Pictures Of Our Newest Kitty, Fancy Pants

A few fellow cat-lovers have asked more about how Fancy's doing, so I thought I'd take time out to show off the latest addition to our feline household. Yes, this is kitty #4. I'm only two cats shy of being a "Crazy Cat Lady" according to Archie McPhee's Crazy Cat Lady Quiz -- six is the magical number. Naturally, I didn't set out to have this many, Fancy was inherited, after all. The other three: Princess Leia Kitty (or just Princess), Tigger II (or just TT), and Captain Friendly (or just Captain) were all rescued or strays that just happened to us. See pictures of them here on my favorites page. I think that's how it works for most people: cats, cats they *just happen*. All three of our furry babies have been terribly spoiled. My voyeur cam viewers have even commented on how much attention I lavish on them (when they think I'm not paying attention to the chatroom, I've seen their jealous comments).

Miss Fancy Pants is beginning to allow us the privilege of spoiling her too. She was used to being "only kitty" at BigD's mom's house, so being introduced to three other cats and in a much smaller environment was sort of a shock for her. Fancy holds her own ground though. That first picture makes her look more sinister than she really is. The second picture with her tongue out helps soften her look, I thought.

Can't you just imagine the FUN I'm going to have driving them all down to Southern California? Yes, I'm sure it'll be a real treat, lol. The chorus of meows will surely be deafening. Thank goodness this is the move home and the last time we'll ever do this. ;)

Members Updated, Teal Satin Bra & Panties

About time more pictures taken by Trixie surfaced as updates for, huh?

Here's what I wrote about My Teal Bra & Panties Gallery in the members area:

And man, what to say about this satiny set... We had fun shooting it, I've made sure to include some of the fun/goofy snaps at the end that shows it wasn't all about teasing in and out of my panties. Because this particular pair of panties is/was made of a really thin nylon/poly satin material, they really did pick up a fair amount of pussy scent while playing with myself in them in front of Trixie. So smelling them after I took them off was a must.

Trixie flattered me and cooed that I looked "just like Little J aka Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl" -- and that made me wonder exactly *what* she was talking about since I'm no blonde teen, but then later I checked out the pics to see what she meant. Much to my own surprise, #52 & #53 are looking *very* Jenny Humphrey, all innocent and wide-eyed in a few of the shots. I guess I still have it in me, even though I'm like, way older. (How old? I'm 33 at the present moment, for those of you who don't pay attention to numbers, hehe.)

This is a pretty basic set of bra and panty pictures, but I still love the cool lamp and the bookcase chock full of Trixie books. (Valley Of The Dolls & Mists of Avalon, anyone?)

Like shiny satin panties? Join my site to see this entire set of 119 photos.

I'm trying not to get too maudlin or pre-maudlin about the pictures that Trixie's taken of me (because we're moving away and all), but don't worry, I won't be holding back. They'll all be going up just as soon as I edit and build galleries for them.

Speaking of the move, no date is official yet. We've been not-so-patiently waiting on some legal stuff to happen with his mom's house and more paperwork just arrived yesterday, but I would expect that we'll know before too much longer if our end of April projection is true. I wished we were there already, of course. I'm dying for a Rubio's fish taco. And to see my mom, sis, and her fiance. ;)

Imaginary Scenarios I Indulged In Today

Er, yesterday. It's already 3:23am.

I'm officially behind on updating the members area of because I spent several days last week on my "Viral Vacation" as we're calling it around here. (My computer was infected with two truly nasty trojans that blew past my anti-virus/anti-maleware programs, yes PROGRAMS, plural, and made me afraid that my computer might even be unusable.) Thankfully, I was able to get back to my webcamming lifestyle on Sunday, that worst-case-scenario not a reality, so trust that a new gallery update really is on the way. I've had to make some adjustments to how I work, including switching from typically using Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. If you're anything like me, then even minimal changes like taking on a new browser can be irksome. But anyway...

To distract ourselves for a few moments in the mean time, here's a short list of three of my more memorable fantasies that I took time to dream out today:

--That I was a very wealthy man's cute, sweet trophy wife. A man who somewhat resembled my own BigD but was an assembly of a few other men I know or have known. Every part from personality to body familiar and un foreign. A man who had already done "the trophy wife thing" before with demanding, busty blondes who too quickly lost their shiny luster and grew too predictable. But a little, perky AmberLily goes a long way. I was left alone all day to read/watch all of the nerdy, sci-fi/fantasy novels/movies/tv series I wanted. Write lengthy geek posts defending my opinions on dorky message boards because I didn't have to *work* for a living anymore. And then at night, I would entertain my husband dressed as Princess Leia (in totally perfect, exact replica costuming, of course). Being a closeted nerd himself, he would be truly enthralled with this roleplay. Ah, bliss!

--That I was living back down in SoCal and was able to sweet talk innocent, barely-legal young women into letting me photograph their feet and up their skirts for a new website. Outside, on random street corners. A website that was as much fun (if not more fun) to run than either of my two existing sites. All of the other foot fetish/panty fetish webmasters would be totally envious of the sexy/hot/beautiful girls that I get to model exclusively for me, and my photographic skills would touted as sublime.

--That I was one of those tanned, anonymous people in those dreamy Corona commericals we see on television. That I was, yes, doing a whole lot of nothing for a small forever. Save sipping on a mellow, limey beer on a beautiful, sunny beach -- all warm and tropically luscious. Perfection right down to some sand in between my toes. Maybe even some sand up my butt crack for authenticity's sake. I do favor some reality. Even in my fantasy worlds.

No, I don't suppose these daydreams are terribly "politically correct" but then again -- they aren't *supposed* to be either. Pure silly indulgences that are necessary to keep the juices flowing.

There's No Place Like Home

I probably should have taken my drying contact lens out of my eyes before recording this, but hey, my constant eyelash-batting does help add to the "she's totally crazy/insane" quality to this late-night vlog entry that I hope you'll find endearing. Or at least somewhat informative and/or entertaining since you're wasting 5+ minutes if you don't.

Should you *not* take time out to watch it, say just perhaps you're only interested in *reading* about what's going on, here's the summarized version: We are moving back home to Southern California soon. How soon? Maybe like end of April soon. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back to being a stripper (though I certainly hope to, if not SoCal then maybe Vegas from time to time - I didn't mention that Vegas part in the video but yeah...) but I do plan on keeping up with my website/camming stuff. I'm gonna try to update as regularly as I can up until the move and then be tied up for a couple of weeks and get back to it once we're just the slightest bit settled. Most of my die-hard members are pretty understanding. Big shit happens when a family member passes. Our main goal is to get back to our remaining family members and friends and feel more like life can start again.

I've felt like everything's been "on hold" ever since last March when we moved to Seattle this last time. I kept telling myself, "Oh, I'll do that after we unpack..." - "Oh, I'll do *that* after we move to the next apartment..." - "Oh, I'll do *THAT* after the weather gets better..." Makes things awful tricky when that's all you get to do. Instead of DOING things to make myself feel more at home here, I've deliberately put them off because there was always that next big something looming on the horizon. Too many moves. Too many changes. Too much work. Too little time. Being back in a more familiar surroundings and an easier-to-live-in backdrop is what I've been hoping for a real long time now. So while I'm not excited about packing and the actual headache that is moving, and I will miss being near Trixie & Delia, I am super relieved. I must sigh twenty times a day now knowing that our time here is drawing to a close. I know that Southern California is a good fit: it's home.

Seattle Feet, Brrr, Cold Feet

Okay, so I know that this isn't my Nymph Feet Blog but the cool part of my week last week was getting out and going down to the water (a whole five minutes from my apt) to shoot the pictures I needed for my feature over at Wu's Feet Links. It was almost the perfect day for shooting the "Seattle Feet" theme. Except that instead of just the normal rainy gray skies, we also had some snow the day before, and that made it too cold for me to want to take my feet out of my cute rubber rain boots. (Well, that and I've been sick. For as much as I've tried to pretend otherwise, my head cold with intense sinus pressure has scaled itself back into a moderate sniffly cold.) My fingers had a difficult time working the functions on my camera after only 15-20 minutes, so after I'd had enough fresh air, I do what a lot of us here in Seattle do: go to Starbucks for a steamy, hot beverage and get back indoors to warm up and cuddle with something to read (yes, my reading materials *are* Buffy related, a "TY!" goes out to Jose for the book) . At least, that's the storyline for my gallery, and I'm sticking to it. :) If you haven't already clicked on over, that feature has a free gallery of 45 pictures -- the two I'm using here aren't in the set, so what's over there is different.

So, I'm nearly finished with TWO updates for members of The first one is a selection of my CamZ group webcam shows. Not too terribly long ago, they made available our archives in .FLV format, so I should be able to offer those archives on a more regular basis. Actually, I've already uploaded those files, I just haven't made the page with their links yet. The second update coming *very* soon is a satin panty photo gallery. Again, 90% of those images have been edited, I only need to finish the little bit that's left and build the gallery pages and upload, upload away! I mentioned in my group show on Friday that my goal was to have those up before the weekend was out, and as you'll notice, that hasn't happened. I was close though, so close. I'm blaming my under-the-weatherness and a super busy Saturday night on PrivateCamz this time. Truth be told, I'm rather proud of what I was able to accomplish and all that I've been getting done lately.'s photo/video updates have been more regular the last few weeks and that makes me feel good.

And speaking of my group webcam shows. I've picked up my old time slot again, so my CamZ shows are now back on Tuesdays, 7pm ET / 4pm PT. I gave Fridays a try and kept the slot for about a month because I wanted to make it easier for folks to find me, but it's too tricky with needing to be back on for private shows Friday night. Talk about a full day, whoooo weee!

I'm starting to zone out, so I'm going to hit publish and see about a few other things before I turn in. It's only 3am and all. ;)