Members Updated, Wand Grinding In White Panties

Posted a new video for members of my site this morning: Wand Grinding In White Panties. It's 13+ minutes of my grinding on top of my Hitachi Magic Wand (okay, okay so it's a rip off no-name brand wand massager actually, but most folks aren't paying attention to such meaningless details) while wearing white nylon/spandex panties. I'd say that these panties are pretty much in the boyshorts category except they fit a bit higher on the waist than many of my other boyshorts. And while they aren't in the "see-through" category, there is some definite camel toe action going on. My panties do get pulled to the side while I'm playing with my wand but they stay on for the duration of this video. Through the orgasm and all. A little tricky at times to keep my ass in front of the camera, I'd like to think it'll be memorable for members.


Whoa, so it's like 4:37am, and I'm dying for some shut-eye. Glad I popped in here to share the video caps for my latest self-filmed panty video. I'm sure I'll sleep a lot better knowing that I was so productive today: group cam show, private cam shows, twitter updates, 12 second video entry, members update, and a little blog entry *bragging* about all of today's accomplishments, lol.


    Well Amberlily, I must say that you had me at Grinding. By the time that I got to the words White Panties, I was completely sold. This video is indeed a treat for anyone lucky enough to have eyes to see it. Keep up the good, and incredibly sexy work.
    Take Care,