Star Tours 2.0 Is Out Of This World

As annual pass holders for Disneyland, BigD and I had a special opportunity to enter a lottery for a preview tour of the new Star Tours on before the ride opened to the general public on June 3rd and won! Whoo hoo!

Wanting to make the most of the opportunity, I decided to book us a room at one of their hotels, The Paradise Pier Hotel, so we'd be there bright & early for our 9am reservation. This is the closest to an actual vacation that we've been on in some years, so I had to share a few pictures...

This Mickey Waffle didn't survive our breakfast....

Star Tours... The Scenic Way To See The Galaxy...

Arrivals.... Destinations... I'm still not *exactly* clear where we're going again? Maybe this will make more sense to me after I get my 3D glasses on.

The Starspeeder 1000 is a whole lot like the 3000 except it's red & white instead of white & blue.

Hey, is that you R4? Whatchabeenuptomaaaannnn?

Who's this goofy chick in the R2 Mickey Ears hat waiting in line for Star Tours? Oh, right... Can you believe that she was picked to be the Rebel Spy TWICE? Yup, out of cabins full of passengers. Twice.

We really did have some view from our room at the Paradise Pier. Look how much of the boardwalk at Disney's California Adventure you can see from up here. We didn't even need to get tickets for the World Of Color show. All we had to do was open the window.

I had BigD take this last one right before we ended the night with some nookie. I thought it would be a prettier picture without the flash and think I was right.

Overall, we had a lovely time, and I think our two nights away was a good warm-up for a *real* vacation. I feel blessed that we were able to sneak away and while part of me wanted to shoot naughty pictures in our cute, beach-themed hotel room -- I even packed a couple of outfits -- I honestly needed the downtime after going on Star Tours LIKE EIGHT OR NINE TIMES. Talk about being "a little shaken" as C3PO says of the Rebel Spy.

Our preview reservation window went from 9am-1pm, but because they were experiencing technical issues at the start of the day, they expanded it to 4pm. Basically, they allowed me & three of friends to go through the Star Tours Fast Pass once every 30 minutes to get a ticket to get on the ride. That ended up fixing it so that there was more than enough Star Tours for motion-sickness-prone me. I walked BigD & our friend John through the Fast Pass line so they could keep going and going because they are total madmen whose brains don't get rattled by immersive 3D experiences. (I was the contest winner and the reservation was in my name & had my annual passport's barcode registered so I stuck around to make sure they could get on.) I believe when it was all said and done, they went on Star Tours like 18 or 19 times! Why go on it so many times? Because each trip is a little different. There are several randomly-generated scenarios that include different characters (Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Yoda & others) and destinations (Hoth, Kashyyyk, Coruscant, Tatooine & more). My honey got to see all of locations with his many trips. I got to see all of them except Naboo. A little something left for me to be surprised with on future trips aboard the Starspeeder 1000. The Adventures Continue...

So, yes, this new version of Star Tours is awesome and worth the wait time. Today is opening day so expect the lines to be really REALLY long. If you can do a Fast Pass -- do the freakin Fast Pass! And if you're prone to motion sickness but are a huge Star Wars nerd like myself, see if you can get in the first three rows because they're a little less bumpy. My feet didn't even touch the ground in the last row which I think made it feel more intense.

If you missed my earlier Star Tours photos, they're still hosted in my TwitPics here. (We went to Disneyland on May 25th & were extremely lucky/crafty/in the right place at the right time to have caught a "soft opening" & actually saw Star Tours 2.0 for the very first time then, but we only got to go on it once. So, that's why those pictures are dated earlier.)