Star Wars Links Worth Hitting (December 2010)

Ready for a few more Star Wars links that are worth hitting? All three of the ones that I have this go around would make lovely gifts for Christmas or gifts for any occasion just because they are all freakin' awesome anytime of year. That's right, I said it, Star Wars is good any time year round.

"The Sexy"

Star Wars Droids Swim Wear

I'm not sure how many people forward me this link to Black Milk's website because they wanted to make sure that I saw how cool and sexy these droid swim suits were, but it was more than a couple. For a mere $85, you can bask in the the sunshine beside the pool dressed like either R2D2 or C-3PO. One pieces with Star Wars style! I think the only thing that's holding me back from buying either one of these is that they mention that they are unlined. Sure, that'd be cool for camming in, but man, I'd want to proudly wear my Artoo out there at the beach (that like one day a year when I actually go to the beach) and not worry about my little perky nipples sticking out. If I had to guess, I'd say the hot babes modeling these suits are both wearing bras. Anyhoo, a notable find.

"The Adorable"

Chewie & Han By Chris Wahl

Couldn't you just squeal because these Chewie & Han T-Shirts are super duper adorable? I'll take Chewie & Han over Calvin & Hobbes any day. Shirts come in a wide range of different colors and with sizes all the way up to XXXL so almost any fanboy or fangirl will be covered in comfortable cotton cuteness for less than $25. (Don't be surprised if you see me in one of these in my Streamate Chatroom though I haven't bought one yet... I can't make up mind as to which color to get...)

"The Tasty"

Star Wars Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee

Some of you already know how much I like ThinkGeek stuff (that dashing 8-bit neck tie that I'm wearing in my last blog entry is from ThinkGeek, for example) and this new product they've given us is destined to be a surefire hit. A match made in nerd heaven! Pay homage to the Dark Lord of The Sith and quench your need for caffeine in one fell swoop! I'm going to be sure to order some the next time I place an order for Root Jack. Night owl camgirls gotta keep on our toes, after all. Beverages such as these are the keys to our happiness and success. If you nab some before I do, be sure to let me know how you like it. Please leave a comment here on my blog or tweet me or email me. Before I forget to mention it, I went ahead and made a ThinkGeek Wishlist because I saw they had that feature. I couldn't remember seeing it as an option before, so I dunno, maybe it's relatively new? They really do have way, way too many cool things. I don't recommended even clicking any links to their site unless you have at least 30 minutes to go browsing.

And speaking of wishlists, I've been very fortunate to have received a few things from my Amazon Wishlist lately that I will try to show off here in my blog within the next couple of entries.

And... I'm Back UP!

Remember me? The girl who sucks at full-fledged blog entries but is a tweeting maniac most days? I start to think about how to approach blogging after, um, not having anything here since September, and then I just decide I'd rather go answer 10-15 fan emails/messages, or post a couple of cam snaps in my TwitPics before I start camming than come back to blogger and confess that I'm awful at blogging again. I think I really just need to re-adapt my style to being LESS RAMBLING. I know, I know the irony! The title of this blog is "The Naughty Nymph Rambles"! Well, perhaps, just perhaps, I will strive to be less wordy. I'm pretty most folks are really just looking for pictures and links anyway. That and to make sure I haven't given up my naked-porno-ways.

Speaking of "giving up" that's exactly what the server that hosts our sites did mid-November, so if you tried to cruise by and my friends sites & and saw this BAD NEWS message -- that's what THAT was about.
Needless to say, it was horrible. Truly, honestly, my heart still goes out to Trixie & Delia because it was such a demoralizing blow for them. The majority of their earnings and their financial way of life comes from operating their sites, and to see their years of hard work go *POOF* over the course of a couple of hours is beyond words. Even with everything being mostly recovered, I still shake my head thinking about it. I've been through major losses with my own hardware, and there was that whole ProAdult fiasco a few years ago when they just up and left the amateur porn webmasters in their AVS -- dropping our figurative dicks in the dirt and shitting all over them, but yeah -- it really bears repeating that even if you think your work is backed up maybe you should back it up a couple more times because the technology that helps us run our lives sure ain't perfect. I was missing some of my most current galleries from my members area because they were backed up on the PC that I lost, but really over the last two years I've been much, much better about not keeping all of my eggs in one basket. I'm even looking forward to any post-Christmas sales at Best Buy or online somewhere so I can get another external hard drive or two just in case...

My site was down long enough for me to think about what it would be like if I didn't have it anymore. As odd as it might sound, I think that was a good experience for me. It's no secret to my hardcore followers that I've not been that together with the adult webmaster part of my life for some time now, but after dwelling in the "it could just all be gone... if I want it to be gone..." feelings for awhile, other feelings surfaced. What I learned from the experience is that I'd LOVE to start again. I really need a website that reflects what I'm doing now. Sure, I still have a thing for panties and pantyhose, but what I've grown most comfortable with since about March is the idea that I'm a helluva good webcam model. I think I've really blossomed (yeah, yeah, AmberLily just said that she's BLOSSOMED) after getting the hang of HD camming on Streamate. So I've already started a revamp for my website. I won't be completely rebuilding everything, but it does need to be made more current.

It's all I can do not to go and register a new, more appropriately fitting url -- maybe even something with a freaking .COM so people can find me more easily!!! -- but I'm going to restrain myself until I get the new pages up. That's my goal. In a couple of months time, to have a redesigned site that will work out for better for a nerdy camgirl like me. Again, I appreciate those of you who've stuck with me through-out the years -- through different payment processors/systems, webcam network site platforms, and now this recent server hard drive failure. I'm gonna try to make sure we get at least one "Members Only" Holiday Camshow before the month of December is out, so check the inside of my members area for that.

Remember that part earlier where I said I was going to try to be less rambling? Guess, I didn't quite make it this time with that new philosophy, huh? I'll be back in later to try again. Maybe even with some Star Wars links. In the mean time, enjoy what's left of the weekend!

PS - Yes, that is me sucking on Obi-Wan in that last webcam picture. Sweet, tasty, middle-aged Obi-Wan...

PPS - I quit the gym. Lasted a whole three months. I think that between walking the dog & masturbating for hours a day, several days a week that I'm good with the calorie-burning.

Wha? Summer's Just About Over? Good deal!

Yes! Summer's really just about over! YES!

The end of Summer means the beginning of Fall which is my favorite season, and I'm excited. Aren't you? Over the last couple of months, I've channeled some significant energy into getting my home office or my Webwhore Headquarters (to borrow from Trixie's vernacular) set up. It took me forever to paint and redecorate, but the place turning out pretty decent (as you can see in that picture up there, I hope). I'm not finished unpacking all of my clothes yet -- costumes & shoes are still trying to get situated. I always forget *exactly* how much stuff I've got until I try to unpack and then amongst all of the wilting cardboard I remember and am overwhelmed. Instead of letting myself feel too daunted, I've tried to remain optimistic that I'll actually get to use all of these high heels and lacy underthings on webcam. And Halloween is coming!!! I've a renewed enthusiasm for trying to have this room set up for costume-themed webcamming. While we're on the topic of costumes and Halloween. I wonder what my viewers and online friends would like to see me in this year? I have a few ensembles that I've not yet debuted, but if you'd like to pick something new from my Amazon Wishlist -- I added a bunch of sexy costumes. Certainly couldn't hurt to have a few more, right?

Since the last time I blogged, I've been up to a few other things as well. BigD and I have made a commitment to being more healthy and so we -- *gasp* -- have joined a gym! I know, I know, you probably never thought you'd see the day that junk-foodie AmberLily would be exercising the conventional way, but alas, I am. I'm also the biggest whiner when it's time go too. ;) Still, it's better to try to make some improvements in the name of keeping fit and with my no longer working out on a nightly basis on a stripclub's stage -- having a gym membership seems like the best option. I can't say that I'm feeling more toned or anything yet. I've always felt like that kind of thing comes and goes on me from week to week anyway, but aren't you proud of me for trying? I've cut down on the amount of sugary sweets I eat but I haven't cut them out of my diet altogether. Wouldn't that be totally futile now that stores everywhere are stocking their shelves with fun-sized candies and Starbucks has brought back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Methinks so.

Other notable investments have been a second computer for my webwork (this time a PC) and SoCal resident annual passports to Disneyland. Whoo hoo! I'm still in the "adapting to Windows 7 phase" with the new machine, but really, it can only mean good things as I buckle down and use some of my days off from camming on Streamate to work on website stuff. And the other days off, well, don't you agree that they should be spent doing something fun? That's where Disneyland comes in. It's nice to pop on over to Mickey's place, hit a couple of rides, and then grab dinner without the pressure of trying to squeeze in as much Disney fun as possible because we know we won't be back until next year. Having passes gives us more breathing room to take in a little here and there -- and I'm thankful for it. So don't be surprised if you see more cellphone snaps like this one with me stuffing my face on bread pudding at the Cafe Orleans in my TwitPics. I promise I'll try to figure out how to rotate pics in my silly phone next time around, lol. (Lordy, I miss my old phone, it was easier with that kind of thing.)

I should shake a leg and get in the shower before I start webcamming tonight/this morning. Here's the view from my chatroom if you haven't visited me on Streamate in awhile.

And The Doggy DNA Results Are In...

We couldn't take the the not-knowing any longer and finally decided to have Dutch DNA tested. The suspense was killing us now that he's almost all grown-up at nine months old, so I picked up a DNA Breed Identification Kit from BioPet Vet Lab at PetSmart, swabbed his gums, mailed the swabs, and waited patiently for two weeks. The results are in and they certainly did give us a good chuckle so I had to share. Our crazy-looking mutt is... Drum roll please.... 50% German Shepherd, 20% Siberian Husky and 30% Basset Hound! Yes, I said Basset Hound! Muahahaha!

The family that we got Dutch from told us he was a German Shepherd/Husky Mix and as it turns out they didn't fib. They just left out that Basset Hound part. At first, we weren't sure the results were accurate, but then BigD did an image search on Google for Siberian Husky/Basset Hound Mix, and we saw some very definite similarities between Dottie and our boy Dutch. (Follow that link to see what we saw; Dottie is adorable.)

We started Dog Training last week and so far so good. Dutch really is more of a lover than anything, but larger dogs are held to a higher standard as far as behavior goes, so we've been very strict with our easily-excited puppy in the hopes that because he's so young something will stick. Our teacher's told us that the Puppy Retard Phase lasts 2-3 years and after that his personality will be as developed as its probably gonna get. It will be interesting to see. That's for sure.

Memphis Beat Missing Notes?

A few months back when I first heard that TNT was going to have a detective drama called Memphis Beat, I got all excited. The Birthplace of the Blues is such a colorful backdrop to do this type of show that it seemed a recipe for success. But, we're a few episodes into the first season now and there has been almost no view of Memphis' seedier underbelly. They've covered BBQ, Southern beauty pageants, and a couple of story-lines that have worked in some (totally fictional) musical celebrities but only one with drug dealer's family? Um, huh?

So far, there have been no bar fights, no gangs, no prostitution, no politics. And what's worse from from my ex-exotic dancer-who-lived-in-Memphis perspective, there have been absolutely no encounters with strippers or visits to any shake joints! Why is Memphis Beat being so stingy with the salacious stories? I get that the show hasn't set out to be deliberately unwholesome, but to leave all of that out isn't very genuine, because Memphis really is a major city with all of complications that major cities have. Quite frankly, it's making the show dull and flat. If they can't find a way to make it a bit more dirty, I'll have to stop watching. The new season of Mad Men comes back this Sunday, after all. Mmmm, tasty, tasty Mad Men...

Anyhoo, if you're up for reading what Memphians are saying about this show, head on over to The Memphis Flyer to see each episode reviewed. And don't forget to take a glance at the reader comments for some extra giggles. I literally laughed out loud when I saw a native say: "It's starting to resemble 'Glee' but with grown-up rednecks." Yup, I second that opinion.

Putting Down Roots

I had BigD snap this picture of me in our front yard next to the avocado tree he recently planted because we haven't had a goofy, "everyday" kind of photo here in the blog for awhile. I'm trying to remind myself daily that baby steps towards making ourselves feel like we are really home are better than no steps at all.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I guess I didn't really understand what was going to be required of me to pull off this Return To California Living Thing. Throw in some serious situations like my mom having an emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage when we thought she only had food poisoning or stomach flu and then needing me to help her out while she was stuck recovering in the hospital for several weeks -- only to have BigD get sick the day after my mom was released. His illness wasn't anything near as serious as my mom's (his was probably only stomach flu) but I'd been running on empty for awhile and thought I was finally gonna catch a break. Today he felt good enough to go out to eat and drive around town with me for a few hours, so I'm sure I'll get to go back to a more normal (as in normal for me) schedule soon.

Speaking of schedules and the like, there have been some pretty major changes since I last blogged:

--I am no longer using CamZ/CamWorld to broadcast myself for my 1 hour weekly group webcam performances (that members of & had access to) OR for my private one-on-one cam sessions. The new platform doesn't work for me, and so I've finally had to move on. Thankfully, for the time being, my PrivateCamz archives are still available for those continuing subscriptions to my sites but no new shows will be added. I have tried to take a stab at making a quickie update My Webcam Show Pages on's free area but they haven't been fully fleshed out and are painfully incomplete. I'd been telling folks following me on twitter where to find me for private webcam sessions and after I figured out that my new webcamming home would be Streamate -- I thought it was time I let everyone know. It took me a couple of months to figure out how to use a system that is so different from what I was used to with CamZ/PrivateCamZ, but I can happily report that for my private/semi-private sessions it's working *extremely* well for me. The quality of their service is awesome, and so they're my #1 choice for webcamming.

I know that their HD system doesn't work for everyone so that's why I caved in and added the Skype Show Option (paying via XXXCamBabes or by Snail Mail if you're a member of my sites) but with everything that's been going on lately -- doing any indie-camming beyond the hours I'm already logged in for shows on Streamate has been near impossible. Plus, and I hate to say this, I'm too generous with my time with these type of shows, frequently running way over the time purchased, and I could probably stand to increase my rates because I priced them too low when compared to what I'm listed at on Streamate (and there is the issue of dealing with the additional headaches with scheduling and converting timezones and stuff). It's either that or do away with the option altogether, so stay tuned on changes for that. I really want to make a separate page on my site explaining how all of these methods work since it can be confusing.

--Not too long after those last blog entries I wrote complaining about my lack-of-reliable computer, I went out and purchased an iMac and now have the right equipment for broadcasting my webcam in HD and doing other stuff (once I get a handle on all of the different Mac-Only software since I'm not running a Windows sim on this machine) like video editing. I still need another computer and am going to figure out some kind of solution soon because on the adult webmastering front I'm sucking and would like to stop sucking and DO IT ALL, ALL THE TIME. Yeah, baby.

--I *did* do some gambling on a SoCal stripclub back in March and have discovered that being a stripper in Southern California is pretty shitty. Too shitty for me. I'm not even going to make a vague attempt to sugarcoat it. I shopped around the area and found that while they all looked different, and yes, there are a few that are pretty much brothels-in-disguise -- none of them work for me. The clubs here expect WAY too much in terms of house fees. At the one club and only club that I actually worked, the Bare N Legal in Pomona (right next to Cal Poly Pomona, so it wasn't as skeazy as some of you locals might be thinking) they took 40% of all of my lapdance money AND THEN expected me to tip out the DJ 20%, tip the manager/security on a sliding scale based on my original earnings (anything beyond $200 was $10, anything beyond $400 was $20 & so on), and then tip the waitress at least $5. The dance prices were listed on the wall so there wasn't any wiggle room (har-dee-har-har!) with trying to negotiate for more. All lapdances had to be paid in advance to the bar which was also weird. I would receive two tickets, one for me to keep to turn in at the end of the night and the other I had to go run to the manager BEFORE I could take my customer to the VIP area to dance. Lame, lame, lame. I guess if the club had been busier and had lots and lots of customers who were easy to sell to dances to then I'd still be there but it wasn't. None of the clubs here are near as active as the clubs in Memphis (even when clubs there were S-L-O-W). There's just a different perception about stripclub things here, and it's not that much fun or even remotely profitable.

I enjoyed hanging out with the girls and the management folks were polite, professional, and tried to be helpful, but sitting for hours bored in the dressing room does not a happy AmberLily-The-Stripper make. The thing that really put a nail in the coffin for me was the night that one of my regulars stood me up, and I kept waiting for him even when I wanted to desperately go home because it was dead --and I was tired of watching the wacko hardcore porn on the big screens. Yup, you read that correctly, the club's management routinely chose to show foreign porno on two big screens thoughtfully located on either side of the stage. (And I thought competing with football and NASCAR was bad... Jeesh!) In truth, they did run a few reality porn titles that were worth watching but most of what I was seeing was CREEPY BAD AWFUL. I don't enjoy watching porn where the performers aren't digging what they're doing or at least able to decently fake like they're having a good time and this stuff was blatantly of that "They Look Like They Hate Their Lives & Want To Die & So Do I If I Have To Keep Watching This!" variety. Blech.

So, while I might like to meet with the folks I've connected with via the interwebs in person and give them hot, steamy lapdances -- unless they're willing to pay me obscene amounts of money in advance -- I won't be dancing in Southern California. The Bare N Legal made it official for me: the exotic dancing portion of my life is over, I think, and I'm okay with that. I wasn't when we were living in Seattle. I was really just starting to have the stripper hustle down when we moved out of Memphis, but now, now I'm feeling as though I really have the webcam performer bit down. I'm glad for it. The way I see it, it can only get better!

And on that note, I see that I've spent a long time trying to get us caught up here, all rambly blogstyle. Appreciate that you made it all the way through! Whoo hoo! See ya back on over at twitter where with that 140 character limit, I can't go all out of control like I do here.

Back To The Way It Was

This is just a fleeting post to say that I've been trying out some blogger templates lately but ended up not really digging how they looked so *now* you'll notice that my blog has gone back to the way it was. I might still keep my eye out for something more "spacious" looking, but really, the way that it has been for the last year isn't all that bad.

If you've got a favorite Blogger Template Site, then by all means, impart with the info with a comment to this entry.

Dutch With The Girl Next Door

This picture of Dutch with Blondie, the girl next door, was too cute not to share. He's no longer the little puppy we brought home before Christmas, but he sure isn't going to be anything close to the size of our Mastiff neighbor either. We're about to cave in and buy one of those Doggie DNA Tests so we will *really* know what our mixed mutt is... Is he really a German Shepherd/Husky Mix? We'd like to know more of what we're in for with potential health issues and that might be the only way to find out. He's not on the Puppy Cyclone setting for a long as he was when he was a newbie to our household, but that's because we try to exercise the hell out of him. Growing so fast, it won't be much longer before he's big enough to not get *totally* plowed by the Labs he plays with at the dog park. Me, on the other hand, am probably doomed to be nearly knocked over when those big wrestling dogs go at it and collide with me when my back's turned, lol. It's a good thing everyone (so far) has been fairly well-behaved and responds to their owners. Believe you and me, I do appreciate that!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Kisses! on

Just a goofy little 12 second video wishing you a Happy Valentine's. I'm expecting it to be pretty relaxed around here today. BigD's birthday's on the 18th so we'll just be combining the Valentine's dinner out and his day and hopefully avoiding any crowds or making reservations. (Crowds are actually something we have to consider here as we're in a *much* more populated area.) I'm not terribly demanding this year. Feel a bit like Valentine's even snuck up on me, truth be told.

Anyhoo, enjoy something sweet today. My goal is to find a Red Velvet Cupcake & savor/inhale it with my regular dose of Coffeeeee!

I'm Behind, Behind...Here's Pics Of My Behind

If you haven't already guessed, it's just been all about me and my almost-every-night webcam routine and little else since I last blogged. Eat, sleep, take the dog out for a walk, pet the cats, kiss BigD, cam, cam, cam! I love camming, really, I do, but this schedule I've been on has been a bit much. 100% necessary to my financial survival, mind you, but it hasn't been leaving me with much time to smell the roses.

So it's about time I started gambling. No, not of the playing poker variety -- of the stripclub variety. I *want* to remain optimistic about the club conditions here, and there are many, many more clubs to choose from than in the last state we lived in, but I think my standards are just awful high. I don't want to work in a stripclub masquerading as a whore-house (because I'd so just make the jump to be a straight up "working girl" & head on out to the Bunny Ranch if that's what I wanted) and obviously I don't want to work at a dead club where I can't make any money because I always count on making *something* webcamming. Or at least not ending the night *owing* money which is one of things that happens when you're an exotic dancer.

I've been waiting patiently for the sucky for sales post-Christmas period to be over before I even attempt to scope any of the SoCal stripclubs out, and I think this week is the week. I'm SUPER nervous, but I've missed being a stripper too much to not try. It was a job that I actually felt like I was getting *better* at before we moved away from Memphis to stripper-hostile Seattle where I couldn't put myself at risk of arrest for such little reward. (I STILL don't get how a rough town like Memphis can be safer for a girl to get naked on a stage for pay in than Seattle, but whatever, I'm not there to concern myself with it anymore.)

My ideal is to find a good club that I can work two, three, or four nights a week and then still cam or work on my sites the remaining nights while being able to afford a day off or even *two* days off most weeks. Heck, if I'm being that positive, maybe I'll EVEN be able to take a vacation at some point. (Not holding my breath here, but ya never know, lol.) I'm sure those of you who work for yourself know where I'm coming from with all of this schedule talk.

I'd like to take a moment before I hit "Publish Post" to say thank you to those who've maintained their subscriptions to either or both of my sites, the "main" one and the foot fetish only version For what they've lacked in photo gallery and video updates, I like to feel like I've made up for with unlimited access to my PrivateCamz archives that update damn near everyday and my regular one-hour Camz Group Shows. That's where all of these webcam shots have come from, one of last night's one-on-one sessions. That page on my site has an outdated number of shows now. As of February 11th 2010 I'm now over 3400 shows. Wowie, does that seem like a lot or what? So, please enjoy those as I *continue* to get my computer issues squared away. (Yup, I've not yet figured out how to afford a new computer on my present budget so that I have a decent machine to work on while I try to fix all of the broken computers -- cuz, man, are they ever freaking broken. Ugh.)

And I will keep you posted on how the return to exotic dancing is going or if it's even going at all. No worries there, my SoCal friends. If I can find the right place, I'll fer sure want you to come out and play with me in person.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I thought I could get away with recording another vlog entry for ya'll -- thinking it might be easier to get anyone interested in getting caught up with what's been going on with me via one of my goofy videos, but it's just not in the cards right now.

Unfortunately, my main computer is down for the count. I'm trying to do what I can to get the important stuff I hadn't backed up (yes, I do back-up, but not as frequently as I should) off of it and see about possibly reformatting it, but it's old. It's beat up. It's been through a lot, and I'm not sure that'll do the trick. Honestly, I really only wanted it to hang in there for a few more months when I could more realistically afford to buy a new computer. But, that's not how my luck tends to go with my hardware.

Someone who does as much online, particularly with webcam work as I do, really NEEDS more than one working computer, and I've been on a partially-functional computer for over a year now. I'm two OS behind and making my box work the way that I've have putting in non-stop hours, pushing its specs to the limits -- really only a matter of time before it hits bottom and can not resurface. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out alright for my poor computer, but my gut feeling is that it's really over now. Le Sigh.

When I say "main computer" like I have at the beginning of this entry, what I really mean is: the only computer that will turn on and can connect to the internet. I've got four totally worthless computers that I've been carting around the country that I wasn't ready to destroy -- because once there's homemade porn starring yourself on a hard drive -- that's really your only option. Providing your machines can't be fixed. I think that's where my optimism comes in. I like to believe that someday I really will be able to diagnose what's wrong with these machines and be able to fix them, get them working like new, and then have my house all networked up so I can be rendering/uploading video and doing other cool stuff 24/7. I mean not going for the Kevin Smith/Warlock in Die Hard 4 hardcore computer geek palace sheik sort of vibe, but something involving more than one working computer would greatly aid my amateur pornographer ambitions. At the very least, I won't be forced offline where I'll starve to death because 90% of my income comes from being an adult webcam performer.
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to cave in and put a new cheapo laptop on my Best Buy Card within the next few days just so I can keep working because I'm (as usual) already super behind on all things The computer I'm using now isn't one I can stay on. Inherited from BigD's mom, it was only used for word-processing and doesn't have much in the way of what your average webgirl needs even if you strip out all of the Family Tree Maker and various "helpful" AOL BS.

Between the move from Seattle to Los Angeles, dealing with living in an old house with antiquated plumbing and electrical (scary stuff for me folks, we lost BigD's work computer because of the electrical in this house...), dealing with the fall-out from being away from my family for the last six years and how resentful they are because of my absence and how we *needed* to go full-tilt drama over Christmas -- getting off to the right start in 2010 has been difficult.

Even still, I am all about fresh starts and remaining hopeful in the face of great challenges. I won't rehash 2009 for you, but BigD's mother's death last January has impacted us financially in ways that will take us YEARS to recover from. But we're home now and trying to rebuild what we've lost, and there is SUNSHINE almost every day! Even if I'm putting in tons of hours on webcam because I have more financial responsibilities, I *know* that 2010 will be a healing year. There will be time for me to get out and smell the roses, but for now -- now I better keep working hard. In a few months, I'm sure I'll get to do more fun stuff that will make for more exciting blog entries. In the mean time, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for more pictures of Dutch and my theories/feelings on the final season of LOST.

And more updates for my sites! I'll get my computer situation figured out someway or other. New Year's Resolution #1!