If You Hadn't Already Heard...

...My new foot fetish website, NymphFeet.com is up! It opened last week and started accepting members on Tuesday, June 17th 2008. I meant to get in here and write a blurb about it, but then, as usual the time got away from me. (I'm such a terrible blogger despite being a somewhat prolific emailier, letter writer and a twitter addict.)

Anyhoo, that's where all of my foot fetishy stuff will end up, and my hope is that my first spin-off website will make it easier for the non-foot minded folks over at my main url AmberLily.net from having to endure endless amounts of talk and focus on my feet. I realize there's some crossover appeal, but most of the people who've indulged in a membership to my main site *really are* more interested in the other "below the waist" fetishes that I've always catered to: panties, hosiery, lingerie with high heels and so on and so forth. :)

I've managed to stay up later than I intended, and I have other things that I would like to and more importantly *need to* blog about -- but I've gotta save it for another day. Suffice it to say that there are some incredibly big changes on the horizon for AmberLily.net. I hope that the rest of the week goes smoothly, so I can tell everyone what my new game plan will be. I even have started a much-needed update for my members area that I should be able to have posted within the next couple of days that I'm particularly fond of.