Gone Fishing, Geeking Out & Being Way Hot

My plan is to drop off a bunch of pictures for this entry because, well, there have been a few I've shared via my TwitPics that I think deserve their own special blog entry.

First and foremost, I went fishing!!! BigD mentioned a few weeks ago that he'd really like to give it try and go fishing. Neither one of us had been for like over twenty years, so naturally, neither of us really remembered *how* to fish. After consulting a few online sources for where to go and what to target at a few of the nearby lakes, we went all official and got licensed. I picked out a very girlie pink fishing rod and matching baseball cap. See? And on one of our first days out (since by now we've been a few times out) -- I caught the first fish last weekend, a pretty rainbow trout!

It's been nice to get the old man out of the house. We're not really the outdoorsy type, but I think we're doing pretty good with the couple of trips we've made thus far. I'll do whatever I can to get BigD interested in something that allows us to get more fresh air. Although, I do wish that I could talk him into driving a bit further away from the burbs so we could find a place that's remote enough that I could try to shoot some Naked In The Great Outdoors pictures and/or videos. Even if he chooses not to hold the camera (he's terribly opposed to that unless I've a co-star) -- he could at least play look out. So far, no such luck on that. You'll be the first to know if that changes, of course.

And then last weekend was Comic-Con 2009 down in San Diego, CA. For those of you reading this who *aren't* of the nerdy-persuasion, that particular convention is sort of a big deal to Star Wars fans because it's where Lucasfilm chooses to release cool new stuff to get us all worked up over. Some years are better than others with that but even if *that* part of Comic-Con doesn't fully satiate -- there's so many other things to geek out over that it's something we don't miss altogether even if I have very little desire to attend the convention myself. Comic-Con is way, way too crowded. Watching the coverage on G4 is plenty good. Especially when it's being brought to by hot nerd chicks like Olivia Munn. Yes, yes, I'm a fan. How'd ya guess?

So also last weekend, I let little AmberLeia out to play and put on one of my Star Wars t-shirts and did my hair up in Princess Leia buns to play on cam. I'm glad that I did. Not everyone was a fan of that particular look but the majority of the folks who wandered into my chatroom were cool with *my* being a fan even if they weren't. I have a real hard time believing that there are actually people who *haven't* seen any of the Star Wars movies (old or new trilogy!) but sure enough -- they do occasionally cross my path and I have to explain myself. How many inside jokes must these folks miss while being out and about in the world? There are so many pop culture references to Star Wars that I can't imagine not getting those. Man! At the very, very least, see the first film. You shouldn't even be able to *say* you're a nerd or a nerd-sympathizer unless you've seen Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Even go the Special Edition route. Just see it already. Unless you were just born yesterday, you're way overdue. ;)

Speaking of overdue, I'm feeling as though I'm way behind on a number of projects (including AmberLily.net members updates) and some of that is because of the heat wave we've been experiencing here in Western Washington. The temperature sky-rocketed to as high as 107 this past week which is pretty abnormal for this neck of the woods. It's pissed me off royally because SEATTLE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN AIR-CONDITIONING!!! The locals like to think that it doesn't get hot enough for air-conditioning. I've heard all sorts of things from these loonies. Stuff like: "It's only hot for a couple of months, tops!" being one of the latest sentences said to me while I was in line to by the last fan in the store in a pathetic attempt to cool off my home office. (If you've kept up with my twitter or caught up with me in my group Camz show then you've already heard my snippy reply to this asinine statement but please bear with me while I say it again here because I really want to write it all out for posterity's sake. We won't be living here forever, after all.) --With sweat running down my chest and through my shirt, I replied to Madam Crazytown: "Where I come from, we call that SUMMER, and we have air-conditioning." And true enough, no one bothered to tell little Miss Hot Under The Collar and Hot Every Freaking Where Else any differently.

Any rental place that's in a location that gets above 85 degrees *should* have A/C. It just should. It should be an option. If apartment complexes in this area can offer stupid security alarm systems, they can offer air-conditioning. It's just one of the many things that irks me to no end about Seattle. Because guess what, it was hot last year at this time too. This is not a new phenomenon. The temperature finally did break late in the week, and now we're only in the 90's so that's been better. Some relief is better than no relief.

I did, however, answer a whole bunch of email on the day that I was waiting for our apt manager to come in and do our annual unit inspection. I didn't get back to everyone, but I was able to let a few folks know that I've not forgotten about them. :) I'm in the process of coming up with new stuff for updates, and there are a couple of things I'd like to change on the free side that I'm confident I'll get done. Maybe after my brain has soaked in enough Frozen Mango Pieces to think properly. That could be any day now. In the mean time, those shows that I did in my Star Wars t-shirt and cute black panties are in my PrivateCamz archives -- along with the one pantyhose-lovers might like where I play in some cream-colored hose. Hopefully that will entertain until I can get more sexy stuff going on.

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