Members Updated, Guest Gallery of Tinasthings78

Click Tina's pic to be taken to a listing of her current used panties auctions - User registeration at required to see her listings.

After returning home from a *rare* social event that required I leave the house (a friend's birthday party), I put the finishing touches on a guest gallery for members of Such a nice way to unwind. A mug of tea, three or four open webpage programs to fiddle with, and Tina from her personal site, Okay, so I'm intentionally misleading you. I don't actually know Tina *that* well, and it's not like she was over at my apartment having tea with me, but she did send me 20 sexy pictures of her sweet self to share with you.

Sometimes I wander back over to where I used to play for the sole purpose of checking out the hot chicks. Hot chicks in sexy panties. It's like a perpetual fashion show over there at, and I can hardly help but to *look* and then see what's shaking on the message board. I've seen Tina around the last couple of years and thought I'd hit her up for some pictures using the excuse that "I need a guest gallery for my site, can you help?" because openly admitting that I'm perving her might not get me as far, lol.

Tina seems to almost always be running used panty auctions that have awesome amateur snaps of her in her pretty underthings. What do I like most about Tina? It's those eyes! So stunning! (And I've told her so.) She's really into doing custom orders for her eBanned friends and has flawless feedback. Hopefully, a few of you will wander on over there and see what's going on with Tina. Maybe you'll even win one of her auctions or make a direct order and you can report back with how sweet she smells... Le Sigh... I'm sure it's nice.