Members Updated: Biker Babe

In the wee hours of the morning, I updated the members area of with a small batch of snaps that BigD took of me with his Harley last Winter that I'm calling Biker Babe. We always said that we'd do a shoot of me on his bike and then when he decided to sell it -- despite the chilly weather outdoors -- we headed out into our Memphis backyard and snapped a few pictures the day before it rode home with it's new owner. Sort of a sad moment, BigD had meant to sell this bike not long after we moved to Memphis, and he figured out how uncomfortable motorcycle-riding was in The South with it's terrible humid summers. If the heat index is 100-115, then go ahead and add another 10 degrees if you're on a hot, throbbing Harley. Plus, this bike was his daily ride for many months that we lived in Seattle (the first time) and needed some pretty expensive repairs caused by the time spent in the rain. Perhaps someday BigD will get another bike. We sure had fun on this one riding around in Southern California (with it's nearly perfect year-round motorcycle riding weather). Before this one, I'd never been on such a powerful motorcycle. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll want one of my own... Although, I don't mind riding bitch at all. Just for the record. :)

So, without any make-up on, save a touch of Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker Lipgloss, here I am modeling one of my black stripper g-strings, green spiderweb top, and chunky platform heels. We shot as many pictures as my freezing cold hiney would let me -- for about 15 minutes or so. I remember the weather this day clearly because the next one, it snowed! I'm far from a traditional biker babe; I have no tattoos or piercings and currently don't own any leather chaps. It was fun to pretend for a wee little bit. Hope that members will like 'em. A little something out of character for me. It didn't even occur to me that I'm right on time with this update because one of the shows that BigD's been looking forward to for months premieres tonight: Sons of Anarchy on FX.

I'm *so glad* that good TV is on it's way back (even if LOST is still several months away) because we need *something* to break up all of this political TV that BigD makes me and the cats watch/listen to, lol. Captain's falling asleep at every turn! Who know's if I'll enjoy Sons of Anarchy, but I am looking forward to that new show Fringe. And of course, my beloved Dexter begins September 29th. Whoo hoo! I'm only doing a subscription to Showtime right now, so that new vampire series a few of you have mentioned on HBO is something I'll probably have to wait to see when it comes out on dvd. (No, that's right, I STILL haven't forgiven HBO executives after the way they allowed The Sopranos to go out with that fake artsy-fartsy ending.)

Yes, the smell of Fall is certainly in the air. Thank goodness! My summer cold, one that has morphed from just a regular cold with sneezes and sniffles to one that also included a touch of stomach flu over Labor Day weekend, is getting better too. So, when my webcams went out on me -- take my word for it that you definitely weren't missing much, lol. That blasted Logitech update screwed up my computer so bad that it wasn't even *detecting* that my cams were plugged in! It took me 6-7 complete uninstalls/reinstalls before my computer (the only one that I use to work on, by the by) *saw* that I had my cams plugged in. I use my cams for a handful of applications through and on a daily basis, so it was beyond frustrating, and hopefully the webcam gods will see to it that the block I put on those fucking Logitech updates *won't* be coming through to screw my system up again. Whatever was in that last update was definitely buggy. (Most of the reinstalls that I was doing were direct from the installation cd that came with the cams -- and I wouldn't let the install try to download a more up-to-date version either. Maybe it works with Vista, but I'm not *on* Vista. ;)) My computer wouldn't even allow me to do a System Restore going back to before the update happened. Wacky, no? So, I offer my apologizes for the downtime this last weekend. Wasn't my idea! LOL!

That's why I'm glad that I've kept my old Intel camera around because it's what made it possible to continue my live group webcam show on Tuesday afternoon. And then my impromptu "Members Only" follow-up show where I had two pleasant orgasms with my wand & dick-shaped dildo. Ahhhhh. The archive of the *that* part of my webcam day is also a part of this update, if you're a member of and would like to see it. And if you're not a member and would like to be -- that page to get you all signed up isn't hard to find. Hit it here.

*hugs from a girl who really needs to go take a shower & wash the hair that she's been pulling out for so many hours*