Members Updated, Teal Satin Bra & Panties

About time more pictures taken by Trixie surfaced as updates for, huh?

Here's what I wrote about My Teal Bra & Panties Gallery in the members area:

And man, what to say about this satiny set... We had fun shooting it, I've made sure to include some of the fun/goofy snaps at the end that shows it wasn't all about teasing in and out of my panties. Because this particular pair of panties is/was made of a really thin nylon/poly satin material, they really did pick up a fair amount of pussy scent while playing with myself in them in front of Trixie. So smelling them after I took them off was a must.

Trixie flattered me and cooed that I looked "just like Little J aka Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl" -- and that made me wonder exactly *what* she was talking about since I'm no blonde teen, but then later I checked out the pics to see what she meant. Much to my own surprise, #52 & #53 are looking *very* Jenny Humphrey, all innocent and wide-eyed in a few of the shots. I guess I still have it in me, even though I'm like, way older. (How old? I'm 33 at the present moment, for those of you who don't pay attention to numbers, hehe.)

This is a pretty basic set of bra and panty pictures, but I still love the cool lamp and the bookcase chock full of Trixie books. (Valley Of The Dolls & Mists of Avalon, anyone?)

Like shiny satin panties? Join my site to see this entire set of 119 photos.

I'm trying not to get too maudlin or pre-maudlin about the pictures that Trixie's taken of me (because we're moving away and all), but don't worry, I won't be holding back. They'll all be going up just as soon as I edit and build galleries for them.

Speaking of the move, no date is official yet. We've been not-so-patiently waiting on some legal stuff to happen with his mom's house and more paperwork just arrived yesterday, but I would expect that we'll know before too much longer if our end of April projection is true. I wished we were there already, of course. I'm dying for a Rubio's fish taco. And to see my mom, sis, and her fiance. ;)