Members Updated, Happy Halloween!

Yes! Today is the day that I look forward to all year long: it's Halloween! A special round of 46 pictures of me wearing my "Bad Bunny" costume & a 12 minute video of me teasing in orange & black toe socks have been added to's members area. A fine way to top off the month of October. I can't let the month go without wearing fishnet pantyhose in a gallery, can I? It's such a staple of most slutty Halloween costumes, after all.

Here's the silly little ditty I wrote to go along with the Bad Bunny gallery:

Is Bad Bunny *really* bad? I mean, c'mon, just cause she's a bit on the black and blue side, does that mean she's wicked? True, she'd much rather eat all of the Halloween candy than pass it out to Trick or Treaters while parading around in those black fishnet pantyhose. But she's a good sport. She'll take her little sexy bunny costume off to give you a better look at those see-through pantyhose... Pantyhose that have nothing underneath them, now that you mention it. Better "Enter At Your Own Risk" because while she might look like a docile creature at first -- who's to say that the warning sign over her bed is wrong? LOL!

I'm running on the fumes of the last can of Dr. Pepper in the house, so I'm headed off for bed now. The rest of America will be waking up in another hour or two, so it's the least I can do to turn in before the sun comes up. My big plans for today include trying to figure out what costume to PrivateCamz in this afternoon, and then BigD and I have a Halloween party to go to this evening with some of his work buds. I already know what I'm wearing to that one, the sexy Miss Freddy Krueger mini sweater dress & dark green fishnet pantyhose that some of you saw in my Group Webcam Show yesterday. I'm not expecting there to be many opportunities for me to take pictures while at the party, but if I can snag one or two with me in this new bad girl costume -- I'll make sure to get it here in the blog asap.

I've got more stuff to blog about, of course, but I'm a goner. Captain and TT really want me to go to bed now. I hope that everyone has a safe & Happy Trick-or-Treat Day. *hugs*

Members Updated, Navy Damsel In Distress

Before the time gets away from me and I update the members side of my site again without blogging, here I am with a few samples from the bondage shoot. David Knight was very generous with allowing me to post a gallery of 26 pictures for members of, so I hope that if you haven't already browsed his and Juliet Heart's web offerings, you'll do so now. :) She was the nice lady who did all of my intricate rope ties.

I was *surprised* by the amount of comments I received the first few days after this gallery went up. For as many people who liked seeing me as a damsel in distress, there were almost an equal number of folks who told me that it was a turn-off (even if they appreciated the specific clothing items I was wearing, namely the black stockings with six-strap garter belt and stiletto high heels). Given the subject matter, I guess that's to be expected. But I would like to take another moment to reinforce the idea that *at no time* was I being hurt or degraded during my photo & video shoot. Sure I was engaging in some fairly kinky roleplay, but it was sincerely in good fun. BigD was right there, David & Juliet allowed me to take frequent breaks in between scenes, it was a relaxed environment where I wasn't asked to do anything that was overly uncomfortable.

On an entirely separate tangent: I'd have to say that if I were to compare my latest group camshows with this photo shoot and ask which of the two were the more "degrading" -- I'd arrive at the logical conclusion that 400-800 people all barking orders and making requests of me, demanding that I violate myself in all kinds of harsh ways with little to no consideration for my own thoughts, feelings, or personal limits and without any honest offer of financial compensation or even doing me the favor of clicking the banner to my website -- that yeah, those group camshows are *without a doubt* the more degrading of the two. This isn't to say that all of my group camshows are the same, but certainly, the last two weeks have been heavy-laden with assclowns reminding me that I could probably stand to make a few changes to my show schedule. (Maybe I'm just PMS-ing... Oh wait, PMS can't really catch all the blame when it's going on three weeks, huh? ;))

Now that I've got one bondage shoot under my belt, I've been receiving other professional modeling offers for more, but I'm not sure that I'm going to pursue them. Some of them are coming from the more hardcore end of the spectrum where there really will be some pain involved (perhaps just light pain but pain/torture nonetheless) and that's not really my cup of tea. I mean, if politely asked, I might be in the mood to inflict some pain on someone else (perhaps while envisioning some of the aforementioned camshow assclowns), but I'm not a pain-slut, and I won't pretend to be one for money.

I'm sure I could ramble on, but I've got hair dye in my hair and it's time to wash it out. Another members update is on the way. One last costume set before Halloween! Eeeeek!

Members Updated, 50's Poodle Skirt Girl

Okay, so I think Trixie, and I got a bit carried away with this one, the first round of pictures that she's shot of me since we've moved back to Washington. After spending a lengthy amount of time editing this gallery, I'm feeling a wee bit self-indulgent. There were too many fun shots with me fully-dressed to leave out, and while they might out-number the ones where I'm naked and showing off my pussy, I simply *had* to include them and prolong the striptease. It's not like I get to wear this poodle skirt, miles and miles of red crinoline, white ankle socks with red mary jane high heels, and bullet bra every day, ya know? (Oh, and the white crochet lace thong panties that my mom picked out for me aren't bad either.)

I so love this look. I feel just like a flower with my legs up in the air and my crinoline slip all around me like frilly petals -- members of will get to *see* this pose that I'm talking about. It's a terrible shame that I own about five or six of these crinolines (all but this red one coming from Secrets In Lace), and they haven't crept into my updates because I keep thinking that I'll find dresses to go with them. That proves to be rather challenging since wearing big poofy dresses isn't really in style right now (but how it should be!). I have found one or two dresses that could work, so if seeing pictures of me getting all worked up playing in my slips is as much fun for you as it is for me -- never fear, they are sure to get worn at some point.

Damsel In Distress Bondage Shoot Tomorrow

Er, technically today since it's about 1:30am right now. This will be my first "getting tied up" for pay experience, and I'm rather looking forward to it. David Knight contacted me a few weeks ago via a modeling profile that I posted not too long after our move to Washington. I've always wanted to dabble in some professional modeling and the "damsel in distress" photo samples that I've seen look like they could be fun. The sites that David directed me to use more amateur girl-next-door types than professional fetish models, so I think "my look" is definitely suitable for their bondage scenarios. (Because this is a paid shoot, members won't be seeing any of the content on either of my websites, but I will inquire as to when my photos/videos are online so my die-hard fans will be able to see how I spent this particular Saturday.) The location's a bit of a drive, and BigD has elected to come along even though I know he'll be bored, so we'll be gone for pretty much the entire day. I should *probably* be in bed now, but I figured I'd do a nice hot shower tonight and am letting my hair dry while I make a post here since I *very obviously* still don't blog enough, lol.

It's been a weird last couple of weeks, and I'd like to apologize for not being more prolific in my blog and site. Some of you who are able to attend my group shows have heard me complain about "my tummy issues" and while I to try to keep the negatives to a minimum because I'm there to have fun and be entertaining at the same time. (I don't figure that I'm really being a downer by including a little bit more explanation of what's going on here.) I know that quite of few folks who read my blog care about my well-being. Evidently, somewhere around Labor Day Weekend, I picked up a strange bacteria that gave me a bacterial stomach infection. I thought I had stomach flu because anytime I'd try to have dinner, back up it would come. When it didn't go away, I thought I'd better see the doctor who immediately recommended blood tests. A few short days later, the results came in and they discovered what I picked up. Now, they've told me the name, but it's something unpronounceable, and I don't even remember enough of what it *kind of* sounded like to type it's name here. I was paranoid that maybe I'd given it to myself -- Just maybe I was a bad webwhore who hadn't washed all of her dildos throughly enough or something like that, but no, this was definiately an icky you tend to get out, probably even at a restaurant. If left untreated, this bacteria will cause a stomach ulcer, so we're trying to make sure *that* doesn't happen with high-powered antibotics and other meds that I'm taking twice a day for a total of fourteen days. And lemme tell ya, gosh are they gross. Better than the alternative, I'm sure, but still blech with a variety of side effects that I don't think I need to get into. Only six more days and that should be that. Whew! I think it's really messed with my normal energy level and has affected my mood, but really I believe myself to be in good spirits and am going to be *very* happy when I'm all normal again.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to sit down and spend the necessary three to four hours to work on a gallery update for this weekend. At the moment, I'm going back and forth between one of the photo set's that Trixie shot of me or the one I mentioned earlier. Maybe I'll get ambitious and do *two* photo gallery updates because I'm behind. :)

And now, to answer a few random questions I've gotten via email lately:

--Yes, I *have* gotten to see the first two episodes of HBO's "True Blood" and found it to be more exciting than I expected. (A thank you shout out to Cliff who was nice enough to indulge me.) It's not as emotionally investing as Buffy or Angel was for me, but maybe that's something that's still coming. I love that it's in The South because, yes, there are times when I miss those colorful southern expressions. :)

--No, I didn't make it to the movies in time to see the Star Wars cartoon movie. That's more of a BigD thing though I certainly wasn't opposed to going. We just kind of ran out of time, and unless we find it at an older theater, I think we're out of luck and will have to wait for the dvd.

--Yes, now that it's October I *do* have some costumes lined up for my two hour-long group webcam shows. As a matter of fact, my costume shows have already started! I was Snow White on CamZ last Tuesday and in my Catholic School Girl Uniform on Thursday at Rude. It's looking like I will be able to have .flv archives of my CamZ shows available to members of in the near future. I'm tempted to fork over some dough on another video editing program that will be able to convert those files into regular Windows Media, but I just haven't been able to do it because...

--No, my monitor is still near death. Sigh. BigD's offered up his monitor, but I just don't feel good about taking it. I'm not thrilled with buying a new one, but it's just time for me to face the fact that one of these days it's not going to work at all. It wasn't the most expensive flat screened monitor to start with but still... Such is life, aye?

Okay, my hair is dry and it's much later than I intended to stay up, but that's what I get for not blogging more regularly. A really long entry that wanders all over the place. :)

Happy Weekend!