Voyeur Cams Will Go Down Tonight

This will probably come across as a really jumbled blog entry, but while I still have an assembled desk and an internet connection, I figured I should jump in and let our friends and members of AmberLily.net know that *tonight* my voyeur cams will be going down and most likely won't be back up for about three weeks because we're relocating to the Seattle, WA area. Of course, as soon as we find and rent an apartment, get our POD delivered & unpacked and I get the local cable company (is it still Comcast?) to come out, I'll turn everything back on so everyone can watch me do all of that super exciting unpacking.

As far as how much I'll be online, I figure that I will *probably* have access to the net through Monday, March 24th to check my email and take care of little webmaster things, but anything big will have to wait until after I get settled. I don't have a working laptop with wireless, so aside from trying to Twitter from the road via text messaging from my cell, I'm not expecting to be very prolific on the web. I'm sure everyone understands where I'm coming from with this and will be patient, right? :)

My big plans for tonight include taking some time out to watch Jericho and then probably staying awake all night to get as much packed up because our POD arrives tomorrow in the early A.M., and we've ordered some professional movers to help us pack it since they are better at that real-life tetris game than either me or BigD. I was doing really well with our packing schedule until I tried to work in a couple of extra days at The Pony because for some reason I like to think I can "do it all" and then it occurs to me, sometime later after I've had a panic attack, that I can't, lol. They come back to ship and store our POD for us on Friday.

Our official hit the road date is Tuesday, March 18th. BigD, our three cats, and I will be making the cross-country drive in his truck towing my car. We've done some long driving before, have done the long distance U-Haul thing twice, so this isn't totally unfamiliar to us (even if TT and Princess both had the "pleasure" of taking an airplane ride). Assuming everything goes as planned it's a 3-4 day drive. At this exact moment, I'm not so much excited as am a bit loopy with all of the details that I'm trying to keep straight, but I already know that living on the West Coast is more of a fit of us and we'll be thrilled to be there -- once we're there.

So, if I can manage it, I'm going to try to get *one more members update* up when I'm taking break from all of that physical labor. Or maybe I'll be able to get my office packed but have my computer still out (since it's NOT going in the POD) and get my pages updated then. This is my goal and I hope that I'm not biting off more than I can chew. :)