Seattle Feet, Brrr, Cold Feet

Okay, so I know that this isn't my Nymph Feet Blog but the cool part of my week last week was getting out and going down to the water (a whole five minutes from my apt) to shoot the pictures I needed for my feature over at Wu's Feet Links. It was almost the perfect day for shooting the "Seattle Feet" theme. Except that instead of just the normal rainy gray skies, we also had some snow the day before, and that made it too cold for me to want to take my feet out of my cute rubber rain boots. (Well, that and I've been sick. For as much as I've tried to pretend otherwise, my head cold with intense sinus pressure has scaled itself back into a moderate sniffly cold.) My fingers had a difficult time working the functions on my camera after only 15-20 minutes, so after I'd had enough fresh air, I do what a lot of us here in Seattle do: go to Starbucks for a steamy, hot beverage and get back indoors to warm up and cuddle with something to read (yes, my reading materials *are* Buffy related, a "TY!" goes out to Jose for the book) . At least, that's the storyline for my gallery, and I'm sticking to it. :) If you haven't already clicked on over, that feature has a free gallery of 45 pictures -- the two I'm using here aren't in the set, so what's over there is different.

So, I'm nearly finished with TWO updates for members of The first one is a selection of my CamZ group webcam shows. Not too terribly long ago, they made available our archives in .FLV format, so I should be able to offer those archives on a more regular basis. Actually, I've already uploaded those files, I just haven't made the page with their links yet. The second update coming *very* soon is a satin panty photo gallery. Again, 90% of those images have been edited, I only need to finish the little bit that's left and build the gallery pages and upload, upload away! I mentioned in my group show on Friday that my goal was to have those up before the weekend was out, and as you'll notice, that hasn't happened. I was close though, so close. I'm blaming my under-the-weatherness and a super busy Saturday night on PrivateCamz this time. Truth be told, I'm rather proud of what I was able to accomplish and all that I've been getting done lately.'s photo/video updates have been more regular the last few weeks and that makes me feel good.

And speaking of my group webcam shows. I've picked up my old time slot again, so my CamZ shows are now back on Tuesdays, 7pm ET / 4pm PT. I gave Fridays a try and kept the slot for about a month because I wanted to make it easier for folks to find me, but it's too tricky with needing to be back on for private shows Friday night. Talk about a full day, whoooo weee!

I'm starting to zone out, so I'm going to hit publish and see about a few other things before I turn in. It's only 3am and all. ;)