Members Updated: Feeling Tropical

Uh huh, if you haven't caught some of my most recent posts in my Twitter, then you wouldn't know that I've been burning up with the little heat wave that we've been experiencing the last few days here in the Pacific Northwest. I actually don't really *mind* when it's hot outside as long as I have the comforts of air-conditioning to retreat to when I'm done sweating. The big problem here is that that most apartment housing in this area of the country doesn't come with that particular luxury as most was built long before the global climate change phenomenon. Can you say, UGH.

So last weekend, we went out and purchased a small portable A/C unit that should hopefully help reduce brain-melt. I thought I could get away without running it today because it was overcast and a bit rainy but no such luck. It was muggy hot rain like they have in Memphis, lol. Color me flushed-red and unimpressed. Anyhoo, the expense of the new air-conditioner when we're still paying rent at the old place and the new one probably wasn't the greatest thing to be taking on, but I figure I can make it up by working harder since I've got a very minimal social life going on at the moment. Who needs friends when you've got three great cats and a freezer full of lime popsicles?

Onward and upward: Yes, I do have a fresh gallery of refreshing, tropical-inspired photos for members of to write about before my blog-a-phobia kicks back in. A plentiful set of 73 pictures of me doing a striptease out of my loungewear and tropical stripper bikini. It's *the last* set of pictures that my bf Justin shot of me, and so that's why I've been holding onto it for awhile. *Sigh* The warmer weather definitely made me remember it when I was trying to figure out what to post for members. That and I was rocking quite the tan last summer. When I was trying to figure out how best to categorize it, it didn't take me long to come to the logical conclusion that this is a pretty nice ass & barefoot set. Those bottoms are quite cheeky and my pretty French pedicure is shown off from several angles too. A special thanks goes out to Justin for snapping away to get these pics for me. :)