Star Wars Links Worth Hitting

I've been on a roll recently with sharing some amazing/sexy/adorable Star Wars links via my twitter lately, but I know not everyone catches me for every tweet as I am somewhat of a twitteraholic. Why not share them here too. I have selfish reasons too, of course, if I blog about them -- then I don't have to keep them as bookmarks. I can just pull up my blog and revisit.

"The Amazing"

The Ultimate Star Wars Apartment

Now, this place is probably the most tidy looking nerd palace I've ever seen. Most collector homes are chock full of not only collectibles but clutter as well. Originally spotted at Gizmodo via this link that was posted by Adam Frucci I believe I might have seen it elsewhere but am not sure now. I think the only things that are missing are the original Star Wars stuff of the Hasbro action figure variety. It's entirely too grown-up over there and needs some kids toys in the mix. It's possible that those are loaded up, still in their original blister packs, hidden in the closet or under the bed. If you think the above picture that I snagged is cool, then you need to see the whole set. And then, read all of the totally jealous user comments. So many boys, so green with envy over other boys collections -- trying to dis it all the way instead of appreciating it for the super stellar spectacle that it is.

"The Sexy"

Galactic Empire Corset Collection

Aren't these Star Wars corsets the freaking bomb? I was completely *blown away* by how original and how sexy these are. And if I were in the market to spend $500-600 on something Star Wars-y, this would be at the top of the list. If pressed to pick between the Galactic Lord or the Galactic Trooper, it would be the Galactic Lord Corset all the way. The matching shrug with floaty cape are divine! And how terribly practical that it also comes with a utility belt. Somewhere to put the keys to the Death Star! :) I first saw these gorgeous costume pieces on Spike, but a quick search on Google turned up the actual maker: Evening Arwen.

And yeah, I saw the Star Trek corsets over at Spike, but ya know, those just weren't quite tickling my fancy. They aren't nearly loaded, are they? ;)

"The Adorable"

Animals With Lightsabers

How can you go wrong with Animals With Lightsabers? See, you just can't. And doesn't the photo above look like it could be my Captain? It's not, of course, it's a white kitty named Roxy. There's a variety of animals wielding lightsabers with more photos being added all the time, so it's good to stop by periodically to see what you missed. Ocassionally, you'll even get a fun Jedi Animal video. A sure way to lift your spirits & celebrate the Force at the same time.