OMG - Twitter can't be down, can it? Not for the whole time I was a work and now that I'm home... I'm totally addicted and can't live without it!!!

Maybe it's just *my* twitter. Say it ain't so!!!

Big News Update

My goodness... Where to begin?

First and foremost, I haven't tooted my own horn about the revamp for *finally* being done and it is! I uploaded the matching members side version just a couple of days ago, but the free side tour has been online for several weeks now. It's very different looking from what I've been going with the last few years. One could argue that it's more simple and modern in appearance, but all I'm saying is that it seems to suit my layout needs as they are at the moment, and I'm happy about that. I'm not anywhere close to being what I think a "professional graphic designer" is and what's up now *does* need some tweaking, but nonetheless -- I'm calling it DONE. I made a difficult decision to let the whole "AmberLily's Secret Garden" theme go finally. Part of me regrets the choice, but the goal was to streamline things a bit. That title's kinda clunky and always has been. I've got high hopes that it's easier-on-the-eyes look will make up for that. Plus, there's some more fun "personality" portions of the site in the free area that are already scoring points with new visitors who liked to read what's on adult sites in addition to checking out the free pictures. I have an actual "About Me" page again and two new pages that were just plain fun to come up with "A Few Of My Favorite Things" and "25 Random Little Confessions". So if you haven't already breezed through my new pages, consider this an offical welcome. :)

And now for the more serious big news: we are moving out of Memphis, TN and moving back to the Seattle, WA area. I always *knew* that we'd never be here permanently and now the word is official. This move will, however, be a much more stressful one because we have less time to plan, and it has to happen much more quickly because BigD's new job depends on it. Can you say: UGH. We're looking at about a month's time to pack and get those pesky details like how to transport our crap and find a place to live worked out. I'm going to have an increased club schedule to help pay for the move -- so if you're local and you'd like to have some good-bye lapdances = now is the time! As far as my site is concerned, I will try to update it as much as I can within the coming days and might be able to do another Sunday night group camshow or two, but the whole month of March is looking busy as all hell with dancing and packing. Same kinda goes for my voyeur cams. I'll make every effort to keep as many of them on for as long as I can, but rest assured, that after we get there, I should be able to get everything of a webcam nature up and running as soon as I can, lol. Ultimately, I know that this move back to the West Coast is in our best interests and where we'll be happier, but I do wish it was going to be under easier moving circumstances. I'm thrilled that we'll be closer to Trixie & Delia and Kris and not so far away from our families in So Cal. So, as the time draws near, I'm sure I'll make another post, but now now -- I better get some rest because I think I'm going to be running on empty for awhile.