Isn't Captain Pretty?

My sister took a trip to Europe recently, and now that she's back home in sunny SoCal and her final exams are over, she had time to send me a few souvenirs. Cool stuff like a really cute hangbag with the British flag on it topping the list (and something I'm incredibly likely to shoot pics with for my site as soon as a match up an equally cute outfit). But it was the box of pastel tissue paper that my gifts arrived in that my cat Captain found to play that was the most adorable and worth sharing in photos on my blog asap! He loves getting *into* stuff so this box was perfect. He had a blast thrashing about the crinkled paper while my other two just barely lifted their heads up from their afternoon naps to see what was going on. I snapped these two pics before he got too carried away. Isn't he just so... Pretty! For being such a masculine cat, a big bully, a voracious eater, he's all cuddly sweet at times. Nice to have photographic documentation to look back on when I'm all mad that he's tried to chew TT's ear off, huh? (Oh, and don't feel too bad for old TT. This is just his karma for torturing Princess for years come back to haunt him.)

I think the cats have adapted better to their new surroundings than I have. They all have their favorite places to lounge and hide which is more than I can say, at times. ;) It was my being at home and awake during daylight hours today that reminded me that I need to be more *thankful* and *appreciative* that I can and do work at home. That it's even an option. Leaving my stripping career behind has been tough because it had become such a way of life for me, one that I enjoyed the majority of the time, but there are parts that I won't miss as much -- the vampire-like hours where I missed out on what my dayshift family, friends, and household were doing is one of them. I suppose that it's still possible that I *might* dance here in Seattle or maybe in Tacoma, but it's terribly unlikely at the moment. I've still not set one foot in a stripclub since we moved here and have no ideas about which ones are even close to what I'm used to with my dancer-friendly Memphis standards. I'm not going to trouble myself about it right now. Heck, I'm still too busy getting lost while driving around my new town! It's more important to me to do my best webmastering and my upcoming foot fetish site and to get in as much time private webcamming as is feasible for me and my bills, lol. Gotta keep the Captain and his sidekicks in kitty litter & Meow Mix after all.

Which reminds me, someone asked about Captain's Twitter. Yes, he's a cat with so much personality that he needed his own twitter! He doesn't make tweets everyday, but it is nice to get a fresh perpective on what's going on around here, so by all means follow him, and you'll have a cat happy to follow you. It's his twitter that I use to follow everyone's tweets by the by.


    What a pretty kitty! I love reading Captain the Cat's tweets!!