Did You Already Notice My CamZ Show Schedule Change?

Here's a little goofy video of me wearing waaaayyyy too much dark eye shadow that I recorded *right after* my CamZ group camshow tonight. As of the beginning of last week, I've pushed back my time-slot to 7pm ET / 4pm PT so as to try and make it easier for my nine-to-fivers to make it to my show (even if it might already be "in progress" for those on the West Coast, hehe). Normally, my first time in a new time-slot will have a really high viewer turn out, and while tonight's show wasn't too bad, my numbers were low because it's "Election Day" and everyone's glued to the tube. Well, everyone except all of those folks who also *needed pie* the same time I did because that line was pretty long. Speaking of pie, that Coconut Cream Pie in the other room needs my attention, but I will be back on later to play on cam. :)