Pictures Of Our Newest Kitty, Fancy Pants

A few fellow cat-lovers have asked more about how Fancy's doing, so I thought I'd take time out to show off the latest addition to our feline household. Yes, this is kitty #4. I'm only two cats shy of being a "Crazy Cat Lady" according to Archie McPhee's Crazy Cat Lady Quiz -- six is the magical number. Naturally, I didn't set out to have this many, Fancy was inherited, after all. The other three: Princess Leia Kitty (or just Princess), Tigger II (or just TT), and Captain Friendly (or just Captain) were all rescued or strays that just happened to us. See pictures of them here on my favorites page. I think that's how it works for most people: cats, cats they *just happen*. All three of our furry babies have been terribly spoiled. My voyeur cam viewers have even commented on how much attention I lavish on them (when they think I'm not paying attention to the chatroom, I've seen their jealous comments).

Miss Fancy Pants is beginning to allow us the privilege of spoiling her too. She was used to being "only kitty" at BigD's mom's house, so being introduced to three other cats and in a much smaller environment was sort of a shock for her. Fancy holds her own ground though. That first picture makes her look more sinister than she really is. The second picture with her tongue out helps soften her look, I thought.

Can't you just imagine the FUN I'm going to have driving them all down to Southern California? Yes, I'm sure it'll be a real treat, lol. The chorus of meows will surely be deafening. Thank goodness this is the move home and the last time we'll ever do this. ;)


    She is so pretty! I can't imagine herding those kitties cross country, good luck! I am curious though why only Captain has a he just the most outspoken?

    Yes, Cappy is definitely the most active. Fancy could probably do one but she's so weird I'm afraid all of the other cats on Twitter wouldn't be able to relate to her, lol.