Dutch With The Girl Next Door

This picture of Dutch with Blondie, the girl next door, was too cute not to share. He's no longer the little puppy we brought home before Christmas, but he sure isn't going to be anything close to the size of our Mastiff neighbor either. We're about to cave in and buy one of those Doggie DNA Tests so we will *really* know what our mixed mutt is... Is he really a German Shepherd/Husky Mix? We'd like to know more of what we're in for with potential health issues and that might be the only way to find out. He's not on the Puppy Cyclone setting for a long as he was when he was a newbie to our household, but that's because we try to exercise the hell out of him. Growing so fast, it won't be much longer before he's big enough to not get *totally* plowed by the Labs he plays with at the dog park. Me, on the other hand, am probably doomed to be nearly knocked over when those big wrestling dogs go at it and collide with me when my back's turned, lol. It's a good thing everyone (so far) has been fairly well-behaved and responds to their owners. Believe you and me, I do appreciate that!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Kisses! on 12seconds.tv

Just a goofy little 12 second video wishing you a Happy Valentine's. I'm expecting it to be pretty relaxed around here today. BigD's birthday's on the 18th so we'll just be combining the Valentine's dinner out and his day and hopefully avoiding any crowds or making reservations. (Crowds are actually something we have to consider here as we're in a *much* more populated area.) I'm not terribly demanding this year. Feel a bit like Valentine's even snuck up on me, truth be told.

Anyhoo, enjoy something sweet today. My goal is to find a Red Velvet Cupcake & savor/inhale it with my regular dose of Coffeeeee!

I'm Behind, Behind...Here's Pics Of My Behind

If you haven't already guessed, it's just been all about me and my almost-every-night webcam routine and little else since I last blogged. Eat, sleep, take the dog out for a walk, pet the cats, kiss BigD, cam, cam, cam! I love camming, really, I do, but this schedule I've been on has been a bit much. 100% necessary to my financial survival, mind you, but it hasn't been leaving me with much time to smell the roses.

So it's about time I started gambling. No, not of the playing poker variety -- of the stripclub variety. I *want* to remain optimistic about the club conditions here, and there are many, many more clubs to choose from than in the last state we lived in, but I think my standards are just awful high. I don't want to work in a stripclub masquerading as a whore-house (because I'd so just make the jump to be a straight up "working girl" & head on out to the Bunny Ranch if that's what I wanted) and obviously I don't want to work at a dead club where I can't make any money because I always count on making *something* webcamming. Or at least not ending the night *owing* money which is one of things that happens when you're an exotic dancer.

I've been waiting patiently for the sucky for sales post-Christmas period to be over before I even attempt to scope any of the SoCal stripclubs out, and I think this week is the week. I'm SUPER nervous, but I've missed being a stripper too much to not try. It was a job that I actually felt like I was getting *better* at before we moved away from Memphis to stripper-hostile Seattle where I couldn't put myself at risk of arrest for such little reward. (I STILL don't get how a rough town like Memphis can be safer for a girl to get naked on a stage for pay in than Seattle, but whatever, I'm not there to concern myself with it anymore.)

My ideal is to find a good club that I can work two, three, or four nights a week and then still cam or work on my sites the remaining nights while being able to afford a day off or even *two* days off most weeks. Heck, if I'm being that positive, maybe I'll EVEN be able to take a vacation at some point. (Not holding my breath here, but ya never know, lol.) I'm sure those of you who work for yourself know where I'm coming from with all of this schedule talk.

I'd like to take a moment before I hit "Publish Post" to say thank you to those who've maintained their subscriptions to either or both of my sites, the "main" one AmberLily.net and the foot fetish only version NymphFeet.com. For what they've lacked in photo gallery and video updates, I like to feel like I've made up for with unlimited access to my PrivateCamz archives that update damn near everyday and my regular one-hour Camz Group Shows. That's where all of these webcam shots have come from, one of last night's one-on-one sessions. That page on my site has an outdated number of shows now. As of February 11th 2010 I'm now over 3400 shows. Wowie, does that seem like a lot or what? So, please enjoy those as I *continue* to get my computer issues squared away. (Yup, I've not yet figured out how to afford a new computer on my present budget so that I have a decent machine to work on while I try to fix all of the broken computers -- cuz, man, are they ever freaking broken. Ugh.)

And I will keep you posted on how the return to exotic dancing is going or if it's even going at all. No worries there, my SoCal friends. If I can find the right place, I'll fer sure want you to come out and play with me in person.