Merry Christmas, Cute Cat Picture

I think that Captain is the most festive creature in our household today. Had to stop in and share this cute picture of him checking out the tiny Christmas Tree that my mom sent our way (when she heard I wasn't really up for decorating this year).

BigD and I couldn't agree on which movie to see at the theater today, so we've opted to stay in and hang out. I'm feeling a touch under-the-weather and really just want to keep my tootsies warm under a blanket, but I'm going to be working on some site stuff later if I'm up for it.

Hope that everyone is having a safe and comfortable holiday! *hugs*

Preparing For The Snow

(There was more to this entry, but it didn't save properly, and I don't have the muster in my pre-coffee state to try to rewrite it back into its former glory.)

Or "The Blizzard" as the case may be according to a couple of news and weather sources online.

I wanted to pop in and blog about the *new* free tour of be up for all to travel through, but I wanted to do it as the same time that the members side was finished too. And, well, being that I'm me and that I'm always filled with good intentions, the members side isn't done yet. Oh! I also wanted to have a new gallery of pictures for members that's was supposed to be done all at the same time too. Talk about loading myself up with too much, lol.

The bulk of "my work day" (or maybe I should say "work afternoon" and "work night" since I'm nestled quite nicely back on my night owl schedule) is chock full of emailing members and private show customers or chatting with them via messenger AND THEN climbing aboard a private webcam system to actually perform on cam. The webcam girl part of myself is pretty satisfied with this routine, but the webmaster part is annoyed with not getting those pages up, the photo gallery posted. I always want to do more, more, more. Large amounts of coffee and leaving the house only a couple of times a week gets me pretty far... So bear with me as I continue to rebuild.

You may be reading this and wondering, well, if I hardly leave the house as it is, then WHY does it even matter that those of us living in the Seattle area are about to get snowed/iced in for a week? To that I say, see, it doesn't really matter -- UNLESS I want to have a happy hubby who can get to his work so that he's not behind at the office and because my paychecks delivered to my private snail mail box (which now that I've moved isn't going to be easy to get to). Yeah, except for that bored/restless BigD situation and the paycheck/banking issue, I guess in most ways my day-to-day isn't going to be terribly affected providing my internet connection holds up okay.

So yesterday when the roads were open, BigD and I went out to stock up on groceries and see about getting tire chains for his truck. We would have survived with the food stuff we've got in the house; our pantry is loaded with large-sized bags of rice that are for "The End Times" as BigD is fond of saying. You never know when there will be a natural disaster or a zombie invasion, so it's better to be prepared. The auto parts store we are closest to was long since sold out of the chains for his truck's tires, but they did have some for my car so we got those. Neither one of us is terribly familiar with such things having both grown up in Southern California where snow is purely optional. In So Cal, if you want to see experience snow bad enough, all you need do is find a way up to Big Bear and voila -- pretty pretty snow. Or you can stay within the comfort of the valley and see it coat the mountain tops.

I'm sure to be making lots and lots of tweets via my twitter (see over there at the right?) or you can always hit my twitter page direct if you want to be kept up-to-date with what's going on during our snow storm. I know that I'm not the only one living in a snowy climate, so everyone else, you stay warm too!

Have to Cancel Today's CamZ Show

I know, it sucks, but I've got my handsful with a couple of things today that I hadn't counted on. I will schedule a make-up CamZ show when I can!

All Moved & Will Keep On Moving - So To Speak

Okay! So here I am, all moved-in at the new place. And my internet's been hooked back up, and I've got my group CamZ show back on the schedule for Tuesday @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET. I haven't updated the pages of my sites yet, but I will, don't worry. :)

Things are a bit jumble for me because I'm trying to get back to being a stripper now that I've moved. It'll be way different from what I was used to. Everything is more complicated here, but tonight, I did indeed get hired. Not scheduled. Not given the grand tour of the dressing room or a break-down on all of the "how it works here's," but thoroughly interviewed and hired. At this point, it's too early to say if this is going to work out for me, but suffice it to say that I really, really, really want it to! I have no plans to give up one-on-one camming, but some work outside of the house where I get to stretch my legs in those entertaining ways that amuse even myself on stage and make some cold hard cash is pretty much all I've been able to think about (aside from all of the other more mundane problems with the move from apt #1 to apt #2, of course). I have no idea how many days I'll be working, or if they'll be days or nights, but I'm sure with more time I will get into a good rhythm that should let me be a happy camper. And if it doesn't work out for me at this particular club? Well, there's a few other club options. Right at this moment, I'm feeling rather rusty and somewhat nervous.

Will keep ya'll posted.