Wha? Summer's Just About Over? Good deal!

Yes! Summer's really just about over! YES!

The end of Summer means the beginning of Fall which is my favorite season, and I'm excited. Aren't you? Over the last couple of months, I've channeled some significant energy into getting my home office or my Webwhore Headquarters (to borrow from Trixie's vernacular) set up. It took me forever to paint and redecorate, but the place turning out pretty decent (as you can see in that picture up there, I hope). I'm not finished unpacking all of my clothes yet -- costumes & shoes are still trying to get situated. I always forget *exactly* how much stuff I've got until I try to unpack and then amongst all of the wilting cardboard I remember and am overwhelmed. Instead of letting myself feel too daunted, I've tried to remain optimistic that I'll actually get to use all of these high heels and lacy underthings on webcam. And Halloween is coming!!! I've a renewed enthusiasm for trying to have this room set up for costume-themed webcamming. While we're on the topic of costumes and Halloween. I wonder what my viewers and online friends would like to see me in this year? I have a few ensembles that I've not yet debuted, but if you'd like to pick something new from my Amazon Wishlist -- I added a bunch of sexy costumes. Certainly couldn't hurt to have a few more, right?

Since the last time I blogged, I've been up to a few other things as well. BigD and I have made a commitment to being more healthy and so we -- *gasp* -- have joined a gym! I know, I know, you probably never thought you'd see the day that junk-foodie AmberLily would be exercising the conventional way, but alas, I am. I'm also the biggest whiner when it's time go too. ;) Still, it's better to try to make some improvements in the name of keeping fit and with my no longer working out on a nightly basis on a stripclub's stage -- having a gym membership seems like the best option. I can't say that I'm feeling more toned or anything yet. I've always felt like that kind of thing comes and goes on me from week to week anyway, but aren't you proud of me for trying? I've cut down on the amount of sugary sweets I eat but I haven't cut them out of my diet altogether. Wouldn't that be totally futile now that stores everywhere are stocking their shelves with fun-sized candies and Starbucks has brought back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Methinks so.

Other notable investments have been a second computer for my webwork (this time a PC) and SoCal resident annual passports to Disneyland. Whoo hoo! I'm still in the "adapting to Windows 7 phase" with the new machine, but really, it can only mean good things as I buckle down and use some of my days off from camming on Streamate to work on website stuff. And the other days off, well, don't you agree that they should be spent doing something fun? That's where Disneyland comes in. It's nice to pop on over to Mickey's place, hit a couple of rides, and then grab dinner without the pressure of trying to squeeze in as much Disney fun as possible because we know we won't be back until next year. Having passes gives us more breathing room to take in a little here and there -- and I'm thankful for it. So don't be surprised if you see more cellphone snaps like this one with me stuffing my face on bread pudding at the Cafe Orleans in my TwitPics. I promise I'll try to figure out how to rotate pics in my silly phone next time around, lol. (Lordy, I miss my old phone, it was easier with that kind of thing.)

I should shake a leg and get in the shower before I start webcamming tonight/this morning. Here's the view from my chatroom if you haven't visited me on Streamate in awhile.