Talking Cute Cats & Their Human Translation

Human Translation

Wasn't that adorable? Two of my three cats are talkers, but they don't tend to hang out like that all snuggled together. Captain and TT are more freelancer types. :)

In getting back to more AmberLily related news, my apologizes go out to members of who might have gone looking for my regular Thursday hosiery show today. I cancelled it late last night because I knew with BigD on vacation this week that it would be tough for me to make that later afternoon timeslot. Same goes for my New Year's Eve show, it's also cancelled. Except that one has nothing to do with BigD and everything to do with the fact that I'll be partying with folks at The Pony (while trying to earn some New Year's cash). My regularly scheduled webcams shows will return in January 2008!

In better news, my "Santa Baby" video *is* up for members, and so far, the response has been largely positive. For that, I am thankful. It' a short video of me doing a holiday-inspired strip tease that's just over three minutes, but it's the first one I've ever set to music. Maybe I'll do it again sometime. :)

Miss Santa Shoot Done!

Okay, so I totally fell of the blogging bandwagon because I got caught up with, ahem, my other job -- but I'm back in with pictures! That makes up for it, right? I will be updating with my Miss Santa photo gallery and video in the coming days (the video's almost done while the pics aren't edited). After staying up all night working on making my amateur shoot as perfect as possible, I don't even have the desk stamina to finish the project. I can barely keep my eyes open! (Yes, voyeur cam viewers, I swear I'm going to bed right after I post this...)

Still, isn't the outfit as adorable as I said it was?! I love wearing it. So velvety, so plush.

First Blogger Entry

Here's a little "test" entry to make sure my new blog is publishing correctly. I'm sure I'll have something more worthwhile to read/view here in a little while. First things first -- let's have a looksee. Posting alllll good, I presume, Dear Blog?