Members Updated, Navy Damsel In Distress

Before the time gets away from me and I update the members side of my site again without blogging, here I am with a few samples from the bondage shoot. David Knight was very generous with allowing me to post a gallery of 26 pictures for members of, so I hope that if you haven't already browsed his and Juliet Heart's web offerings, you'll do so now. :) She was the nice lady who did all of my intricate rope ties.

I was *surprised* by the amount of comments I received the first few days after this gallery went up. For as many people who liked seeing me as a damsel in distress, there were almost an equal number of folks who told me that it was a turn-off (even if they appreciated the specific clothing items I was wearing, namely the black stockings with six-strap garter belt and stiletto high heels). Given the subject matter, I guess that's to be expected. But I would like to take another moment to reinforce the idea that *at no time* was I being hurt or degraded during my photo & video shoot. Sure I was engaging in some fairly kinky roleplay, but it was sincerely in good fun. BigD was right there, David & Juliet allowed me to take frequent breaks in between scenes, it was a relaxed environment where I wasn't asked to do anything that was overly uncomfortable.

On an entirely separate tangent: I'd have to say that if I were to compare my latest group camshows with this photo shoot and ask which of the two were the more "degrading" -- I'd arrive at the logical conclusion that 400-800 people all barking orders and making requests of me, demanding that I violate myself in all kinds of harsh ways with little to no consideration for my own thoughts, feelings, or personal limits and without any honest offer of financial compensation or even doing me the favor of clicking the banner to my website -- that yeah, those group camshows are *without a doubt* the more degrading of the two. This isn't to say that all of my group camshows are the same, but certainly, the last two weeks have been heavy-laden with assclowns reminding me that I could probably stand to make a few changes to my show schedule. (Maybe I'm just PMS-ing... Oh wait, PMS can't really catch all the blame when it's going on three weeks, huh? ;))

Now that I've got one bondage shoot under my belt, I've been receiving other professional modeling offers for more, but I'm not sure that I'm going to pursue them. Some of them are coming from the more hardcore end of the spectrum where there really will be some pain involved (perhaps just light pain but pain/torture nonetheless) and that's not really my cup of tea. I mean, if politely asked, I might be in the mood to inflict some pain on someone else (perhaps while envisioning some of the aforementioned camshow assclowns), but I'm not a pain-slut, and I won't pretend to be one for money.

I'm sure I could ramble on, but I've got hair dye in my hair and it's time to wash it out. Another members update is on the way. One last costume set before Halloween! Eeeeek!


    I continue commenting as I browse your world tonight.
    The bondage shoot was a surprise. I would have guessed that genre would have been a fringe shoot for you.

    Your commentary on group cams and assclowns brought home the notion that your emotional intelligence must be Mensa-like given that you must consistently navigate those waters gracefully. For that, you deserve many gold stars.