Members Updated, Spider Web Chaps

That's right, it's Halloween year-round when you have hot outfits like this one in your lingerie drawers. This is another one of my most favorite exotic dancer outfits that I felt it was necessary to photographically document. The girls at the club would call these chaps even though they don't connect at the waist and are technically leggings. Whichever you prefer, they have a certain way of drawing more attention to the parts that aren't covered in the behind region. Definitely THE outfit to wear if you're feeling cheeky.

Anyhoo, there's over 100 snaps of me posing in this outfit for members of If the background looks a bit familiar that's because, yes, this is another Trixie-As-Photographer photo set shot at her home. (Thank you, *again* Trixie for having me over and shooting so many nice pictures of me.) I'm glad that one of my leggings/chaps outfits has finally made it into pictures. I've quite literally gotten a lot of mileage out of this particular outfit. That might be more obvious if I posted more pictures, but it's no accident that the outfit shows the most wear in certain areas. The little green spider webs are faded at the knees, the inner thighs and the gstring. A testament to how much fun I had dancing. ;)

Mmmm, yes indeedy...

Oh, got mentally sidetracked for a moment. In other news, I should have something *especially* worthwhile to share within the next day or two. I hope anyway! The news might break on my twitter first. So if you've got an account there, by all means follow me.