My Bedroom's View

I'm in the middle of doing some housework but wanted to share this pretty view from my bedroom window. Doesn't it look as if I live atop a beautiful forest? Well, I do, kinda. A small patch of forest that's right next to a super high traffic street that noisy traffic flows up and down at all hours of the day and night. *Le Sigh*

Today was one of those sunny AND rainy summer days that we have here in Seattle. We went out for hot dogs and to pick up a few clothing items that BigD needs for an upcoming business trip. Rather than feeling lonely, I'm looking forward to some time apart because I'll be able to (I hope) get lots of photo and video shooting done. It might be my only opportunity to do so before I have to start packing everything back up into cardboard boxes. Plus, whenever he's gone, it's time for me to break out all of the horror movies and chick flicks that he doesn't want to watch. I'm pretty behind on all things scary, actually. This summer's been mostly about sci-fi/comic book movies, hasn't it?

But I'm really *dying* to catch up on those flicks featured at Horror Fest 2007. The films from the 2006, the first year of After Dark's "8 Films To Die For," were surprisingly entertaining, even if a few of them were more camp than scare. One of them, Unrest even boasted having actual human cadavers. I mean, c'mon, even though it's not like summer blockbuster good -- how many movies can say that? (I know, I know, I'm overly-morbid to even point it out as a selling point, but it totally works for me. Hot chick medical students dealing with vengeful souls not at rest with real dead human bodies in the background? Give it to me! Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen any of the features from 2007? Where should I start first?

Gotta get back to the laundry now...