My Bedroom's View

I'm in the middle of doing some housework but wanted to share this pretty view from my bedroom window. Doesn't it look as if I live atop a beautiful forest? Well, I do, kinda. A small patch of forest that's right next to a super high traffic street that noisy traffic flows up and down at all hours of the day and night. *Le Sigh*

Today was one of those sunny AND rainy summer days that we have here in Seattle. We went out for hot dogs and to pick up a few clothing items that BigD needs for an upcoming business trip. Rather than feeling lonely, I'm looking forward to some time apart because I'll be able to (I hope) get lots of photo and video shooting done. It might be my only opportunity to do so before I have to start packing everything back up into cardboard boxes. Plus, whenever he's gone, it's time for me to break out all of the horror movies and chick flicks that he doesn't want to watch. I'm pretty behind on all things scary, actually. This summer's been mostly about sci-fi/comic book movies, hasn't it?

But I'm really *dying* to catch up on those flicks featured at Horror Fest 2007. The films from the 2006, the first year of After Dark's "8 Films To Die For," were surprisingly entertaining, even if a few of them were more camp than scare. One of them, Unrest even boasted having actual human cadavers. I mean, c'mon, even though it's not like summer blockbuster good -- how many movies can say that? (I know, I know, I'm overly-morbid to even point it out as a selling point, but it totally works for me. Hot chick medical students dealing with vengeful souls not at rest with real dead human bodies in the background? Give it to me! Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen any of the features from 2007? Where should I start first?

Gotta get back to the laundry now...

Members Updated, Green Lace Babydoll

Well, it's *almost* updated... Technically, at this exact moment, I'm still uploading the gallery files, but everything's done. No more pages to write up, so I'm calling UPDATED! Lol!

Members will soon be able to feast their eyes on me looking quite loverly in a sexy green lace babydoll with matching gstring in 76 pictures. Like most of my babydolls, this one is also Victoria's Secret. (I think I just have better luck at finding nighties that are in my size and fit well with their brand, so that most likely explains that non-coincidence.) That and they tend to be more well made than a few other brands that are cute but don't stand up well to multiple washes. Unless you're going to hand wash everything, and for as much as that might strike a sexy image with some of you lingerie connoisseurs -- me handwashing my dirty, cummed on delicates in my bathroom sink -- I don't really do it all that often. (Mental note, that might be fun for a future video, all sexed up with me maybe even naked while fingering my undies floating in water.) Honestly, I'm kind of lazy and nearly everything goes in the washing machine. Not the dryer though. That's the kiss of death for my professional dance wear and many pieces of lingerie. Even without heat and on "air dry" the little clasps don't hold up well bouncing around in there, clattering up against the steel walls. *Shudders at the thought*

But this darker green shade of lace really benefited, I think, by being photographed in much nicer surroundings than my plain ole regular bedroom. This set is the very last of the pictures taken at the B&B that I loved sneaking off to back in Memphis. I felt so comfortable in that floral chair playing in my nightie. I'm tempted to include some *very naughty* picture samples of what I was doing with that teeny tiny green gstring, but I'm not going to because I'd like to keep *something* a surprise for members. Let's just say that it does indeed get in my nooks and crannies.

Speaking of my bedroom, I'm going to *try really hard* to make some time to do some shooting within the next week or so. Every time I think I'll have some time, and I get the space all tidy and clean, I run out of steam. That balance between private camming and my group shows is not easily found. Especially, when you throw in a few other kinks like this little anecdote that I'm about to share: One day, not too terribly long ago, while I was up in my apt's leasing office, I overheard a conversation one of the leasing agents was having with a potential resident. My apt complex is undergoing some remodeling and they are going to TEAR MY BUILDING DOWN IN DECEMBER. So, even though I'd resigned myself that we needed to stay here because our rent is cheaper than many places in the area -- we'll be moving whether we wanted to or not! Our six month lease is up October 1st, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find another place with availability by that time. So we'll have to go month to month until the inevitable building evacuation. Man, do I know how to pick 'em or what? I've already started shopping places, and there's so much construction going on that it's not just our apt complex that's looking to "upgrade" and make nicer their buildings and grounds. Naturally, this also means that rents are going up like crazy which isn't proving to be very helpful. So! I'll keep ya'll posted on any new developments on this subject, but in the mean time, I'd really like to just get back to doing fun stuff with my site and all.