Dutch With The Girl Next Door

This picture of Dutch with Blondie, the girl next door, was too cute not to share. He's no longer the little puppy we brought home before Christmas, but he sure isn't going to be anything close to the size of our Mastiff neighbor either. We're about to cave in and buy one of those Doggie DNA Tests so we will *really* know what our mixed mutt is... Is he really a German Shepherd/Husky Mix? We'd like to know more of what we're in for with potential health issues and that might be the only way to find out. He's not on the Puppy Cyclone setting for a long as he was when he was a newbie to our household, but that's because we try to exercise the hell out of him. Growing so fast, it won't be much longer before he's big enough to not get *totally* plowed by the Labs he plays with at the dog park. Me, on the other hand, am probably doomed to be nearly knocked over when those big wrestling dogs go at it and collide with me when my back's turned, lol. It's a good thing everyone (so far) has been fairly well-behaved and responds to their owners. Believe you and me, I do appreciate that!


    What adorable puppies! I'm such a sucker for animals. My dog can only visit every once in awhile so I went out and bought a leash for my cat so I have something to take for a walk. Pathetic? Maybe.

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