Recent Adventures In Naked Girl Watching, Part One

Finally! Something exciting to blog about: my recent trip to Seattle's famous Lusty Lady and a visit to the DejaVu at the airport in Tukwila. I'd been saying for months that I wanted to get out and see for myself what the dealio was with adult entertainment/strip clubs in Washington, and now, I have a much better idea.

And yes, dear friends, the strip club I visited here doesn't hold a candle to those clubs in Memphis that I worked at. I realize now that I will always think of PP and The Pony fondly even if they weren't "perfect" or totally appreciated by the locals (who assumed such freedoms were enjoyed at every club anywhere). The existing clubs back there (like so many other places I don't know of specifically around the U.S) are still fighting the good fight to not be over-regulated into extinction. Naked boobies and buns and booze all within close proximity to other folks who like the the three B's -- ISN'T a bad thing. When will people just let grown-ups BE grown-ups already? I'm over-simplifying, of course, there's a few other factors that come into play in this industry, but it's become abundantly clear that I quite probably gave up one of the most fun and yet at the same time most challenging jobs of my life when I moved here. (I'm also pretty sure that those of you who DO follow what I'm up to are sick and tired of me whining and complaining and carrying on about how I miss being a stripper, so I'm making a vow, right now, to make these last posts that I do that. I'm also making a conscious effort to not talk about it during my live webcam shows unless specifically asked about it too. It has been about four months, and I need to be more "over it" already.) I'll have to live vicariously through the stripper blogs on the net like everyone else, lol.

So, onward and upward!

My, my how the Lusty Lady was fun! It's not a strip club, per se, it's a peep show -- an entirely different animal altogether. My very first live and in person peep show, it probably has more in common with what I'm doing now to earn a living (as an adult webcam performer) than anything else. I'm sure to not have all the right terminology down, so do forgive me, but here's what I liked about it: real live girls dancing naked right before my very eyes! Three girls were working the main dance area when BigD and I went a Saturday afternoon or two ago. They were all dancing in the same red-carpeted, but very well lit room that's surrounded by small, one-person only booths. There are two kinds of booths (or maybe it's more descriptive to call them "stalls" since you can easily see if a booth is vacant or not because feet are still visible as the doors don't go all the way to the floor). "One Way" and "Two Ways" are exactly the same except for one notable difference: in a two-way, the girls can see you and you can see the girls, but in a one-way, you can see the girls but the girls can't see you because there's a one-way mirror as the window into the dance room. After BigD and I walked around and figured out, much to our dismay, that couples have to split up to enjoy the entertainment, so we each chose booths nearby one another and feed our five-dollar bills into the machines inside our booths. Low and behold, the screen covering the window opens and the naked dancing girls get right up to the glass and do all of those stripper dance maneuvers that I miss doing. *Sigh* Leg twirls here, a bootie shake there. There's no "take it off, take it all off" because they start already naked. (That partially disappoints me because I do so enjoy watching the slow removal of various lingerie items.) A fiver gets you 15 minutes of viewing time, if I'm remembering that correctly. The musical selections vary and occasionally we heard a voice over the loud speakers reminding us that the use of cellphones and cameras are strictly prohibited. Quarters also work in the peep show booths, so the only other noise I remember hearing was the clanging sound of the coin changer machine being worked over-time down the hall. No talking, whispering, groaning or moaning from my fellow peepers. (Some of whom were surely jerking off to the sight of naked dancing girls because the building does indeed smell heavily of floor-cleaning disinfectant and of recently-erupted spooge.) Wanting to observe how the girls work but not wishing to draw extra attention to myself because I'm a chick too, I happily peeped away in a One Way and then met up with BigD (who had chosen a Two Way) in the hall.

We came prepared with a travel-sized package of disinfecting wet wipes, so after we left the building, we cleaned out hands, and had nice Mexican lunch not half a block away. How cool the Lusty Lady's location is, right across the street from a major museum and smack dab in the middle of all kinds of walking-traffic. It's not hidden in some dark alley. It hasn't been forced shamedly to the outskirts of town -- it's right freaking there for all to see!

BigD and I shared the same interest in one particular dancer, a hot Asian girl with a cute haircut, a great figure, and a slow-moving sensuality that was just so beautiful to see in action. According to the board near the front that has snapshots of the dancers and their stage names, our favorite was a dancer named "Guilty" -- a name I've never heard over the loud speakers in the clubs I've worked at. I love it when I hear a name I've never encountered before. Because it's not "taken" I don't have any other records in my memory bank to confuse myself with while summoning mental images of dancers I've known previously. Nothing has to get jumbled up with the hundred or so women I used to work with and that are in there. Admittedly, some of them I'd much rather forget.

After talking about how hot we thought Guilty was, we decided to take one more trip to the Lusty Lady before heading home. I felt comfortable in my original One Way, so I went back there, and BigD moved a little further way to a corner Two Way booth that was a bit roomier. Guilty was still slinking along to some Rolling Stones, and a new girl was coming on shift. We watched the new girl put on these striking over-the-knee bright green socks to cover her knee pads (not the first time I've seen this done -- I know first-hand exactly how hard dancing can be on your knees). Then Guilty moved closer to that corner booth area that I knew BigD was in, and the new girl approached mine. Then she did something quite unexpected. She put her hands to the one-way mirror and peered inside my booth! Awww, shucks! My secret identity was no longer secret! I laughed, and she told me I was cute and that it was a mistake for me to be in a One Way. "You should be in a Two Way because we'd all be over dancing for you!" she cooed at me. I was still thankful to be in a One Way because I *know* I was blushing. Me, a seasoned stripper... Yup. This green-socked vixen danced for me until my time ran out, my screen came down, and I found myself alone in the hallway waiting for BigD again. Another viewer exited his booth and spotted me and was about to come over to me -- probably to hit on me or talk to me about my kinky dykey voyeuristic ways, so I jumped back into the safety of my booth. I stood there in the darkness for a few moments until I heard another booth's door open and shut. Figuring it to be BigD finally done feeding dollars into the machine for Guilty, I emerged, and we walked over to the girl in the Private Show booth to read the sign and see what the rules were for that. This specific part of the peep show has got to be *just like* what I do within the comforts of my own home on webcam -- one-on-one private shows where the performer gets naked, plays with toys, engages in fantasy roleplaying or just chatters away for a per minute fee. Again, I think the rules are only one customer in the Private Show Booth, and it wasn't really in our budget because we knew we were going to hit the DejaVu later that evening, so we moseyed on out of the Lusty Lady and into the late afternoon sunlight with big grins on our faces. I think we argued the whole way back to the parking garage on *who* got more time oogling Guilty up close. (She'd spent a significant amount of time dancing directly in front of *my* One Way on our first trip in, I had to remind him.)

The Lusty Lady was a fun, unique experience that I'd love to do again. I'd recommend it to anyone who plans to visit Seattle and wants to do something a little naughty because it's not a huge monentary investment if you don't like it, and there are other places of interest like Pike Place Market that is just a hop and a skip from the Lusty Lady's doorstep.

Here's a couple of links about Seattle's Lusty Lady that I read before going that are enjoyable reads if my supreme wordiness hasn't tired your eyeballs out:

The Lusty Lady, Seattle, Washington - Not Your Average Establishment & Lusty Lady: A Seattle Panoram. And of course there's even a book, but I'm pretty darn sure that if you're *that* into learning more -- seeking it out on Amazon is a super cinch, and you don't need my help with that, lol.


    Whenever you want to scratch that stripper itch, let me know. I'd love to have you along on one of my roadtrips.

    What a cool Saturday afternoon of Seattle explorations. Likely a good memory for you and BigD too.
    I visited Seattle a while back to take depositions on Whidbey Island and experienced the type of establishment you describe but cannot remember its name.