CamZ Group Show Didn't Happen Today

Unfortunately, Camz went down today *right before* my weekly 1-hour group camshow was scheduled to start at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. I'm sure it was just another case of unknown/unexpected technical difficulties with their latest system changes. Nevertheless, I was on time and ready, and I hit my twitter to fill everyone in on what was going on as it was happening. Here's the three funny/sexy 12 second videos that I recorded to show off what I was wearing:

Well, it looks like Camz is down. But I was ready on time, see?

So a great big WTF with an !

Think I should surprise hubby in this lil ensemble?

So after goofing around and recording those, I decided to test out a free twitter-friendly cam service called because I figured why not sit & chat while dressed up in my sexy red and black Cuban heel stockings before BigD got home. Things were purely non-nude as per their TOS, but it was a nice way to feel connected for a few moments with my site members and non-members alike -- after we figured out to use the chatroom to communicate with each other, of course. Not the easiest, most-streamlined method for webcam broadcasting, but my impromptu chat seemed to go over pretty well, and we appreciated the venue. I rambled up a storm about music and stripping and television shows and stuff while only getting tongue-tied a few times here and there. There was no clock at CamTweet, but I'm fairly certain that my free webcam stream lasted for 40-50 minutes or so and the quality wasn't half bad. The experience was a reminder that yes, webcam stuff can be fun *even* when it's just all talking and me playing with my hair while not getting naked.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to easily slip into another CamZ Group Show timeslot this week to attempt a make-up show, but if I can -- I will be sure to post it the members area & on my twitter. (And yes, I realize that my tweets over there in the sidebar of my blog are looking like ass -- I need to figure out a prettier way to display them. I just don't have it figured out yet.)


    I really enjoyed the Cam Tweet chat. You looked very lovely, and your hair looked great. I enjoyed listening to all of your interesting, and humorous thoughts. You are a very appealing woman, and you always bring a lot to the table.