Back In Seattle

Just a quickie post to let ya'll know that I'm back in Seattle. BigD's still down in SoCal for the time being, so many loose ends to tie up. I will be making a more wordy blog entry with all that's going on, or maybe even a video entry because that might be easier, but I did want to let everyone know that we're both doing okay.

I do have some happy news to report (which is new for those of you who don't follow my tweets) -- We've got a new addition to our household: a new cat! BigD's mom had an affectionate black and white long-haired kitty named "Fancy Pants" that flew home with me on Monday. (Boy, was that ever an experience. I've flown cats before but as cargo not as an in-cabin passenger.) So far, Fancy has been shy with our cats, but that's a good sign. Better shy than aggressive with lots of cat-fighting, I say. She's only 3 years old, so I'm hopeful that after she gets used to us, she'll be a playmate to our 2 year old Captain. And yes, Fancy makes us a four-cat household. My crazy cat lady status has indeed been reinforced. As if there were any doubts!

And now I'm off to watch Lost even though some East Coast fucktards have already spoiled part of tonight's episode for me because they were in my twitter's timeline and felt the need to give blow by blow details. Surest way to get me to unfollow you: spoilers with no warning of spoilers. I didn't do it when I was in an earlier timezone and demand the same courtesy. :)