Naked Girl Does Some Twitter Twaddle Vlog

I *probably* shouldn't have recorded this but sometimes I just can't help myself.

Special Note to More Polished Webwhores & Adult Entertainers: This vlog ramble was recorded to help illustrate how blind some twat-heads are on twitter about women having rights over their own bodies to do with as they will and NOT a criticism of cosmetic surgery or just plain ole being more glamorous than your's truly. (I might even want some someday! And no lip from you boys who've followed me for years about "ruining my look" either = It's my body to do with as I want, when I want, enough said.) So I apologize, folks, if I'm coming across that way because it's unintentional. I'm supporter of your right to be The Decider. You alone ARE The Decider of your own life/body, after all. Muah!

Special Note to Blind Twat-Heads On Twitter: See, you got what you wanted, attention from a genuine Naked Girl On The Internet, ain't it cool? I'm sure you were super thrilled that I recorded this "NAKED" - huh? This is a pretty good glimpse into the real person behind the twitter ID that you've been following for weeks, months, a year(?) and still don't know. I encourage you to take the "Stop Being A Twat-Head Challenge" and join my amateur panty porn site and get to know me via my picture galleries, videos, and live webcam shows. Here's a link to the JOIN PAGE of I promise it'll be a lot of fun if you do. Even if it's just for educational purposes, you *might still* be inclined to jack-off to the nerdy hotness that is AmberLily. In her natural state, in her artificial state, in the state of Washington. There ya go. If this hasn't sold you, I don't know what will.

Special Note to Other Often-Frumpy Webwhores & Adult Entertainers: Are you calling me out on my sloppiness? Think you're more "carefree" with your online appearance? Fine, you very well could be. Guess we'll just have to have a slumber party where we give each other make-overs while I try to get you to watch Season One of LOST and you try to get me to watch Season One of Deep Space Nine as we debate who has earned the title of Most Slovenly Slut. I'll bring the scrunchy hair ties and the Oil of Olay! You make the popcorn!

Special Note to the Choir: Thank you for enduring *yet another* blog entry where I've gone off on quite the rambling rant. I promise you'll be seeing me as The Pretty Girl very shortly. I honestly do like my version of The Pretty Girl and am glad that you do too. I most sincerely appreciate you folks in the choir that I've ended up preaching to *again* most of all. Especially your infinite patience with my personal life issues getting in the way of our having all of the fun I dream of us having. I'm making every effort to stay the course and not become another retired webgirl statistic. Hang in there for me knowing that I *really am* doing the best that I can. *Endless Thank You Hugs*


    Gosh, the V-log validated my impressions of you, Ms. Amber. That delights me. And trust me, I'm certainly not a sycophant nor am I delusional about the scope of a relationship with a Twitter follower. Heck, I was just grateful that you apologized to me a while back for dissing my profession, as deserving as the profession is of a good dissing every single day!!
    My assumption about you, based on minimal information, has always been that you would likely fall into the category that we Southerners refer to as "good people." Minimal information in this setting is quite sufficient for me too. But your disclosure of being a female who would considerately go fishing with Big D on a Friday night, well that just qualified you as a VERY SPECIAL LADY in my world; not that our worlds will ever cross, of course, nor do they have to do so for me to recognize, enjoy, be entertained by and learn from good people.
    Flowing directly from your twelve (12) minute video log, I'm confident that with or without that Olay moisturizer, you'll always reflect the purest form of beauty. Some folks just have that glow, ya know. Be well.