Spilling the Beans: What's Going On With AmberLily.net

Yes, it's been rather quiet around here on both my blog and site, and for good reason, unfortunately. I hate writing negative blog entries because not only does no one want to read them (including myself), but I don't even particularly excel at writing them. I prefer to keep drama to the absolute minimum and have little to no flare for it. But. This news really is important for anyone who follows AmberLily.net and what I'm doing, and as I expect my site to go down within the next few days, here's part of what I've already shared with members:

ProAdult Quantum will no longer be hosting or doing the payment processing for memberships to my main site. They stopped paying all of their webmasters back in April but promised that they would make good and catch everyone's paychecks up by the beginning of June. I had faith in them until the beginning of June came and went and still none of us had been paid or kept up to speed on what the problems were. July 1st they pulled down their message board for their webmasters (so now we have even less contact with them), and it's only a matter of time before they pull the plug on all of our sites.

It's sad to see it go down like this. I've happily been with them since 2002 and am extremely disappointed that they couldn't have *at least told us* what was happening. I will probably never see a penny of the months of memberships owed to me and am not sure how long they'll continue to host my site -- so I'm moving AmberLily.net to my girl friend Trixie's program! The mighty transfer is almost complete, but the timeline for when I'll be up and running again isn't 100% mapped out yet. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that my site won't be ready for a couple of weeks easy. Could be less time, could be a bit more, but you will be kept updated here at my blog & emails if you'd like to be. Drop me an email at: sweetamberlily@yahoo.com if that's the case.

If you're a member of ProAdult Quantum, I would *strongly* recommend that go to the cancel page and cancel your membership to as soon as you can. Really, I would do so as possible because their system could just go *poof* at any moment.

I feel like I should apologize for not updating as much as I would have liked after getting settled in after the move and going fulltime, but now you can understand why my energies had to go elsewhere, PrivateCamzing & getting my foot fetish site NymphFeet.com off the ground as soon as possible so that I could survive. *Le Sigh* But do trust in the knowledge that I'm NOT giving up despite these hardships, and that I think this move over to a more familiar billing service like Trixie uses and more freedoms with *how* I run my site is a SUPER AWESOME GOOD THING! I'm very excited about it! I'm extremely thankful that I have such good friends like Trixie & Delia to help me out in my time of need. *cyber hugs for my friends*

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate all of the kind words members of my site have expressed to me since I started sharing details about what was going on.

It's just about time for dinner, and I still need to figure out what we're doing about both of the vehicles in our household being on the fritz. (Talk about great timing, huh folks? LOL) Gosh being a grown-up sucks sometimes. :)