Yes, Indeedy, I'm Here!

So, I told myself that I wasn't allowed to blog until I got a few things out of the way -- a certain amount of stuff unpacked, a few emails answered, a few days of private webcamming under my belt, a new mailing address, and until I just generally felt a bit more settled. I *have* been able to check several of those off the list, so methinks now is as good a time as any since who knows how long it will be before I'm *really* settled. ;)

Plus, I didn't want to come in here and whine and moan and carry on with how hard the move was. And believe me, it was hard. Memphis to Seattle, our most difficult move yet, and that's saying something, 'cuz baby, this warnt my first rodeo. Basically, if it could go wrong, it did, and it did three times or in a really big ways. The first big hurdle was that the PODS idea was only good in theory (those things are blasted tiny and for people who don't own or collect *anything* which is not us!) and so we ended up going the Uhaul route after all (too short notice to do the professional movers thing and BigD was less than thrilled with the price quote one company gave friends of ours). What did going the "Uhaul route" mean, exactly? It meant leaving days earlier. It meant BigD towing my car and driving one of the biggest Uhauls they make. It meant me driving BigD's pickup truck and our three cats by myself. Whoo wee! I'd never done that much driving before, never across the country, and never in a vehicle as large as his truck! What I normally drive is *much* smaller by comparison. But we had a deadline to make so BigD would be here in Seattle, WA for his new job. It also meant that I had to rent one of the apartments I'd seen online -- over the phone, site unseen. Without PODS to store our stuff, we would have no time to go scouting apartments like we'd planned. I'm going to spare you most of "the horrors of the roadtrip" details, but I will say that there are some pretty killer mountains in between here and Memphis, TN. And that any time of year is good for snow in some parts of the country, apparently. We're very fortunate that our vehicles didn't break down, and that we have three extremely well-behaved cats.

I'd like to say that after we got to Washington, it was smooth sailing. But then we had that last big thing go wrong -- the apartment complex that I'd rented our new apartment at RENTED THE EXACT SAME APARTMENT TO SOMEONE ELSE! Yes, that's right. With everything I owned sitting in trucks outside, I explained that we'd have to have *something now* and collapsed in a chair and almost had a nervous breakdown. There'd been some office mix up and the leasing agent I'd been dealing with was on vacation, yada yada yada, you see where I'm going with this, right? Nevermind that I'd been on the phone with them several times during the course of the roadtrip to *make sure* that something like this didn't happen. After 30 minutes of talking, the assistant manager was able to put us in a similiar apartment, but it would need to be carpeted before we could move in -- so we spent another night at Motel 6 while they carpeted our place in the morning. (And thank the gods for Motel 6 being pet-friendly. Very few places will take cats no matter how well-behaved they are.)

We're all thrilled to be here, but who knows how long it'll be before I willingly go on another roadtrip, lol. Maybe it'd be okay if it weren't with the cats and all of our belongings. ;) People keep asking me if I think we're going to do another move like this again, and I'm pretty darn doubtful that we will. The other work options for BigD are all here in Washington state so unless he's going to totally change what he does for a living -- it's all here. (Moving through out the state is fair game though.) Our lease is for six months because we just needed to get here, and in all honesty, this place isn't roomy enough for us. In Memphis, we were renting a modest three bedroom house and this is a *small* two bedroom apartment that we're holding up in now.

I've been able to get two of my Rude hosted voyeur cams back up and a round of photos posted in the members area of but I haven't updated the tour with all of the new facts about my life yet. I think it's pretty unreal that a few site visitors have actually critcized me for not having it all updated. People, people, I've only been here like TWO WEEKS. Give a girl a few moments to catch her breath, m'kay? :) I promise, and this goes for all of life's great mysteries, when I get it figured out, you'll be among the first to know.

My next entry will be tons more fun with panty pictures! For now, though, I'm going to close and hit the "publish post" button and get some sleep. Aren't you glad that I hardly whined and moaned and carried on about the move? ;)


    That sounds like an absolute nightmare! I'm impressed that you're already back up & camming. Updating your bio? Pffft. You're not even unpacked yet! Give a girl a chance to get settled people!

    And then you should totally invite me over. =)