And The Doggy DNA Results Are In...

We couldn't take the the not-knowing any longer and finally decided to have Dutch DNA tested. The suspense was killing us now that he's almost all grown-up at nine months old, so I picked up a DNA Breed Identification Kit from BioPet Vet Lab at PetSmart, swabbed his gums, mailed the swabs, and waited patiently for two weeks. The results are in and they certainly did give us a good chuckle so I had to share. Our crazy-looking mutt is... Drum roll please.... 50% German Shepherd, 20% Siberian Husky and 30% Basset Hound! Yes, I said Basset Hound! Muahahaha!

The family that we got Dutch from told us he was a German Shepherd/Husky Mix and as it turns out they didn't fib. They just left out that Basset Hound part. At first, we weren't sure the results were accurate, but then BigD did an image search on Google for Siberian Husky/Basset Hound Mix, and we saw some very definite similarities between Dottie and our boy Dutch. (Follow that link to see what we saw; Dottie is adorable.)

We started Dog Training last week and so far so good. Dutch really is more of a lover than anything, but larger dogs are held to a higher standard as far as behavior goes, so we've been very strict with our easily-excited puppy in the hopes that because he's so young something will stick. Our teacher's told us that the Puppy Retard Phase lasts 2-3 years and after that his personality will be as developed as its probably gonna get. It will be interesting to see. That's for sure.


    German Husky Hound? Siberian Basset Shepard?

    So THAT'S what it is!! LOL - it all makes sense now! So he could be(come?) quite a talker . . . is he?

    Not so much of a talker but definitely a whiner and a beggar, lol. We're glad we have him, but I seriously had no idea how much work puppies are... Dunno if I could do a puppy ever again!!