Before The Next Update Goes Up...

...Maybe I should blog about the last two photo gallery updates for members of so I can show off a couple of nice free panty pictures? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Especially since my latest updates share the same theme: panties & glasses. Yuppers, the overall style and feel of these photo sets is different. My "Lowrise Jeans & Dirty Lowrise Panty" has a more casual look than my "Turquoise On Black Panties" but me wearing my glasses helps make them both *very AmberLily* -- if I do say so myself.Here's a little of what I wrote inside my site for "Lowrise Jeans & Dirty Lowrise Panty": I originally shot these in my backyard in Memphis to go along with the dirty fullback panties you see me wearing for a special "used panties" friend of mine, Davey from the UK. He's been sniffing my worn panties for years now and occasionally I shoot a special couple of extra pictures just for him.

And then, I decided I would submit them for posting over at the Voyeur Web. Shortly there after, I regretted doing so, because of the amount of negative comments I got for wearing my glasses and looking "nerdy" -- Le sigh. Live and learn, there are just some audiences that don't appreciate the array of my personal style choices.

But Davey did, hehe. And maybe you will too. It's not often that I show off the dried cum stains in my panties... Panties that obviously got wet enough that my juices seeped through and made visible spots. :)

And here's a bit that went with "Turquoise On Black Panties" - On any given day, if someone asked me to pull out the sexiest *cotton* fullbacks that I own out of my panty drawers -- this pair that you see here with a turquoise on black print would be the first pair selected without hesitation. Most people think that cotton is boring but this pair is far from boring to me. Sweetly sexy with that little bit of lace ruffling around the top of the leg and still in a contemporary lowrise style? To die for! I've bought a couple of pairs with this overall style from Victoria's Secret, but THIS pair is my most worn and best looking pair.

Ah, there, now I feel better that I shared. Oh! Before I forget, I should also mention that I *do* indeed have quite a few pairs of panties for sale inside my members area too. It took me hours to pick out *just the right pairs* but there's a nice selection and even a sampling of my hosiery as well. And remember those dvd/cd "add on" options to go with my worn panties? Yes, those are back too. :)

I've got a lot going on today with the amount of errands that I need to run, and so far this morning, er, it's now afternoon so I mean, afternoon -- so I should get moving on that. When I get back, I'll most likely be over on Private Camz. I'd love it if you stopped by my chatroom and said hello.