Panty Fetish Webcamming Is HOT!

Okay, so I don't regularly come in here to my blog and make posts about how *hot* my private webcam shows are. I have so many good one-on-one shows and cam so frequently that my blog here would be overflowing with posts if I did. Many of my shows are what I classify as "just general tease and masturbation" shows. In different flavors, of course. Some with lots of dirty talk. Some with hardly any dirty talk but with plenty of toyplay. Some where it's all close-ups of my ass from behind. Some where I'm pleasuring myself with two fingers in my pussy and my thumb on my clit and so on and so forth. Not everyone has a fetish or something specific they *need* to see to get off, and that's cool by me. But for those private show customers who DO have a fetish, and it's one of the fetishes that I enjoy catering to AND I'm allowed to take their ideas and run with them -- Man, I couldn't enjoy my job as a professional camwhore more.

Tonight was one of those nights. I had a couple of truly awesome panty fetish sessions that really got my juices flowing by the end of the night. So much so that I had to log out and make myself cum *a couple of times* before deciding to give my pussy a break and come in here to blog about it. The first panty fetish camshow was me rubbing myself through this roomy white satin bikini pair. That viewer wanted to see me make a wet spot through the fabric of the panty, and I was happy to oblige. (It was that show that the above screen cap is from.) Right after that show I had a couple of "general" shows and then this rare but quite arousing cam-2-cam session where the customer took a picture of me naked that he let me watch him take and print out so that he could jack off his incredibly meaty cock and shoot his hot load all over me. Me, in photographic form. Yes, I'm sure admitting how entertaining that show was to me was makes me sound extremely conceited, but c'mon now. That's not one that happens every day, and I'm more than allowed to enjoy it. Skipping ahead to the last shows of my night, I had the opportunity to share a few more pairs of panties with someone who'd seen the archive for the first panty fetish show. All of them bikinis but each of them different colors and fabrics. I saved a bright orange pair that I'd never played in before for last. Just pulled them to the side and let my fingers work my swollen pussy until our time was up. That orange pair of panties is definitely broken in now.

I'm not sure if any of the folks that I played with tonight are members of, but if you are and you're reading this now -- thank you! And a big thank you to those of you who've played with me over the holidays too. I know that my PrivateCamz archives probably shouldn't be considered "content" for my members area, but now that I've got over 1500 shows in there -- I feel like all of those hours of webcam footage that my members can check out should count. Especially after nights like tonight. :)


    That is hawt. Wish I saw it. There a larger preview pic? or this show in your archive? I want it for my desktop.

    If you're a member of either of my sites ( or and you go to my PrivateCamz Archives then you can see both the recorded show or pages of screen captures from my private shows. Good reason to join, if you dig watching my naughtier moments on webcam. :)