My Auction Closes On Friday!

...And I haven't even mentioned it here in my blog! The time gets away from me no matter what I've got going on in my life, but I did want to make sure that I pointed "used panty" auction fans in the right direction. :) Especially since I've included that *personalized panty play* dvd along with the bright yellow & orange thong panties I've got up for bid. It's not every auction that I offer that, of course. It's not even on my own website that I have the dvd option available all the time.

I've dubbed this particular pair of sexy panties my "Sunshine Thong" because not only is wearing and playing in them somewhat *uplifting* because they are terribly cute with their frilly little ruffles, but because of the combination of colors. Most cheerful now that I'm living on Camino, er, I mean, in Seattle. (Yes, that *was* a rather lame reference to Star Wars Episode II -- I just can't help myself sometimes. When I first saw the flick, that's what I was thinking: Oh goody, George Lucas has finally created a perpetual rain planet, like Seattle.) Anyhoo, my Sunshine Thong will soon belong to someone else, and if you'd like that someone else to be you -- make sure you're registered at and bid away. Besides, who doesn't need a bit of sunshine in their life during this time of year, April Showers and all.