Finally Moving Home To SoCal

That's right, tonight's our last night in Seattle! Our apt here is just about all packed up, and we're finally moving back home to Southern California. It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. We wanted to move away from here right after BigD's mom passed away, but we've been stuck with her house in probate all these long months, and now that *that* nasty shit is ending -- we're running for it before any more time passes. I'd like to say that we've remained unscathed, but probate is a truly evil process that has sucked us dry *and then some* unfortunately. Folks keep asking me *where* in Southern California we're moving to but all I feel comfortable saying is near Los Angeles. Remember, I've been recognized a few times over and since I'm not a full-blown celebrity type -- I'm entitled to as much privacy as I want. :)

I'm only anticipating being without an internet connection through Thursday, December 3rd so stay tuned for a rescheduled group show if you're a member of either of my sites: or Of course, I wished that I'd gotten another gallery update finished before I hit the road, but I'm confident that the set I've been editing will post not long after I arrive. Any time you do an out-of-state move it tends to get complicated, and my head's been fried with all of those relocation details.

So here's to hoping we have a safe trip down and for a better, more sunshine-filled life back home in Southern California. I'm not sure how much tweeting I'll do from the road, but there's bound to be a few. Follow me on Twitter:HERE if you aren't already.