Members Updated, Cropped AmberLily Tee & Tube Socks

We're going to *pretend* that I'm a good blogger so I can bypass the usual "so this blog entry is late, please excuse my tardiness" and just jump into the free sample pictures that I've been dying to share. Posting this photo gallery update for members of earlier last week was definitely one of the highlights of said week.

And yes, as a matter of fact this IS another photo set shot by Trixie, how'd ya guess? ;) I think she did a great job capturing some of my smiling self wearing my favorite "AmberLily" tee-shirt. I had a couple of these shirts made back when I was dancing. I remember some of the other dancers giving me a "She's so full of IT" look when I first started wearing them. And then, after we all had to fight to keep our same stage names when Platinum closed and all of us (and more) headed to the *new* number one strip club in Memphis, The Pony -- and someone else tried to come over as AmberLily, no one was giving me those looks then. Instantly, the managers and staff *knew* who the real AmberLily was and my copycat bowed out with some other name inside of a couple of weeks. With hundreds of dancers all working the same club, the stage name fight got pretty catty during our transition. I was glad to be through with it early. Truth be told, the gals who already knew me weren't in the hater crowd. I might be a bit sassy at times but I very rarely go full on diva. My sense of humor and nerdiness get the better of me, and I simmer on down to be maybe a bit on the sarcastic side, but that's ultimately pretty easy to get along with. Totally user friendly. ;)

Still, this was undoubtedly my favorite of my customized baby tees. (Even if I did go at it with the scissors a bit too aggressively.) It went so well with my big white platform boots with the fur that aren't in this round of images. Those boots were like a miracle for my tired stripper feet. I could easily do 8+ hours in them because they were ├╝ber-comfy. They would get super sweaty which is where those near-pristine white tube socks would come in.

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And now on to other topics folks are wondering about...

I had intended to record a vlog that explains why we're not already in California by this point, but after our apartment building's fire alarm went off on the day I got the cam program all set up to record, I ran out of steam on the idea. The long and short of our moving situation is that we're basically in "Loan Limbo" and can't move until either our loan against the house in California that BigD inherited when his mom passed away in January goes through *or* the bank we're trying to use denies us and we can then use our credit cards to get there. (While your loan is being considered using any credit is highly discouraged as is any activity that affects your credit rating. Blech.) Naturally, option A is vastly more appealing but because lenders aren't lending the way they were prior to the economic crisis we're in -- it's been most frustrating. They'd rather give loans to first-time home buyers to try to get the real estate market back on track. Anyone in our situation with a home that's already paid off is being given the run around. It hasn't been at all helpful that we're dealing with an out of state title, probate, and a loan officer who's overwhelmed with her job. We're trying to keep our spirits up, but it's been rough, and I'll spare you the finer details.

So, yes, we're most desperate to get this whole move over with, but "Loan Limbo" has us hostage. We'll be playing it by ear for the next few weeks and maybe the universe will throw us a bone. (Are you listening universe? Please, pretty please, throw us a fucking bone already.) In the mean time, my time on webcam has me distracted and I'm glad for it. I've just hit 2000 one-on-one camshows, so that's been cool. I've been extremely fortunate to have had some truly spectacular camshow patrons. Thank you for taking time out to play with me recently.

Okay, going to close now. I want to try to wake up at a more reasonable hour so that I can telephone my mom and wish her Happy Mother's Day.


    So frustrating! I hope you get your move on soon, though I do wish I'd been able to see you more while you lived in Seattle. :(

    I know it's not the same, but at least being around your family in Cali will be good for Big D. Family is family, you know?

    Sending you love & hugs & $$$$!