G'Morning Pink Panties!

So, I admit it, I'm a bad blogger. I think my communicative drive is satisfied most often by posting fairly regularly in my twitter. Or I realize that what I want to blog about can't really be done any justice in the 15 minutes I often find myself with between trying to get too many other more pressing projects to finish (site revamp for AmberLily.net, to name the one at the top of the list) or because I've gotta get ready to go be a stripper. Which is where we are right now. I'm on my way to that hot shower in just mere moments. Still, I would really like to get a post in here at least once a week, so that's my goal. Something fun in my blog once a week.

To get us rolling, I'd like to share a couple of photos that I uploaded for members of my site last week. I am particularly proud of them and honestly believe that they are among the best I've EVER taken of myself. Blessed with exceptionally good morning light and a super sweet pair of satin PJs and coordinating pink bikini panties, there are a number of snaps of my legs and ass that are cool. Neat to look at. Especially if you factor in that I was totally without assistance in taking them! This isn't new for me, but I was working with another much smaller tripod and happened to get luckier than I typically do. The response from members of my site has been lovely. Makes me wish that I could run off every morning and happily shoot away in a trendy B&B. Well, almost. I'm soooo not a morning person unless you count staying up until the sunrise and still being in a pleasant mood. Does that count? :)