Imaginary Scenarios I Indulged In Today

Er, yesterday. It's already 3:23am.

I'm officially behind on updating the members area of because I spent several days last week on my "Viral Vacation" as we're calling it around here. (My computer was infected with two truly nasty trojans that blew past my anti-virus/anti-maleware programs, yes PROGRAMS, plural, and made me afraid that my computer might even be unusable.) Thankfully, I was able to get back to my webcamming lifestyle on Sunday, that worst-case-scenario not a reality, so trust that a new gallery update really is on the way. I've had to make some adjustments to how I work, including switching from typically using Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. If you're anything like me, then even minimal changes like taking on a new browser can be irksome. But anyway...

To distract ourselves for a few moments in the mean time, here's a short list of three of my more memorable fantasies that I took time to dream out today:

--That I was a very wealthy man's cute, sweet trophy wife. A man who somewhat resembled my own BigD but was an assembly of a few other men I know or have known. Every part from personality to body familiar and un foreign. A man who had already done "the trophy wife thing" before with demanding, busty blondes who too quickly lost their shiny luster and grew too predictable. But a little, perky AmberLily goes a long way. I was left alone all day to read/watch all of the nerdy, sci-fi/fantasy novels/movies/tv series I wanted. Write lengthy geek posts defending my opinions on dorky message boards because I didn't have to *work* for a living anymore. And then at night, I would entertain my husband dressed as Princess Leia (in totally perfect, exact replica costuming, of course). Being a closeted nerd himself, he would be truly enthralled with this roleplay. Ah, bliss!

--That I was living back down in SoCal and was able to sweet talk innocent, barely-legal young women into letting me photograph their feet and up their skirts for a new website. Outside, on random street corners. A website that was as much fun (if not more fun) to run than either of my two existing sites. All of the other foot fetish/panty fetish webmasters would be totally envious of the sexy/hot/beautiful girls that I get to model exclusively for me, and my photographic skills would touted as sublime.

--That I was one of those tanned, anonymous people in those dreamy Corona commericals we see on television. That I was, yes, doing a whole lot of nothing for a small forever. Save sipping on a mellow, limey beer on a beautiful, sunny beach -- all warm and tropically luscious. Perfection right down to some sand in between my toes. Maybe even some sand up my butt crack for authenticity's sake. I do favor some reality. Even in my fantasy worlds.

No, I don't suppose these daydreams are terribly "politically correct" but then again -- they aren't *supposed* to be either. Pure silly indulgences that are necessary to keep the juices flowing.


    AWESOME post. Fucking LOVE it!