AmateurCamz/PrivateCamz Update

The owner of Camz sent all of the performers on the Camz network an email explain the recent tech issues: As it turns out, the building where the computers for Camz are hosted was to receive an upgrade to their air conditioning. Instead of doing the A/C units one at a time as instructed, they shut down all of the A/C units at once. The temporary units brought in were not enough to keep the data center cooled. This caused the data center to overheat and machines were shut down. The hosting company was not at fault since they were not even notified of the air unit upgrade. However, the end result was Camz lost a few core machines. This caused a great deal of downtime and instability. Long story short is that Camz has the new machines and is nearing the completion of many of the transfers that will once again add stability to the network. They've even taken it a step further and set up redundancy to their core machines to avoid issues like this in the future.

So there we are. You know what I know. What I wrote above is pretty much a regurgitation of the email I received. I'm optimistic that the worst is behind us and that my regular one-hour shows will more *regular*. My current weekly showtime is still: Tuesdays, 7pm ET / 4pm PT. See you tomorrow? Join my site to get a ticket to the show and see thousands of naughty pictures & hours of video of me to boot.