the same except for one notable difference: in a two-way, the girls can see you and you can see the girls, but in a one-way, you can see the girls but the girls can't see you because there's a one-way mirror as the window into the dance room. After BigD and I walked around and figured out, much to our dismay, that couples have to split up to enjoy the entertainment, so we each chose booths nearby one another and feed our five-dollar bills into the machines inside our booths. Low and behold, the screen covering the window opens and the naked dancing girls get right up to the glass and do all of those stripper dance maneuvers that I miss doing. *Sigh* Leg twirls here, a bootie shake there. There's no "take it off, take it all off" because they start already naked. (That partially disappoints me because I do so enjoy watching the slow removal of various lingerie items.) A fiver gets you 15 minutes of viewing time, if I'm remembering that correctly. The musical selections vary and occasionally we heard a voice over the loud speakers reminding us that the use of cellphones and cameras are strictly prohibited. Quarters also work in the peep show booths, so the only other noise I remember hearing was the clanging sound of the coin changer machine being worked over-time down the hall. No talking, whispering, groaning or moaning from my fellow peepers. (Some of whom were surely jerking off to the sight of naked dancing girls because the building does indeed smell heavily of floor-cleaning disinfectant and of recently-erupted spooge.) Wanting to observe how the girls work but not wishing to draw extra attention to myself because I'm a chick too, I happily peeped away in a One Way and then met up with BigD (who had chosen a Two Way) in the hall.

We came prepared with a travel-sized package of disinfecting wet wipes, so after we left the building, we cleaned out hands, and had nice Mexican lunch not half a block away. How cool the Lusty Lady's location is, right across the street from a major museum and smack dab in the middle of all kinds of walking-traffic. It's not hidden in some dark alley. It hasn't been forced shamedly to the outskirts of town -- it's right freaking there for all to see!

BigD and I shared the same interest in one particular dancer, a hot Asian girl with a cute haircut, a great figure, and a slow-moving sensuality that was just so beautiful to see in action. According to the board near the front that has snapshots of the dancers and their stage names, our favorite was a dancer named "Guilty" -- a name I've never heard over the loud speakers in the clubs I've worked at. I love it when I hear a name I've never encountered before. Because it's not "taken" I don't have any other records in my memory bank to confuse myself with while summoning mental images of dancers I've known previously. Nothing has to get jumbled up with the hundred or so women I used to work with and that are in there. Admittedly, some of them I'd much rather forget.

After talking about how hot we thought Guilty was, we decided to take one more trip to the Lusty Lady before heading home. I felt comfortable in my original One Way, so I went back there, and BigD moved a little further way to a corner Two Way booth that was a bit roomier. Guilty was still slinking along to some Rolling Stones, and a new girl was coming on shift. We watched the new girl put on these striking over-the-knee bright green socks to cover her knee pads (not the first time I've seen this done -- I know first-hand exactly how hard dancing can be on your knees). Then Guilty moved closer to that corner booth area that I knew BigD was in, and the new girl approached mine. Then she did something quite unexpected. She put her hands to the one-way mirror and peered inside my booth! Awww, shucks! My secret identity was no longer secret! I laughed, and she told me I was cute and that it was a mistake for me to be in a One Way. "You should be in a Two Way because we'd all be over dancing for you!" she cooed at me. I was still thankful to be in a One Way because I *know* I was blushing. Me, a seasoned stripper... Yup. This green-socked vixen danced for me until my time ran out, my screen came down, and I found myself alone in the hallway waiting for BigD again. Another viewer exited his booth and spotted me and was about to come over to me -- probably to hit on me or talk to me about my kinky dykey voyeuristic ways, so I jumped back into the safety of my booth. I stood there in the darkness for a few moments until I heard another booth's door open and shut. Figuring it to be BigD finally done feeding dollars into the machine for Guilty, I emerged, and we walked over to the girl in the Private Show booth to read the sign and see what the rules were for that. This specific part of the peep show has got to be *just like* what I do within the comforts of my own home on webcam -- one-on-one private shows where the performer gets naked, plays with toys, engages in fantasy roleplaying or just chatters away for a per minute fee. Again, I think the rules are only one customer in the Private Show Booth, and it wasn't really in our budget because we knew we were going to hit the DejaVu later that evening, so we moseyed on out of the Lusty Lady and into the late afternoon sunlight with big grins on our faces. I think we argued the whole way back to the parking garage on *who* got more time oogling Guilty up close. (She'd spent a significant amount of time dancing directly in front of *my* One Way on our first trip in, I had to remind him.)

The Lusty Lady was a fun, unique experience that I'd love to do again. I'd recommend it to anyone who plans to visit Seattle and wants to do something a little naughty because it's not a huge monentary investment if you don't like it, and there are other places of interest like Pike Place Market that is just a hop and a skip from the Lusty Lady's doorstep.

Here's a couple of links about Seattle's Lusty Lady that I read before going that are enjoyable reads if my supreme wordiness hasn't tired your eyeballs out:

The Lusty Lady, Seattle, Washington - Not Your Average Establishment & Lusty Lady: A Seattle Panoram. And of course there's even a book, but I'm pretty darn sure that if you're *that* into learning more -- seeking it out on Amazon is a super cinch, and you don't need my help with that, lol.

Been Trying To Join With Visa?

Well, it looks like you now can! Trixie got the Visa approval email today. There must have been some sort of oversight on CCBill's end because she and I thought that was *already* hooked up with Visa as credit card option. Apparently not. So, if you've been looking forward to coming on back to my site and that's your CC of choice, by all means = stop back by and get inside to see the new stuff that I'll be adding this week. :)

Members Updated, Satin Panty Fashion Show Video

Have you heard (or better yet seen) the good news? It took no time at all for Trixie to get approved with CCBill and ready to take on memberships again! Hooray!

It's been a busy week and a half with my private webcam schedule being fairly demanding, but I couldn't let the time get away from me and *not* mention here in my blog that my site was back up, could I? :) And how better to celebrate than with a 20 minute video of me trying on all kinds of satin panties? I posted my "Satin Panty Fashion Show 2008" for members a couple of hours ago. It's definitely on the tamer side of my panty fetish videos with only mild nudity and panty rubbing/teasing, but I think it's got its charming moments where it's pretty obvious that I am a goofball who's overly enthusiastic about her panty collection -- and that's why I hope members will enjoy it, when you have a few minutes to unwind.

Most of the panties in this video are those that true satin panty fans savor and can't get enough of (especially now as they are getting harder and harder to find) = polyester satin blends in a classic string bikini fullback cut. Of course, I do model a few nylon/spandex satin pairs also. A few are contemporary lowrise types. All but *one* pair are fullbacks as I haven't seen a poly satin thong in I don't know how many years now. There's even some variety in sizing. One pair, a white poly satin bikini, is clearly a size large because I bought them with the sole intention of making sure they landed in the hands of someone who wanted to wear my used panties too. ;) And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I squeezed my hiney into a couple of pairs that were so snug across my pussy that I'm pretty sure even with minimal wear that they probably still carry the scent of me. Most of the satin panties that I currently own are in soft pastels or light colors, so you'll more of those kinds of colors and prints, but I will be keeping my eyes out when I have a chance to go panty shopping for darker shades.

Speaking of panty shopping, I'm not at all sure when *that's* going to happen because I've actually got way, way more panties than I need, lol. Unless I'm going for a particular color to match with something that I want to wear for an upcoming photo shoot, I better steer clear of the panty section. You'll probably not be surprised to learn that I usually pick out the panties first and make an outfit work *around them* and not the other way around 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, it's probably shoes instead of panties! Maybe this will change as gathers more of a following, but we're not quite there yet. ;))

*yawn* - Okay, so I've blathered on long enough about my whole thing for panties, and it's past 3am. I'm ready for you to re-join my site if you are!

Spilling the Beans: What's Going On With

Yes, it's been rather quiet around here on both my blog and site, and for good reason, unfortunately. I hate writing negative blog entries because not only does no one want to read them (including myself), but I don't even particularly excel at writing them. I prefer to keep drama to the absolute minimum and have little to no flare for it. But. This news really is important for anyone who follows and what I'm doing, and as I expect my site to go down within the next few days, here's part of what I've already shared with members:

ProAdult Quantum will no longer be hosting or doing the payment processing for memberships to my main site. They stopped paying all of their webmasters back in April but promised that they would make good and catch everyone's paychecks up by the beginning of June. I had faith in them until the beginning of June came and went and still none of us had been paid or kept up to speed on what the problems were. July 1st they pulled down their message board for their webmasters (so now we have even less contact with them), and it's only a matter of time before they pull the plug on all of our sites.

It's sad to see it go down like this. I've happily been with them since 2002 and am extremely disappointed that they couldn't have *at least told us* what was happening. I will probably never see a penny of the months of memberships owed to me and am not sure how long they'll continue to host my site -- so I'm moving to my girl friend Trixie's program! The mighty transfer is almost complete, but the timeline for when I'll be up and running again isn't 100% mapped out yet. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that my site won't be ready for a couple of weeks easy. Could be less time, could be a bit more, but you will be kept updated here at my blog & emails if you'd like to be. Drop me an email at: if that's the case.

If you're a member of ProAdult Quantum, I would *strongly* recommend that go to the cancel page and cancel your membership to as soon as you can. Really, I would do so as possible because their system could just go *poof* at any moment.

I feel like I should apologize for not updating as much as I would have liked after getting settled in after the move and going fulltime, but now you can understand why my energies had to go elsewhere, PrivateCamzing & getting my foot fetish site off the ground as soon as possible so that I could survive. *Le Sigh* But do trust in the knowledge that I'm NOT giving up despite these hardships, and that I think this move over to a more familiar billing service like Trixie uses and more freedoms with *how* I run my site is a SUPER AWESOME GOOD THING! I'm very excited about it! I'm extremely thankful that I have such good friends like Trixie & Delia to help me out in my time of need. *cyber hugs for my friends*

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate all of the kind words members of my site have expressed to me since I started sharing details about what was going on.

It's just about time for dinner, and I still need to figure out what we're doing about both of the vehicles in our household being on the fritz. (Talk about great timing, huh folks? LOL) Gosh being a grown-up sucks sometimes. :)

If You Hadn't Already Heard...

...My new foot fetish website, is up! It opened last week and started accepting members on Tuesday, June 17th 2008. I meant to get in here and write a blurb about it, but then, as usual the time got away from me. (I'm such a terrible blogger despite being a somewhat prolific emailier, letter writer and a twitter addict.)

Anyhoo, that's where all of my foot fetishy stuff will end up, and my hope is that my first spin-off website will make it easier for the non-foot minded folks over at my main url from having to endure endless amounts of talk and focus on my feet. I realize there's some crossover appeal, but most of the people who've indulged in a membership to my main site *really are* more interested in the other "below the waist" fetishes that I've always catered to: panties, hosiery, lingerie with high heels and so on and so forth. :)

I've managed to stay up later than I intended, and I have other things that I would like to and more importantly *need to* blog about -- but I've gotta save it for another day. Suffice it to say that there are some incredibly big changes on the horizon for I hope that the rest of the week goes smoothly, so I can tell everyone what my new game plan will be. I even have started a much-needed update for my members area that I should be able to have posted within the next couple of days that I'm particularly fond of.

Why AmberLily Doesn't Watch Politics

Yeah, I'm like this guy, Wyatt Cenac. Watching politics on television isn't really very *me* -- I mean, I do make lame attempts at paying attention, mostly because BigD's going to want to talk to me about it, but really, um, no, not me at all. In a nutshell, election coverage should be more like LOST! Something I can totally relate to and obsess over!

*click picture for video*

(I'm a little late in finding this video on the web, but I had to try to share it anyway.)

PS - Am I the only one who thinks that the big gray globe thing under Jon Stewart's desk looks like the Death Star?

Isn't Captain Pretty?

My sister took a trip to Europe recently, and now that she's back home in sunny SoCal and her final exams are over, she had time to send me a few souvenirs. Cool stuff like a really cute hangbag with the British flag on it topping the list (and something I'm incredibly likely to shoot pics with for my site as soon as a match up an equally cute outfit). But it was the box of pastel tissue paper that my gifts arrived in that my cat Captain found to play that was the most adorable and worth sharing in photos on my blog asap! He loves getting *into* stuff so this box was perfect. He had a blast thrashing about the crinkled paper while my other two just barely lifted their heads up from their afternoon naps to see what was going on. I snapped these two pics before he got too carried away. Isn't he just so... Pretty! For being such a masculine cat, a big bully, a voracious eater, he's all cuddly sweet at times. Nice to have photographic documentation to look back on when I'm all mad that he's tried to chew TT's ear off, huh? (Oh, and don't feel too bad for old TT. This is just his karma for torturing Princess for years come back to haunt him.)

I think the cats have adapted better to their new surroundings than I have. They all have their favorite places to lounge and hide which is more than I can say, at times. ;) It was my being at home and awake during daylight hours today that reminded me that I need to be more *thankful* and *appreciative* that I can and do work at home. That it's even an option. Leaving my stripping career behind has been tough because it had become such a way of life for me, one that I enjoyed the majority of the time, but there are parts that I won't miss as much -- the vampire-like hours where I missed out on what my dayshift family, friends, and household were doing is one of them. I suppose that it's still possible that I *might* dance here in Seattle or maybe in Tacoma, but it's terribly unlikely at the moment. I've still not set one foot in a stripclub since we moved here and have no ideas about which ones are even close to what I'm used to with my dancer-friendly Memphis standards. I'm not going to trouble myself about it right now. Heck, I'm still too busy getting lost while driving around my new town! It's more important to me to do my best webmastering and my upcoming foot fetish site and to get in as much time private webcamming as is feasible for me and my bills, lol. Gotta keep the Captain and his sidekicks in kitty litter & Meow Mix after all.

Which reminds me, someone asked about Captain's Twitter. Yes, he's a cat with so much personality that he needed his own twitter! He doesn't make tweets everyday, but it is nice to get a fresh perpective on what's going on around here, so by all means follow him, and you'll have a cat happy to follow you. It's his twitter that I use to follow everyone's tweets by the by.

Members Updated: Feeling Tropical

Uh huh, if you haven't caught some of my most recent posts in my Twitter, then you wouldn't know that I've been burning up with the little heat wave that we've been experiencing the last few days here in the Pacific Northwest. I actually don't really *mind* when it's hot outside as long as I have the comforts of air-conditioning to retreat to when I'm done sweating. The big problem here is that that most apartment housing in this area of the country doesn't come with that particular luxury as most was built long before the global climate change phenomenon. Can you say, UGH.

So last weekend, we went out and purchased a small portable A/C unit that should hopefully help reduce brain-melt. I thought I could get away without running it today because it was overcast and a bit rainy but no such luck. It was muggy hot rain like they have in Memphis, lol. Color me flushed-red and unimpressed. Anyhoo, the expense of the new air-conditioner when we're still paying rent at the old place and the new one probably wasn't the greatest thing to be taking on, but I figure I can make it up by working harder since I've got a very minimal social life going on at the moment. Who needs friends when you've got three great cats and a freezer full of lime popsicles?

Onward and upward: Yes, I do have a fresh gallery of refreshing, tropical-inspired photos for members of to write about before my blog-a-phobia kicks back in. A plentiful set of 73 pictures of me doing a striptease out of my loungewear and tropical stripper bikini. It's *the last* set of pictures that my bf Justin shot of me, and so that's why I've been holding onto it for awhile. *Sigh* The warmer weather definitely made me remember it when I was trying to figure out what to post for members. That and I was rocking quite the tan last summer. When I was trying to figure out how best to categorize it, it didn't take me long to come to the logical conclusion that this is a pretty nice ass & barefoot set. Those bottoms are quite cheeky and my pretty French pedicure is shown off from several angles too. A special thanks goes out to Justin for snapping away to get these pics for me. :)

Before The Next Update Goes Up...

...Maybe I should blog about the last two photo gallery updates for members of so I can show off a couple of nice free panty pictures? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Especially since my latest updates share the same theme: panties & glasses. Yuppers, the overall style and feel of these photo sets is different. My "Lowrise Jeans & Dirty Lowrise Panty" has a more casual look than my "Turquoise On Black Panties" but me wearing my glasses helps make them both *very AmberLily* -- if I do say so myself.Here's a little of what I wrote inside my site for "Lowrise Jeans & Dirty Lowrise Panty": I originally shot these in my backyard in Memphis to go along with the dirty fullback panties you see me wearing for a special "used panties" friend of mine, Davey from the UK. He's been sniffing my worn panties for years now and occasionally I shoot a special couple of extra pictures just for him.

And then, I decided I would submit them for posting over at the Voyeur Web. Shortly there after, I regretted doing so, because of the amount of negative comments I got for wearing my glasses and looking "nerdy" -- Le sigh. Live and learn, there are just some audiences that don't appreciate the array of my personal style choices.

But Davey did, hehe. And maybe you will too. It's not often that I show off the dried cum stains in my panties... Panties that obviously got wet enough that my juices seeped through and made visible spots. :)

And here's a bit that went with "Turquoise On Black Panties" - On any given day, if someone asked me to pull out the sexiest *cotton* fullbacks that I own out of my panty drawers -- this pair that you see here with a turquoise on black print would be the first pair selected without hesitation. Most people think that cotton is boring but this pair is far from boring to me. Sweetly sexy with that little bit of lace ruffling around the top of the leg and still in a contemporary lowrise style? To die for! I've bought a couple of pairs with this overall style from Victoria's Secret, but THIS pair is my most worn and best looking pair.

Ah, there, now I feel better that I shared. Oh! Before I forget, I should also mention that I *do* indeed have quite a few pairs of panties for sale inside my members area too. It took me hours to pick out *just the right pairs* but there's a nice selection and even a sampling of my hosiery as well. And remember those dvd/cd "add on" options to go with my worn panties? Yes, those are back too. :)

I've got a lot going on today with the amount of errands that I need to run, and so far this morning, er, it's now afternoon so I mean, afternoon -- so I should get moving on that. When I get back, I'll most likely be over on Private Camz. I'd love it if you stopped by my chatroom and said hello.

My Auction Closes On Friday!

...And I haven't even mentioned it here in my blog! The time gets away from me no matter what I've got going on in my life, but I did want to make sure that I pointed "used panty" auction fans in the right direction. :) Especially since I've included that *personalized panty play* dvd along with the bright yellow & orange thong panties I've got up for bid. It's not every auction that I offer that, of course. It's not even on my own website that I have the dvd option available all the time.

I've dubbed this particular pair of sexy panties my "Sunshine Thong" because not only is wearing and playing in them somewhat *uplifting* because they are terribly cute with their frilly little ruffles, but because of the combination of colors. Most cheerful now that I'm living on Camino, er, I mean, in Seattle. (Yes, that *was* a rather lame reference to Star Wars Episode II -- I just can't help myself sometimes. When I first saw the flick, that's what I was thinking: Oh goody, George Lucas has finally created a perpetual rain planet, like Seattle.) Anyhoo, my Sunshine Thong will soon belong to someone else, and if you'd like that someone else to be you -- make sure you're registered at and bid away. Besides, who doesn't need a bit of sunshine in their life during this time of year, April Showers and all.

Yes, Indeedy, I'm Here!

So, I told myself that I wasn't allowed to blog until I got a few things out of the way -- a certain amount of stuff unpacked, a few emails answered, a few days of private webcamming under my belt, a new mailing address, and until I just generally felt a bit more settled. I *have* been able to check several of those off the list, so methinks now is as good a time as any since who knows how long it will be before I'm *really* settled. ;)

Plus, I didn't want to come in here and whine and moan and carry on with how hard the move was. And believe me, it was hard. Memphis to Seattle, our most difficult move yet, and that's saying something, 'cuz baby, this warnt my first rodeo. Basically, if it could go wrong, it did, and it did three times or in a really big ways. The first big hurdle was that the PODS idea was only good in theory (those things are blasted tiny and for people who don't own or collect *anything* which is not us!) and so we ended up going the Uhaul route after all (too short notice to do the professional movers thing and BigD was less than thrilled with the price quote one company gave friends of ours). What did going the "Uhaul route" mean, exactly? It meant leaving days earlier. It meant BigD towing my car and driving one of the biggest Uhauls they make. It meant me driving BigD's pickup truck and our three cats by myself. Whoo wee! I'd never done that much driving before, never across the country, and never in a vehicle as large as his truck! What I normally drive is *much* smaller by comparison. But we had a deadline to make so BigD would be here in Seattle, WA for his new job. It also meant that I had to rent one of the apartments I'd seen online -- over the phone, site unseen. Without PODS to store our stuff, we would have no time to go scouting apartments like we'd planned. I'm going to spare you most of "the horrors of the roadtrip" details, but I will say that there are some pretty killer mountains in between here and Memphis, TN. And that any time of year is good for snow in some parts of the country, apparently. We're very fortunate that our vehicles didn't break down, and that we have three extremely well-behaved cats.

I'd like to say that after we got to Washington, it was smooth sailing. But then we had that last big thing go wrong -- the apartment complex that I'd rented our new apartment at RENTED THE EXACT SAME APARTMENT TO SOMEONE ELSE! Yes, that's right. With everything I owned sitting in trucks outside, I explained that we'd have to have *something now* and collapsed in a chair and almost had a nervous breakdown. There'd been some office mix up and the leasing agent I'd been dealing with was on vacation, yada yada yada, you see where I'm going with this, right? Nevermind that I'd been on the phone with them several times during the course of the roadtrip to *make sure* that something like this didn't happen. After 30 minutes of talking, the assistant manager was able to put us in a similiar apartment, but it would need to be carpeted before we could move in -- so we spent another night at Motel 6 while they carpeted our place in the morning. (And thank the gods for Motel 6 being pet-friendly. Very few places will take cats no matter how well-behaved they are.)

We're all thrilled to be here, but who knows how long it'll be before I willingly go on another roadtrip, lol. Maybe it'd be okay if it weren't with the cats and all of our belongings. ;) People keep asking me if I think we're going to do another move like this again, and I'm pretty darn doubtful that we will. The other work options for BigD are all here in Washington state so unless he's going to totally change what he does for a living -- it's all here. (Moving through out the state is fair game though.) Our lease is for six months because we just needed to get here, and in all honesty, this place isn't roomy enough for us. In Memphis, we were renting a modest three bedroom house and this is a *small* two bedroom apartment that we're holding up in now.

I've been able to get two of my Rude hosted voyeur cams back up and a round of photos posted in the members area of but I haven't updated the tour with all of the new facts about my life yet. I think it's pretty unreal that a few site visitors have actually critcized me for not having it all updated. People, people, I've only been here like TWO WEEKS. Give a girl a few moments to catch her breath, m'kay? :) I promise, and this goes for all of life's great mysteries, when I get it figured out, you'll be among the first to know.

My next entry will be tons more fun with panty pictures! For now, though, I'm going to close and hit the "publish post" button and get some sleep. Aren't you glad that I hardly whined and moaned and carried on about the move? ;)

Voyeur Cams Will Go Down Tonight

This will probably come across as a really jumbled blog entry, but while I still have an assembled desk and an internet connection, I figured I should jump in and let our friends and members of know that *tonight* my voyeur cams will be going down and most likely won't be back up for about three weeks because we're relocating to the Seattle, WA area. Of course, as soon as we find and rent an apartment, get our POD delivered & unpacked and I get the local cable company (is it still Comcast?) to come out, I'll turn everything back on so everyone can watch me do all of that super exciting unpacking.

As far as how much I'll be online, I figure that I will *probably* have access to the net through Monday, March 24th to check my email and take care of little webmaster things, but anything big will have to wait until after I get settled. I don't have a working laptop with wireless, so aside from trying to Twitter from the road via text messaging from my cell, I'm not expecting to be very prolific on the web. I'm sure everyone understands where I'm coming from with this and will be patient, right? :)

My big plans for tonight include taking some time out to watch Jericho and then probably staying awake all night to get as much packed up because our POD arrives tomorrow in the early A.M., and we've ordered some professional movers to help us pack it since they are better at that real-life tetris game than either me or BigD. I was doing really well with our packing schedule until I tried to work in a couple of extra days at The Pony because for some reason I like to think I can "do it all" and then it occurs to me, sometime later after I've had a panic attack, that I can't, lol. They come back to ship and store our POD for us on Friday.

Our official hit the road date is Tuesday, March 18th. BigD, our three cats, and I will be making the cross-country drive in his truck towing my car. We've done some long driving before, have done the long distance U-Haul thing twice, so this isn't totally unfamiliar to us (even if TT and Princess both had the "pleasure" of taking an airplane ride). Assuming everything goes as planned it's a 3-4 day drive. At this exact moment, I'm not so much excited as am a bit loopy with all of the details that I'm trying to keep straight, but I already know that living on the West Coast is more of a fit of us and we'll be thrilled to be there -- once we're there.

So, if I can manage it, I'm going to try to get *one more members update* up when I'm taking break from all of that physical labor. Or maybe I'll be able to get my office packed but have my computer still out (since it's NOT going in the POD) and get my pages updated then. This is my goal and I hope that I'm not biting off more than I can chew. :) Down?

OMG - Twitter can't be down, can it? Not for the whole time I was a work and now that I'm home... I'm totally addicted and can't live without it!!!

Maybe it's just *my* twitter. Say it ain't so!!!

Big News Update

My goodness... Where to begin?

First and foremost, I haven't tooted my own horn about the revamp for *finally* being done and it is! I uploaded the matching members side version just a couple of days ago, but the free side tour has been online for several weeks now. It's very different looking from what I've been going with the last few years. One could argue that it's more simple and modern in appearance, but all I'm saying is that it seems to suit my layout needs as they are at the moment, and I'm happy about that. I'm not anywhere close to being what I think a "professional graphic designer" is and what's up now *does* need some tweaking, but nonetheless -- I'm calling it DONE. I made a difficult decision to let the whole "AmberLily's Secret Garden" theme go finally. Part of me regrets the choice, but the goal was to streamline things a bit. That title's kinda clunky and always has been. I've got high hopes that it's easier-on-the-eyes look will make up for that. Plus, there's some more fun "personality" portions of the site in the free area that are already scoring points with new visitors who liked to read what's on adult sites in addition to checking out the free pictures. I have an actual "About Me" page again and two new pages that were just plain fun to come up with "A Few Of My Favorite Things" and "25 Random Little Confessions". So if you haven't already breezed through my new pages, consider this an offical welcome. :)

And now for the more serious big news: we are moving out of Memphis, TN and moving back to the Seattle, WA area. I always *knew* that we'd never be here permanently and now the word is official. This move will, however, be a much more stressful one because we have less time to plan, and it has to happen much more quickly because BigD's new job depends on it. Can you say: UGH. We're looking at about a month's time to pack and get those pesky details like how to transport our crap and find a place to live worked out. I'm going to have an increased club schedule to help pay for the move -- so if you're local and you'd like to have some good-bye lapdances = now is the time! As far as my site is concerned, I will try to update it as much as I can within the coming days and might be able to do another Sunday night group camshow or two, but the whole month of March is looking busy as all hell with dancing and packing. Same kinda goes for my voyeur cams. I'll make every effort to keep as many of them on for as long as I can, but rest assured, that after we get there, I should be able to get everything of a webcam nature up and running as soon as I can, lol. Ultimately, I know that this move back to the West Coast is in our best interests and where we'll be happier, but I do wish it was going to be under easier moving circumstances. I'm thrilled that we'll be closer to Trixie & Delia and Kris and not so far away from our families in So Cal. So, as the time draws near, I'm sure I'll make another post, but now now -- I better get some rest because I think I'm going to be running on empty for awhile.