Members Updated, Trashy Doll

Aren't I looking both trashy and glam all at the same time? Dressing up in those vertical-striped black thigh highs with my frilly "cuffs & collars" made me feel quite furiously sexy so I'm not thinking that this theatrical Doll look means that I'm as chaste as most real dollies strive to be all sexless with their pink parts carefully covered.

BigD came home after I'd only *just* started shooting and when he spotted all of the disposable plastic grocery bags around me and said -- "That makes no sense!" I batted by enormous faux eye-lashes back at him and replied with smooth "It doesn't *have* to make sense; I'm having fun." Trashy Dolls can happily pose and play in *trash* after all.

And since I have a love affair with my plastic bags (they have so many reusable uses!) I thought it would make for an awesome background that would, in part, cheer me up because we're still living in Seattle -- a place where they actually tried to impose a bag tax a couple of months ago. Argh. I'm simply not hippie enough to live here. I *do* reduce/recycle/reuse but I'm love love LOVE my plastic bags because they meet the needs of my household in a variety of areas. Remember, I've got four cats (until TT succumbs to cancer), a massive panty and lingerie collection, and a hubby who's a gamer. All of those benefit from a goodly stash of these plastic bags. I'm not an Uber-Green-Machine, and I don't want to be punished for not being one. Dislike my viewpoint and even hate me if you must -- but being lectured about not doing enough when I already feel like I *am* doing enough has gotten old. And it makes me grouchy. And rebellious.

I'm not saying all of this because I want to spurn a conversation/debate over the topic of recycling (particularly when much of it really does seem to mostly be about our feelings and what our pocketbooks might be feeling and that is tied to a bunch of other Bullshit). I am merely relaying my own personal feelings and how I arrived at this plastic bag playground for this photo set for Pretty easy to see where I shop the most too, huh? I do loves me some Target, Safeway, QFC, 7-11 and the Spirit Halloween Superstore. Mmmm hmmm.

So, let's get on with other things worth mentioning about this photo set. Did I already tell you that there are exactly 99 self-taken pictures this time? Well, there are! I figure that another shoot or two and I'll be back in the self-pornography groove. I'm especially proud of those that start around #26. (That would be the first sample up above there.)

Members can see the entire set inside my site, and if you're not a member and would like to -- please visit my sign up page to get hooked up!


    You are an amazing, sexy woman! I didn't see a spot to subrcribe to your blog. Is there one? I hope so!