Halloween Group Camshows N Stuff

Last Tuesday, I performed my first of two costume camshows of the 2009 Halloween Season & it was a hoot. With all that's been going on in recent weeks, I figured I'd just focus on the last two weeks of October with my usual costumey-enthusiasm. So I put on my Sexy Miss Freddy Krueger ensemble (minus the footware because I wanted to get make sure it was a good soles-in-fishnet pantyhose show) and had fun for an hour with my regular Camz viewers. I bought this costume last year to wear to BigD's company Halloween party and figured the red and green sweater dress would keep me and my little sweater puppies nice and toasty, hehe. Plus, I admit it, I've always wanted an excuse to have my very own "Freddy Fingers" -- Freddy's sinister glove with razor blade fingers is such fun to goof off with. So totally iconic! I could play with them forever!

Many years ago, when we were on like the forth or fifth "A Nightmare on Elm Street" installment, there was a phone-in contest where the contestants were asked three questions about the movies and your's truly called in. I got them all correct and won (what was at that time) the complete collection of movies on VHS and some collectible card stuff. That so ruled! I was thrilled to death that I'd *actually* won something. Of course, it wasn't too much longer before VHS became obsolete, but I kept those tapes for a long time -- my winnings! It wasn't until Christmas our first year in Memphis that BigD gifted me with the *now* complete dvd collection of some of my favorite scary movies. Okay, okay, so "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge" *does* suck badly, but I do occasionally bust out the others. I like both 1 & 3 a lot -- those two are the ones I've seen the most amount of times. And you know, I'm not at all sure what I'll think about the Michael Bay remake due out in 2010. The casting and trailer look decent.

Anyhoo, the replay of my Sexy Miss Freddy Krueger show is up for members of AmberLily.net. You'll want to try and catch it before I do my show on Tuesday, October 27th and the replay will be changed out with the show I perform that evening. With all of the system changes at Camz, there hasn't been a way for me to download and post more permanent archives of my group shows or make those highlight clips that they like to use for promotional purposes, but I'm sure they'll make my latest past shows available at some point.

In other news, much more sad news, we lost our TT on Sunday. Our older orange cat had been diagnosed with terminal lymphoma back in April. We thought he might make it with us on our *still* upcoming move back home to SoCal, but it just didn't happen. He was our best cat -- one of the best cats I've ever shared any time with, actually. Whenever someone would tell me "I don't like cats because they are/do ______" -- I'd tell them they'd like our TT (Tigger Two) because he had so few "negative" cat traits. He was the ultimate companion cat. In his younger days (when he was an indoor/outdoor kitty in Southern California), he would play with all of the neighborhood children, and they loved him. They'd actually knock on the door and ask if TT could come out to play. TT liked just about everyone, came whenever called, would lap-sit for as long as he was welcomed, and slept with us almost every night. We were lucky to have had him for as long as we did and suffering yet another loss this year, a year where there have been *so many* losses, was really hard. TT wasn't in much pain during his last moments; he was a trooper all the way to the end -- dying in my arms before our appointment to have him put to sleep last Sunday morning.

There are days when our cats are the only living, flesh and blood beings that I see aside from my husband because I work from home, and yes, because we haven't had children yet -- I do think of them as our babies and "our kids". I knew that Captain was going to have a hard time with TT's passing because even though they'd always had a Mr. Wilson/Dennis The Menace type of relationship. (TT being Mr. Wilson & Captain being Dennis for those of you who don't follow Cappy's clownish exploits on his twitter.) The days following TT's death were heart-wrenching with Captain meowing/searching for TT. All confused, he'd go hang out in TT's favorite places. And then there was acting out in other ways... The surviving cats have started peeing in places they shouldn't which is *really* abnormal for them. A sign they've been stressed out. I haven't caught anyone in the act just noticed afterward. Ugh. But, with each passing day, it's getting easier for all of us, and BigD and I are talking about the fun times with TT. Captain's been more attentive which has been cool.

I'm sure I could ramble on for a few more paragraphs about other stuff that's going on, but I'm gonna close now to get some shut-eye. It's only 5:24am now, lol. And another "Thank You" goes out to those who emailed or replied to me at twitter to send your condolences. Very sweet of ya'll!


    I realize that the grief that accompanies the loss of one's pet can be great. I shudder at the thought of losing my Siamese, Jasmine, who is the best friend to my boxer-beagle, Lucy. But, you're description of what TT was all about suggests that you have the right attitude about the loss of your & Big D's special friend. I always taught my 3 kids that pets come and go but that the memories and happiness they bring last forever. And those memories do last forever too. That the kids in your neighborhood asked for TT to come play is proof that TT was indeed a special cat that has entrenched memories of happiness for you. And you've described why so very well.
    Happy Halloween, Ms. Amber. :-)