Happy Thanksgiving, It's Time To Move!

Beware... This part in the beginning is a mini-rant...

The time is finally here, it's time for us to move out of our apartment building that's being torn down for a complete remodel and move into our new place! Hip hip Hooraaaaayyy! We're going to sign the lease and pick up the keys bright and early in the morning. This whole moving thing has been fraught with difficulties at every turn that have made me into a nail-biting basketcase. From finding a place to move to (in the middle of a housing crisis! eeek!), to coming up with the time frame to do it, and of course -- to come up with the money for the necessary deposits and fees. I'd been able to put some "moving money" aside, but then we were penalized for not living in the state of Washington for a year and additional safety deposit funds were needed. In cash. Ugh. So in many ways, this little local move has been harder than the move from TN to WA eight months ago.

There's a part of me that still thinks we're going to get screwed some more at the new apartment office... I've loved dealing with the manager herself, but it was the assistant manager who neglected to tell me about some of the finer details/hoops to jump through until last week, and I'm pretty sure we'll be dealing with the latter.

The pro's of the new apartment are that: #1. It isn't going to be torn down and so we should get to live in it for awhile. #2. It has a roomier floorplan, something that we desperately needed and that includes a second bathroom! #3. It's a bit closer to where BigD works and so his hideous-makes-no-sense-traffic-riden commute should be lessened. #4. It's in a much more quiet neighborhood that is a bit less scenic but that busy-street background noise should be a thing of the past. #5. The laundry room is in the same building as the apartment, so no more hiking to uphill to another building out in the rain when it's time to do laundry (and I can only hope that pot-smoking teens haven't marked the new laundry room as a hang out). Those are all really excellent things that I'm looking forward to. There's a few con's that will have to be dealt with asap -- like the place is really, really dark with little sunlight coming in and next to no internal lighting, so I will need to buy new floor lamps immediately for every room, including the bathrooms. Smaller things like that are nothing really. I can deal with lamp shopping. :) And there will be no naked-picture-taking on the patio because it's not private in the slightest; the patio area's not even enclosed with a little fence or anything, but again, I can live with that too.

So now for the part that everyone's most interested in as it relates to my webcams and my site. My voyeur cams will go down tonight, Wednesday the 26th and won't be coming back for about a week -- whenever the cable company can get to the new place to set up my connection. I wish I could give you an exact day, but because my move-in date has changed *three times* in the last week and a half -- this is the only information that I have. I will be using my Twitter to try to keep ya'll updated because I can still send messages via my cellphone without an internet connection. I will be tearing down my desk and packing up my computer on Thanksgiving Day so that will be the last opportunity I'll have to check my email. The movers are scheduled for Friday afternoon. Friday night I should be all moved-in at the new place and have BigD's help to get the unpacking/restablishing life process started. I swear, as soon as I'm back up that I'll get my cams back up, lol. But I do expect that the links in my members area for the Rude House Cams to probably go out, so if you're a member of AmberLily.net -- I hope that you'll take advantage of your membership to Spy On Us if the voyeur cams are your main interest.

I would like to take this moment to point out that I am *very thankful* that I have the few devoted friends and website supporters that I do. I appreciate your listening to me whine and bitch about this move, I know it hasn't been easy! I can promise you that I will be updating with some really nice content when I get set back up. AmberLily.net continues to be a labor of love for me and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who cares about its well-being, so to speak. I hope that everyone has a truly lovely Thanksgiving holiday (if you're in the United States and into celebrating it). Take care!!! *hugs*