Star Wars Links Worth Hitting (December 2010)

Ready for a few more Star Wars links that are worth hitting? All three of the ones that I have this go around would make lovely gifts for Christmas or gifts for any occasion just because they are all freakin' awesome anytime of year. That's right, I said it, Star Wars is good any time year round.

"The Sexy"

Star Wars Droids Swim Wear

I'm not sure how many people forward me this link to Black Milk's website because they wanted to make sure that I saw how cool and sexy these droid swim suits were, but it was more than a couple. For a mere $85, you can bask in the the sunshine beside the pool dressed like either R2D2 or C-3PO. One pieces with Star Wars style! I think the only thing that's holding me back from buying either one of these is that they mention that they are unlined. Sure, that'd be cool for camming in, but man, I'd want to proudly wear my Artoo out there at the beach (that like one day a year when I actually go to the beach) and not worry about my little perky nipples sticking out. If I had to guess, I'd say the hot babes modeling these suits are both wearing bras. Anyhoo, a notable find.

"The Adorable"

Chewie & Han By Chris Wahl

Couldn't you just squeal because these Chewie & Han T-Shirts are super duper adorable? I'll take Chewie & Han over Calvin & Hobbes any day. Shirts come in a wide range of different colors and with sizes all the way up to XXXL so almost any fanboy or fangirl will be covered in comfortable cotton cuteness for less than $25. (Don't be surprised if you see me in one of these in my Streamate Chatroom though I haven't bought one yet... I can't make up mind as to which color to get...)

"The Tasty"

Star Wars Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee

Some of you already know how much I like ThinkGeek stuff (that dashing 8-bit neck tie that I'm wearing in my last blog entry is from ThinkGeek, for example) and this new product they've given us is destined to be a surefire hit. A match made in nerd heaven! Pay homage to the Dark Lord of The Sith and quench your need for caffeine in one fell swoop! I'm going to be sure to order some the next time I place an order for Root Jack. Night owl camgirls gotta keep on our toes, after all. Beverages such as these are the keys to our happiness and success. If you nab some before I do, be sure to let me know how you like it. Please leave a comment here on my blog or tweet me or email me. Before I forget to mention it, I went ahead and made a ThinkGeek Wishlist because I saw they had that feature. I couldn't remember seeing it as an option before, so I dunno, maybe it's relatively new? They really do have way, way too many cool things. I don't recommended even clicking any links to their site unless you have at least 30 minutes to go browsing.

And speaking of wishlists, I've been very fortunate to have received a few things from my Amazon Wishlist lately that I will try to show off here in my blog within the next couple of entries.


    Hey Amber!

    If you end up buying a Chewie and Han shirt, I'd love to see a photo.

    (email me via my profile link)

    Sure! I'll definitely make sure we get to see a pic. :)

    How cool of you to comment, by the way... *hugs*