Happy New Years - Members Updated!

Happy 2009 everyone! As I type this out, I'm finishing the last of the bubbly. A bit tipsy. It's 3:52am. BigD has long since gone to bed, many hours ago. I've been up partially diddling myself and working on this update. I would have liked to update with this most sexy gallery of pictures of me wearing this spectacular sparkly shiny silver dress that I've uploaded a picture from for this entry, but alas, it was taking too long -- and my attention had drifted elsewhere. Instead, tonight I worked on this totally self-indulgent homemade porn music video using footage that I've masturbated to over and over with one of my favorite songs. I'm calling this special video "After The Fuck" - so maybe that will give some indication as to what kind of subject matter we're dealing with. *big grin* (And don't worry, I'll get these nice classy pictures that Trixie shot of me when I visited her place edited in a gallery shortly.)

If you've been thinking about joining AmberLily.net, this is a good time, if I do day so myself. Between this video and the latest naughty hardcore photo gallery update, I think I've got some stuff up that's pretty arousing. No better way to start the New Year than with getting off with me... But of course, I'm a bit biased.


    No, I completely agree - getting off with you would be the perfect start to 2009. :)