Members Updated, Satin Panty Fashion Show Video

Have you heard (or better yet seen) the good news? It took no time at all for Trixie to get approved with CCBill and ready to take on memberships again! Hooray!

It's been a busy week and a half with my private webcam schedule being fairly demanding, but I couldn't let the time get away from me and *not* mention here in my blog that my site was back up, could I? :) And how better to celebrate than with a 20 minute video of me trying on all kinds of satin panties? I posted my "Satin Panty Fashion Show 2008" for members a couple of hours ago. It's definitely on the tamer side of my panty fetish videos with only mild nudity and panty rubbing/teasing, but I think it's got its charming moments where it's pretty obvious that I am a goofball who's overly enthusiastic about her panty collection -- and that's why I hope members will enjoy it, when you have a few minutes to unwind.

Most of the panties in this video are those that true satin panty fans savor and can't get enough of (especially now as they are getting harder and harder to find) = polyester satin blends in a classic string bikini fullback cut. Of course, I do model a few nylon/spandex satin pairs also. A few are contemporary lowrise types. All but *one* pair are fullbacks as I haven't seen a poly satin thong in I don't know how many years now. There's even some variety in sizing. One pair, a white poly satin bikini, is clearly a size large because I bought them with the sole intention of making sure they landed in the hands of someone who wanted to wear my used panties too. ;) And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I squeezed my hiney into a couple of pairs that were so snug across my pussy that I'm pretty sure even with minimal wear that they probably still carry the scent of me. Most of the satin panties that I currently own are in soft pastels or light colors, so you'll more of those kinds of colors and prints, but I will be keeping my eyes out when I have a chance to go panty shopping for darker shades.

Speaking of panty shopping, I'm not at all sure when *that's* going to happen because I've actually got way, way more panties than I need, lol. Unless I'm going for a particular color to match with something that I want to wear for an upcoming photo shoot, I better steer clear of the panty section. You'll probably not be surprised to learn that I usually pick out the panties first and make an outfit work *around them* and not the other way around 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, it's probably shoes instead of panties! Maybe this will change as gathers more of a following, but we're not quite there yet. ;))

*yawn* - Okay, so I've blathered on long enough about my whole thing for panties, and it's past 3am. I'm ready for you to re-join my site if you are!